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Thursday, March 16, 2023




God is awesome!....I cant shout but soon i will shout! #miraclenodeytireJESUS.

I hope that your day is going well? Hmmmmm after all this cash wahala in Naija,I am thinking of a giveaway to help out those whose cash have been drained on this matter.....its not a must that i do it but i know how hard it has been for some...I also have serious responsibilities at this time but miracle no dey tire Jesus..

Please send in your Chronicles if you have any...

Someone contacted me asking if i pay for columns, please note now that i do not pay for columns, infact you will not find anyone who pays for this, so if you want to run a column here, look and think of ways it can benefit you before you start and dont come and start and try to wrestle money out of me cunningly.
I am grateful if anyone comes to me to want to write but please write things that promote any business you have and is also readable and relatable...its called creating content that can also be free advert. Think about it.
Stay well and stay out of harms way.......

Hustle the huslte and leave the Blessing for God to effect...



''Yesterday chronicle poster.

Pls leave that man you call husband if you want to date someone, you can't be careful enough with such a wicked man. He is dating a married woman, he would be watching out to see if his wife is also dating someone and it is your own matter that will raise dust of caught.

That uncle that was mentioning Bible and saying it is against Bible laws to marry again after divorce except a partner dies, why is it that you people only remember Bible whenever it suits the point you want to make? You have been committing fornication and other vices condemned by the Bible and you even come here to lick your mouth while talking about plumpy ladies, are you OK at all?

You even had to to tell the poster to remain if he is a good man. Like seriously? A good man cheats on his wife with a married woman and even brings her home to his matrimonial bed? You are not OK brah!

Poster, I would want you to teach that your husband and his side piece a lesson. Get good evidence of their affair and the woman's husband's WhatsApp phone number.

Buy one of these pre-registered sim from the sellers and use on your WhatsApp for a few minutes, send the evidence of their affairs to the him including your husband's full picture and full names, phone number. Then delete them from your WhatsApp but have them stored in an email as drafts. Your husband must not know about this email. Break the sim card and throw it away together with it's pack. Then wait for the drama to unfold and ignore. Even if they beat him or lock him up, ignore .

This one shock me....This one na wah,What if this your advice backfires??



Karpearl Hospital situated in Port Harcourt Rivers state around Adageorge by Gateway axis is employing. They're looking for:
An experienced Certified Nurse (Not Auxiliary)
A Laboratory Scientist and
A Marketing Executive.

If you stay around Adageorge, Gateway or Agip area in Port Harcourt and is interested in the employment please contact:

09074650335 for further information

Good luck to all the Applicants and thanks to all the BVs who sent this in.....



Good afternoon Stella, how far? make I make you laugh small:::

  I met some women today, let me call them the women that saw tomorrow, as laugh no burst my belle today, so somebody called me today for a cleaning job at the secretariat, so I came and we were waiting for them to choose us, so there's this set of women about four of them, they all sat together waiting too, suddenly my phone rang and I received the call in Yoruba dialect (me and my taka-taka yoruba sef)

 Na so this women use igbo take finish me, they said it is me and my likes that voted for Oga Tee to become presido, they said I am ugly, shapeless with fat legs, that my color is fake, that I must've bleached, they now told the other one that they will tell the man to put them in charge of the job and they will make sure I don't work with them, na so we wait ooo till 1pm the man no come, nobody get him phone number, we all waited in vain, as I got up to go and ease myself, one said that my stomach looks somehow and it will be impossible for me to carry pregnancy, that my breast is too big and if I'm able to get married that I will need to go and dry down my breast to be able to carry pregnancy, I got up and left:

 I pretended to be receiving call and was using the opportunity to laugh, one said my gap-tooth is fake (She's right for the 1st time), well when they asked us to go, I went to them and greeted them with my Anambra Igbo, I told them to be calming down that I am too young to be their problems, they were beyond astonished, na so I laugh go.... those women go fit dissect a full human being with just their eyes... I fear my life today... human beings dey ooo... attached is how I looked to the place and i am married with kids....LOL

Na wah for them



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I have the life of God in me; therefore, my health is perfect. I live a superior life of glory, success, and victory. Thank you, Lord, for giving me this glorious and wondrous life and thus making me divine. My life is not ordinary. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Praise God.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi
      Anyone applied for npc adhoc staff as an enumerator and still having pending issues???
      I have not been approved too and I wonder why?

