Stella Dimoko Building Under Construction Collapses In Banana Island


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Thursday, April 13, 2023

Building Under Construction Collapses In Banana Island

 An 8 storey building under construction collapsed on Wednesday April 12, 2023 trapping some workers in the rubble.... The building was reportedly inside the Banana island, home to some of Nigeria's richest citizens...


  1. This is not good I really pray the trapped workers will be rescued alive.

  2. All of a sudden everyone is a property developer, including pastors. Nigerians are something else, love good stuff but can't follow standard.

    1. U are so right,u nid to see d kind of people posing as site engineers,people who studied English,maths,french ,buildings are collapsing everywhere cos of this we need to do better.

  3. This is a sad situation


  4. No ,not again

  5. Ogaoooooo

    This is so bad..let's consider the following

    *If the building was approved by state government then something is wrong somewhere (bribery and corruption would have happened).
    *Was the materials tested? If yes then the proportion of cement used is not enough.
    *Again, it has become a practice for site engineers to always continue putting loads on bricks that are still wet, this alone can also caus wahala.

    *Lastly, the problem might be from the foundation, the pilling and other things done might just be approved for 5 storey but owners are tend to go against building rules all for their own interest.

    I hope no one lost their live

  6. Very sad video to watch. Hope those workers are rescue alive.

  7. What a Sad situation. I pray the workers are rescued alive.

  8. I pray for the safety of all the site workers.

  9. This is very bad,I just pray no one is trapped inside the building.

  10. You want to eat your cake and you want to have your cake at the same time. A high rise building but you will not want to spend as you should. Wickedness in high places.

  11. I really hope the trapped workers there a rescued alife. This is sad

  12. And those affected will be the poor daily labourers which the family will be waiting for them as the provider. How many colaspe building and lost of life will touch this bribe eating government from wasting lives? They might come to a conclusion that 2 or One person died or they might even claim no life was lost.

  13. May God save all the people that are trapped there.

  14. Very sad. I pray all those trapped are rescued.

  15. I watched the video yesterday and till now I don't know how the person who videoed it knew the building was going to collapse.
    If he knew the building was going to collapse then those working especially the labourers should have noticed also and people in the environment...
    I pray all those trapped are rescued...


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