    2. Acenene, I'm still pending too as an Enumerator.
      But I was told that it will be resolved during the training.

    3. Okay Tonia. Thanks
      I am patiently waiting

  3. Very long post coming. Pls ignore if u don’t have the patience

    To the poster with the prospective mother in law issue (the one who mentioned me on sp this morning), can I quickly address you here?

    I know a lot of people are coming for u and making it seem like u are the one making issues out of nothing. My dear, you are not! They wont be the one to relate with this woman and the rest of her family after marriage. This is what a lot of them ignore during courtship and then start dropping mother in law chronicles after marriage.

    Firstly, let me ask you, what’s your fiancΓ© stand in all of these?

    See ehn, I will be the first to say I have the most amazing relationship with my mother in law, when I say the most amazing, I mean it in every sense of the word. Like she’s coming to visit us soon and I’m so excited, that’s the level we’ve gotten to. But, we didn’t achieve this without my husband setting some boundaries from the very beginning. Most of these mothers may not even mean any harm but this is what they knew and faced growing up and may not even know better so some of them (at least the sensible ones like my mother in law, needs to be shown the right path.

    I will give 3 different examples that personally happened to me.

    Scenario 1

    I think in 2015, while my husband and I were still dating, his mother came to Nigeria for a wedding. Luckily it was in Lagos so we took the opportunity to meet physically. When I got to her house, I knelt to greet she and the elderly women in the room (no problem at all, I dey bend to greet mothers normally then I saw his male cousins that were about my age or thereabout and I wove and told them good afternoon. My mother in law with all smiles told me, Ha! Don’t u know those are ur husbands, you have to kneel and greet them. Jesus! I was embarrassed but I did that and even the guys were embarrassed because that wasn’t who they were at all. Call me a reporter or whatever but immediately I got the chance, I called my then boyfriend and explained what happened. I told him, this wasn’t me and it can never be me, I can never kneel to greet ppl I’m older than or in my age grade (yes, call me whatever). Told him to fix it as this wasn’t what I signed up for and will not want it to happen again. He apologized to me and told me not to worry that he would fix it. Yes, I may not have had money then but I had self respect and dignity and I was not going to let anyone take that from me.

    I have no idea what he told his mum but later in the day, we were in the taxi heading to the place we were crashing for the wedding and she was like ‘Ahn Ahn’ Eka, you called ur boyfriend and reported that I told you to kneel for his cousins that she was just joking oh (with all smiles ofcourse). With all smiles too, I responded that I didn’t report oh that he asked me how everything went with her and I told him everything that happened. And because she’s a very sensible, sweet, lovely and good woman, she never turned this into an issue.

    Contd below

  4. Scenario 2
    When we were still dating, several years ago, I think this was the first time I visited my husband in Portugal. One morning, I called my then boyfriend’s mother on video call after my boyfriend had gone to work and I was in towel because I was about to take my bath. When my husband got back in the evening and she called on video call and saw that I was still in towel, she made this statement. ‘Ahn Ahn, you dey ur boyfriend house tie towel from morning till night, e no good na’. I was about to explain and make excuses when my boyfriend replied her ‘mummy, me wey she dey house with no dey complain, why e dey bother u? And she now used talk to cover it up. Still no issues.

    Scenario 3

    During my wedding ehn, my MIL brought people from their side in Warri to at least have representatives of her people at the wedding. Honestly, you people don’t want an influx of Warri people at ur wedding. There was nothing they didn’t do to turn my mother in law against my family and I from the eve of the wedding (because I refused to give them extra meat from the cow killed for the wedding to prep their personal meal) to the actual wedding (very long story). At the end of the day ehn, my MIL ended up screaming at me on top cake ko she cake. I had already been through a lot that day, I just entered the back of one van I saw parked there and started wailing. Someone now went to call my husband and I explained everything. He wanted to go looking for his mum but I stopped him. That night at the hotel, when everyone had gone, he took me to her room to make sure we squash every issue because he knew the animosity was already brewing. MIL said her grievances and then said it’s now fine that we should move on but my husband said lai lai, she also has to listen to mine so while I’m knowing how not to hurt her, she herself would know how not to hurt me. I shared mine, I apologized, she apologized, I cried, she cried and we just made up there and then.

    From that moment till now, we have the most amazing relationship. See, I’m not even exaggerating, before I tell my mum anything, I would have told her and before she tells her son anythingF she would have told me first. Infact, na through our calls she dey greet her son.

    Yes yes yes, my epistle is very very long and maybe unnecessary but my point remains that ur fiancΓ© has to be the one to be doing this corrections now. He starts now and they get the memo that he will never leave u at their mercy and if they are actually good people deserving of ur love and respect, they will start to adjust now.

    1. Eka joy thanks for sharing life experiences. I hope one or two persons will learn from your story.

    2. Thank you they really were making that poster look insane. May God continue to uphold you and yours.

    3. Your mum inlaw is a wonderful, wonderful woman. Minus your hubby speaking for you, if she's a bad person, she will still show her badness.
      Now to this poster, except maybe because I didn't see the initial post o, but this one she made this morning, that woman is not a bad person na. How is she a bad person for introducing her to people as her son's fiancee? Or asking her to celebrate new year with her family? Me o, I think the poster is the bad person. She doesn't want to mingle with her husband's family? Is marriage not a union of 2 families? This is a simple issue of compromise, nor be everything dem take dey do quarrel. Again, I'm judging with today's comment

      Meanwhile, "influx of warri people" kwa?πŸ˜‚ We are very fun people. Na only mouth we get, we nor bad laidat. I nor know where those set come from abeg🀀

    4. Some boyfriend will support his mother immediately an screen at the girl friend even use that as opportunity to end the relationship

    5. Eka Joy you're right, it's the man that gives room for certain things his family does or will do to his fiancee or wife

    6. No need for plenty talk, poster should break off the relationship with that man. You cannot and will never understand what is wrong in a prospective mom I law asking her daughter in-law to be to call her atleast once in a week.
      She asked you to come over for the new year to assist them with the cooking and probably to meet other members of the family.
      If you could write about your mom in-law to be in such a manner, in anon mode, then I can just guess how you react to her in real life.
      She is trying to bond with you but if you give her that attitude of “you are bugging me” she’ll get the message and give you the space you desire.
      Her son marrying you is a huge risk.


    7. Thank you for your epistle, I learnt something πŸ‘Œ

    8. Lol @ not wanting to have an influx of warri people at your wedding. As the name goes, warri people can actually worry. To top it all, they say dem no dey carry last πŸ™„

      You have a point on the fiance coming in to mediate between her and the MIL and even other family members. She should just be sure she is not the problem, because as much as the MIL could be the problem, she could also be the problem.

    9. You should give her practical solutions to the examples and scenarios she created this morning if you really want to help her.

      1)Her MIL would love her to go to the market sometimes to get things for her since they live close by.
      2) She wants to hear from her at least once a week.
      3) She would love for her to visit and spend time with her.

      This lady is going to be living close by while you live far away from your MIL and you hardly cross paths.
      If you were in her shoes you think your fights with your MIL won't be frequent with the way you go to report her to her son over every single thing. Do you think you won't clash more often with the way you seem to have an issue with every single thing she does or say? After a while, your reporting won't solve it in the end, because she will get tired and you will only be seen as a gossip.

      Poster, wisdom is profitable to direct and like she said please yourself. Your life your marriage.

      Exactly, Fidel!

    10. Let me add this. That poster is capable of manipulating her husband to stay away from his family.
      You are the type that will grumble and squeeze your face when your in-laws come visiting. Your type will whine and whine until that poor man does your bidding.
      Like that anon said on SP, most of you that bring mother Inlaws issues here are the bad ones.
      Like I said you are. NAG.


    11. Fidel i beg to disagree with you,warri people have an entitled mentality. No worry,i marry urobho. Imagine someone coming into your house,and changing your sitting room setting that she doesn't like it. Abi telling you,as your guest, you have to leave your car for her. Told my husband, he said i should give her my car and be using uber, that he would be paying. I no talk,one early morning woke up and walked from my house opposite harmony estate in ph,to gra behind Zenith bank. As i got to my brothers house, my eyes don red,he asked were is my car ? Told him hubby said to leave it for his younger sister. My brother went mad,asked why he did not drop his own. I said i don't no oh. My brother called him to his house,called my other brother and my male cousins. No be small something. By the time they finished with him,his dad came from warri to beg. Note I'm from a very wealthy family. We hold pass my husband. But now, them they give me my space.

    12. Fidel, pls read her comment with an open mind. It’s like the woman was already planning to use her as her maid. Poster May have sounded harsh because honestly asking me to come do new year so I can cook and run errands will not also sit well with me. Why should I be the one shopping for u because I am now married to ur son. I will do the stress finish for my own home and now continue with urs.

      It’s ok if u are okay with that kind of thing but not everyone will be ok with it and that’s fine too.

      I have not finished visiting my own parents weekly but u expect me to visit u weekly. Believe me, that’s where see finish will start from. Before u know, on one of such visits, they will pack clothes for u to wash and which mouth u wan take talk no.

      I am a believer of what u can’t take in marriage, do not encourage or condone it when dating.

      Kai! E come be like say I smart pass my age sha!!! πŸ˜‚

    13. Thank you Eka for this,i let go of my relationship because of this his mom doesn't like me and shows it all the time and when I ask my then guy to solve he will say no,I know I don't have the strength after marriage ,I backed out

    14. Joy you are just too damn lucky...and again is really easy for you because you married into a family that are educated and have sense as well! Thanks for sharing!

    15. Starr, I can’t even dispute. I am very lucky sha. I am

    16. Hmm I know all about warri people. They are a lot to handle if you are not used to them. They should marry each other or Benin people as they are used to each other. They believe they know everything and are the best. If you are not like them or do things their way then you are "bad"

  5. Welcome IHN πŸ’›
    Greetings everyone
    God bless your kind heart Stella πŸ™

  6. Beautiful afternoon to everyone.

  7. Miracle no dey tire Jesus.......
    Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  8. The desperation to label Peter Obi’s supporters as toxic ehn, especially if u come be Igbo. Make una continue sha πŸ™„

    1. My thoughts exactly!!! They said all these things and you were peaceful? You must be the tree that the fruits of The Holy Spirit grow on.

    2. They are indeed! Extremely.

    3. As in eeh,, I will like to meet that lady to teach me how to be calm in every situation, because me would have swallowed those people raw and cause wahala for myself...such a calm woman, kudos girl

    4. Y'all are absolutely toxic no cap
      Go to the bird app and IG to check

    5. Infact eh, sotey they'll formulate one fake gist that never happened.

    6. Castle, u gerrit. Yet they are everywhere on Mr Macaroni’s page spewing their bile but because we choose not to call them out, them rubbish like the one just above ur comment think we are stupid

    7. Thank you Eka.


  9. I don't like cooking is not when it comes to frying eggs or plantain.

    1. That's my favorites . I love taking pap with plantain. Sometimes I fried eggs and with enough milk in the pap. I don't joke with this oo.

    2. Sometimes I fry* eggs

      Nawa oπŸ™„

  10. Good day beautiful people, thanks so much for the suggestions, I appreciate

  11. Stella, more miracles coming your way.

    We women are our own worst enemy. Imagine those women already plotting how to deal with the poster. Na wa.

    My people how una dey?

  12. Una good afternoon.
    Done with bank transaction today. My waybill on it's way to the east..

    FAFORON keep doing wonders.

  13. Those woman must busy body. Imagine, talking about someone you have never met. Chim, na real ndα»‹ ara group.

    1. I was disgusted! Jeeez! How can you just sit there and say those things?? They were wrong for that.


  15. Since Emefiele has been the most mentioned name in Nigeria in the last few weeks, I think Oxford Dictionary should consider creating a space for him in the dictionary.
    For example:
    *Emefiele / eme-fi-ele/ adjective: hard, difficult.
    *Verb: Emefiele
    *Past Tense: Emefieled
    *Present Continuous: Emefieleing
    Present Perfect: Emefielize
    Some girls always like to emefielize things.
    The test was emefielistic.
    I had a very emefielized week.
    *#Emefiele: To complicate, make things worse, unbearable.
    Please don't come and emeficate issues here.
    The only way to reduce applicants is to emeficate the process.
    How was your exam? It was emefielic!!
    πŸƒπŸΎ‍♂️πŸƒπŸΎ‍♂️ πŸ˜‚

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Emefiele =hard or difficult πŸ€”

      Bank network has been very Emefielic for the past two months. The POS transaction I did two Mondays ago has not been reversed. It has really been a very Emefielized period for all of us.

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

  16. Good afternoon y'all

    I just finished buying food at a tes6and a small boy approached me to beg for money. I gave him the #100 I had left with me, I saw a mad approaching me after the boy left, he was also stretching his hand to ask for money. He was moving closer so I walked faster to. He got really close and I had to run. That's how the marathon started....

    Someone shouted, give him the food nah Andi remembered saying a silent curse for whosoever it was because I was too hungry to let go. People were laughing and some where even recording me. Fine bobo like me, las las I gave him the food and he backed out. My precious rice and beans. He will run m@d all over again for depriving me of my lunch, lemme kukuma wait for dinner 😫

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. Normal people are hungry not to talk of mad people. A little boy saw me the other night holding a nylon bag and kept following me to give him something to eat

    3. Lol
      I have had peeps begging me for money that i don't have with me this period
      I am even knackered and somehow weak cos of the cash crunch episode

  17. Greetings to all the wonderful BVs that keeps the blogshere alive. For the inh gist you try to even turn everything to laugh not everyone can take such insults. We're wonderfully created in the image and likeness of God.

  18. Lol..

    Husband provides.. you no do back..
    He buys the family a car and build the family house, you no do back..
    He pays kids school fees,. You no do back..
    He joins the neighborhood vigilante to chase thieves and burn tyres in the night,. You no do back..
    He work on the faulty electronics in the house, cuts the flowers and pull out the weeds, washes and warm the car,. You no do back..

    Then he 'cheats',. Na only that one you notice and won do back.. if he put hand for fire shey you go put your hand too? Why you no do back all the nice things above wey him dey do? But na this one you remember say two can play the game.. Aunty, na ahewo dey your eyes.. no dey disguise..

    Na only Ashawo game you Sabi play.. dey play🚢🏽‍♂️🚢🏽‍♂️

    1. Did poster tell you her husband did these?

    2. Lol, you cannot compare adultery (cheating) to all you listed above. You know this but as usual, you love to whine. List out the things women do that men don't also do back.

    3. Since cheating is not a deal breaker to you,leave her alone. When your own wife cheats,pat her at the back and buy her gifts.

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ
      This man na case! Osuofia. Lol

  19. Kdrama lovers, have you people seen "warrior baek dong su"? Be like na me carry last for this oneπŸ˜₯
    If you've not, goan download o. Very very veryyyyy interesting πŸ™ƒ

    1. These titles discourages me from seeing them πŸ˜‚πŸ€£


  20. Good afternoon everyone and Stella, wow been at the bank since 10am finally got my old money. Thank God my day was harsh but now it is awesome since I have cash in my hands , so happy

  21. Good afternoon everyone
    Little rest today. Thank God

  22. When has my preference for a plumpy lady became a crime or sin? I see how pained and bittered you sounded in your response and I believe you must be so slim to feel this bad, terrible and threatened.

    So among every comments, it's my own that gave you highBp and unrest.

    Yes I stand by my words of yesterday cos most of you here are hypocrite. It's the same you ladies here I read comments where you will encourage a woman to stick to her rich husband provided he's providing. So what have I said different that will warrant you crying as if your biscuit was taken away from you that you guys haven't said here before?.

    You're angry cos I quoted the scripture and the words of Christ you all claimed to be serving, yet you will only choose the portion of the Bible that pleases you.

    Let me quote again so it will pain you more.

    Matthew 19:8-9

    Jesus said to them;

    “Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts, permitted you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so and I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality,  and marries another, commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery.”

    So you see it wasn't my words but that of Him you all always pretend to be serving.

    Do you see whoever marries a divorcee is committing adultery? Is it my words? So why are you pained?

    So where did my comment go wrong?

    I repeat again, death is the only ground for remarry and not divorce if truly we are Christians and to go with the words of Christ himself.

    1. My comment also implies to the men as well and not on the women alone. Provided they are both divorced, whoever goes to bed with them commit adultery.

    2. Pls stop! If your wife after cheating outside now develops to bringing a man home; will you still be quoting bible? What the writer is saying is that based on some of your antecedants here, you have no moral ground to use the bible as a basis of your argument for somebody's daughter to continue wallowing in suffering in the name of marriage because it fits the pigments of your imagination

    3. Anon 15:41,

      No, I won't stop. In the event of a couple being divorced, that passage of the Bible implies that, they should remain single else whatever they do becomes adultery before God.

      I'm not against divorce but we should adhere to the Bible completely..

      A popular pastor with a mega church all over Nigeria got divorced with his wife. The woman have remarried but the man is still single. I believe that pastor and husband understand that passage of the Bible very well.

      I have no problem with the bible, but let's be follow the Bible as it should be.

    4. Teejay, see the last part of your comment at 17:21 telling people to:
      "adhere to the Bible completely"

      "... follow the Bible as it should be"

      Are you doing the above?
      Or is it a case of "do as I say, don't do as I do"


      Just stop talking pls, you are beginning to sound like..

      PS: I am not any of the above anons.

    5. Teejay, you should read Kenneth Hagin's book- Marriage, divorce and remarriage. Maybe you will gain insight into this divorce and remarriage issue.

  23. SO WILL I (100 BILLION X) Hilllsong worship on repeat. .. And as he speaks. A hundred billion galaxies are born. In the vapour of your breath the planets form. If the stars were meant to worship so will IπŸŽ΅πŸŽ΅πŸŽ΅πŸŽ΅πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    1. God bless you for bringing this here. One of my absolute all time fav worship song! πŸ™Œ
      This our God, is God indeed!

    2. Taya smith outdid that number, so inspiring and spiritual.

    3. That song gives me shivers

      One of the most beautiful songs ever

    4. ♥♥

  24. Good afternoon everyone, true true, miracle no dey tire Jesus ooo

  25. Teejay, why are you an advocate of fornication but talking against divorce yesterday? Are you a hypocrite?

    1. Are you okay? When have I advocate on fornication here? Do you know what advocate means? As in encouraging people to have fornication here. Pks bring any of my comments here where I have done that.

      I hate false accusations. The fact I often talked about preference of a woman being plus size is that an advocate on fornication?

      When is it a crime or sin stating one's preference on the kind of woman they wants?

      Pls dig up my comments where I have ever advocate for fornication here if at all you know what advocate means.

    2. I am okay, thanks. I see you think I am the poster and that is why you are harsh in your response. I am someone who has always wanted to know why you don't see anything wrong with fornication and reading this poster comment to you this morning on SP. I saw the opportunity has presented itself to ask you why?

      Your first comment
      TEEJAY~ {BIG TEE EZEGE}5 June 2021 at 18:07
      Honestly, I will say no matter how hard I try to believe it's achievable to abstain from sex till marriage but Mehn, I don't think I can keep to it oooh.... Sex wey sweet me like say tomorrow no deyπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜€. I can't just help it and really wish I can.

      The above statement means you fornicate.
      Why do I use the word advocate? Read below

      TEEJAY~ {BIG TEE EZEGE}21 January 2022 at 10:39Whether sex before or after marriage, it doesn't defined a lasting together in matrimony. I've seen people who indulged in premarital sex and later got married and still waxing strong after many years. It's all about individual and their choice of life. Whatever works for anyone.In all, just like I've always said, when you find the right person, please settle down. There's nothing left in the streets

      Later An anonymous replied you and you ignored, see below

      Anonymous21 January 2022 at 11:11
      Don't encourage people to indulge in pre marital sex! It's wrong. To think you call yourself a Christian. I'm not a virgin but I won't encourage people to tow my path.

      You see when you say something here In a way you are encouraging it because people who do not know better read and may continue in their sin.
      Have a lovely day

    3. So funny you called this encouraging. I'm only stating a fact and here you are calling it encouraging or advocating. Do you remember I was responding to an issue? Do you know the context I made up that comment?

      If I had seen that question that day, I would have responded believe me.

      So keep trying to misquote me.

    4. Anon 16:03 when I said I can't abstain, it's me being honest to myself. So how does that mean I'm encouraging anyone? Did I said it's a standard of practice and people should abide with it?

      I explain myself without being hypocritical. So how is that advocating.

      Please explain what advocating means. I'm still trying to see where I encouraged people to go into fornication from the comment above.

      The fact I said I can't abstain, did I encourage anyone to do the same?

    5. And I am also still waiting for you to tell me why you attack one sin and exonerate the other because you partake in it.

      Is fornication a sin? Yes,
      have you ever advised against fornication on this blog the way you advised against divorce? No

      Your second comment was justifying it. when you justify
      something, you advocate. Do you understand now.

      Advocate means to publicly support or defend an idea or....
      (Google) your lifestyle and second comment shows you were in support of premarital sex

      Anyways My point is the same way you might be weak not to stay away from fornication is the same way the person you were advising yesterday might be too weak to take your advice.

      Always show grace when you advise others just like you they may not be strong enough to do what you said even if it is a sin. Just like you, you know fornication is a sin but you have already made up your mind that you can't stop.

    6. Is it not the same God who said don't fornicate that said don't divorce? I felt you were a hypocrite because you were telling people to obey the second when you did not obey the first yourself .

    7. You can't abstain from premarital sex, the thing dey sweet you well well according to your old comment. Yet, you were quoting Bible and telling the poster to follow Bible, you are a hypocrite. Go and check the meaning of hypocrite on Google.

    8. 18:27, he is up there still saying we should adhere to the Bible strictly and follow the Bible as it should be 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

      Coming from someone that enjoys premarital sex.

      Teejay, it's a lost argument. Rest already!

    9. You all keep getting it wrong and I feel so sorry on you guys. Am I married? No. Is fornication a sin? Yes. Is divorce a sin? No. Did I feel proud about fornication? No. I even stated I wish I can abstain from it. I'm just being plain to it.

      Most times the flesh is weak when the spirit is willing

      It's not the same with a married woman or man who made a vow to each other. Though a sin is a sin but emphasis aren't the same likewise the outcome. So fornication and adultery has a different emphasis and reaction.

      I didn't say the woman shouldn't divorce if it get worse. I remember saying, if domestic violence and threat to life is evident, then she should quit the marriage. Didnt you guys read that part?

      I asked if he's a good man that provide and take care of the family and the bills cos what's the guaranteed of jumping into another man that won't cheat on her? What if the new partner cheats on her, will she continue divorcing and remarrying every available man?

      What's the guarantee the man won't abandon or cheat on her tomorrow?

      The fact we are sinners, does it mean we can't quote the Bible in a situation? Sometimes I really believe people respond to issues here differently depending on who is involved in a given subject. When it has to do with a man's comment here, I see the audacity you women will attack but when it's said by your fellow women, you all will cheer her up.

      I'm not surprise though. It has always been so here. I'm not disappointed either.

    10. Anon, you must be a lawyer. See as you present evidences. Teejay, from your past comments that anon posted here, I feel you are just a hypocrite. You feel you can choose the parts of the bible you personally cannot adhere to and others you must adhere to. Laughable. Learn to preach the whole gospel if you must preach it!

  26. Chronicle poster is not listening to anything you people are saying here. She is already enjoying her new Utom name. Talk from now till tomorrow, you are talking to yourself. If she does not want the man, she will not go as far as asking him for a health status test.
    Unto the advice above, poster . I know leaving that shameless husband is not in your agenda but don't take that advice above. Your wicked husband who had the effontary to bring a married woman to his matrimonial home will so deal with you because it is not difficult to know who did that. He can even send you away and marry the side mother hen. Enjoy your supposed divorcee in peace. Divorcee that is calling a married woman Utom. Make una continue

    1. Leave that poster, her eyes go soon clear. Your husband is cheating, and with a married woman and he had the guts to bring her into your home and you did nothing about it.
      You want to date someone else, do it honorably, for you and your kids.
      If your husband catches you with another man, know that the storyline will change. They will ignore him and concentrate on you “married woman” you can guess what happens next. In everything that you do, be smart about it and don’t let evil people give you their own labels.


    2. Don't mind the poster above trying to twist my comment in order to feel woke. I already responded though yet to see it published.

    3. Teejay you have time o, too much time. Must you respond to every comment about you? Can't you let go sometimes.?
      No too individuals are the same else I would have advised you to look at at Martins, Chime and a few of your male colleagues on this blog.

    4. Thanks anon, I understand your concern towards me. Sometimes silence could be misconstrued for an admittance. So it's important sometimes we respond to set the record straight.

  27. Miracles will never seize from our lives. Amen.

    I can imagine the look on those women's faces when they realized you heard everything they said. Ndi ara

  28. Good afternoon beautiful people. The Delta central story of "damage fee" is so true. I witnessed such during my secondary School days in Ughelli. This young man and his beautiful wife moved into our area. Na the woman be the market wen the man shade for other men to buy. One night we heard commotion outside our gate.

    We came out to see what was happening, lo and behold we saw this man ( the husband) holding this other guy telling him you must pay that money. It turned out the said man slept with his wife and the husband asked the man to pay 50k which he was unable to raise.

    We were all shocked because that was the first time of hearing such. That husband and wife never went to work, they were always at home with the beautiful wife beautifully dressed. I think sleeping with other men and collecting damage money was their means of livelihood.

    This happened in the 90s

    1. Wow that means it has been turned to a means of making money. Some men may even arrange with the wife so as to make money from the said men? really bad tradition. If they attempt to abolish it now, most people may not like it.

  29. Good afternoon good people of sdk blog sphere

  30. Good afternoon everyone

  31. I look very igboish but I am a. Yoruba babe so I get that sidetalks a lot from Yoruba women cos I live around them( not a Yoruba state though).

  32. Good afternoon everyone 😊😊
    More miracles to come your way Stella πŸ™πŸ™

  33. A beautiful marriage is an asset, guard it jealously.
    Peace to every troubled marriage in Jesus name, amen.

  34. Good afternoon Jewelu and Bvs.

  35. Stella please help me post in the spirit of giveaway for anyone that has work clothes for female size 12-14.I have this opportunity coming in that looks good and I need a few to make me feel more confident.Thanks and God bless.

    1. What’s your location cuz I stay in Ikeja. I haven’t worked for the past 2 years, they have been resting in the box 😁.

  36. Good afternoon everyone
    Heavy rainfall here in phc

    1. The weather these days be making a whole lotta sense
      We are in rainy season already i guess

  37. Good Afternoon Beautiful people!

  38. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Some people are just nasty sha. How do they take delight in body shaming and insulting others for no sensible reason? Na wah

    It's raining here and I'm loving it.


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