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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..



What do I do about my neighbors who stopped greeting or responding to me immediately she found out i was pregnant after waiting for years.... She waited  until i delivered before she started talking to me...
Now the baby is here, she came knocking  on my door, and hubby said that he doesn't want her anywhere close.
Serious suggestions needed.

Hmmmm, why will she stop talking to you cos you became pregnant and then start wanting to come you after delivery? This doesnt sound well at all, please kepp her away from you before she carries out any evil plans 
Note that i am not saying that she has evil plans


  1. Please do everything possible to keep her away from your hold and family. whatever is her reason for staying away with you all these months, she should continue.

    If she knock at your door just respond to her via your window, do not open your door. If she say she want to come in please tell her baby is sleeping and you want to catch up some sleep. She will get the message that she is not needed around you.

    I don't know what could be her reason for not talking to you, just avoid her.

  2. In every situation,I try to reason out why people act the way they do. This particular one, I have racked my brain and I still can't fathom why your neighbour could behave that way. Abeg take your husband's advice. No be every friendship dey necessary. You also have a kid to protect now. You don't know her motives 🤷‍♀️

    1. It’s simple. The lady must have been bitter that her friend - who she has been offering assistance in the form of prayer or clinic referrals has now fallen pregnant but decided to hide it from her as the devil that she is.
      I once stayed clear of a friend who found it difficult revealing that she was pregnant and all. This is someone that knew immediately I tested myself for pregnancy, the sex of my unborn baby, baby’s names and the EDD. She frequently touched my tummy’s whenever baby was stretching and be tapping same to herself. But when it became her turn, everyone was a devil to know anything.
      Peace ✌️

    2. I swear to God there’s no excuse whatsoever
      There’s no excuse

      Push up (original)

    3. Anon 16:22, please forgive your friend, she might not even be thinking that way. I personally don't like announcing my pregnancy till I start showing not even to my close friends or family not because I feel or think they can harm me but I hate the unnecessary advice and calling every now and then to check on me, I Know they care but sometimes I can't just deal.... when I told my close friend I was pregnant,the way she was calling every second was tiring,once I come to the shop cos her shop is not far from mine she will come and start saying that she has told me to reduce house chores cos I'm pregnant now I looked stressed and so many more. I just don't like that kind of care so I prefer not to tell anyone till 7 months when I start showing. I can't endure that kind of chocking care and concern for 9 months abeg

  3. Steer clear of her, envious spirit

  4. So man close to their aunties cousins and sisters, realisd that:

    1.When facing challenges
    ladies become close friends and prayer buddies.

    2.Boom, one of them doesn't tell the others about her pregnancy breakthrough.

    3. But that woman shows signs of pregnancy and her belle dey grow.
    leading to the others questioning her change and motives.
    4.Why did she hide it. Does she think her group of ttc ladies are witches and her enemies when all the while, group dey fast& pray together?

    5.This leads to the others questioning themselves on why she didn't open up about her pregnancy and in that scenario
    Worried&afraid they temporary stay away.

    6. But culture and religion says sow into that which you are praying for, so they come back to support the new mother.

    It's a shame that we as Africans or Christians or even women with blood flowing though out veins, let ourselves be manipulated in this way.

    Women una dey try!!!

  5. Real envious spirit

  6. Chaii 😪. Don't allow your mind to condemn you for not allowing the woman into your house. Things are really happening spiritually. So take your husband's advice. Don't ever allow her to step foot into your house. Stamp your authority and say NOO. Let her report you to anyone. It's not your business.

  7. What kind of relationship is she looking for now?please stay on your lane and becareful of her.

  8. Poster be careful with that your neighbor oooh, makana nkwucha aburo ujo

  9. It might also mean nothing, just that she might have badmouthed you behind your back and was just dumbfounded when she saw your big tummy. It could also be that you didn't tell her you are pregnant but just suddenly surprised her with big tummy. But to be on the safe side, stay away from her.

  10. Please stay away from her, maybe her first plan didn't work she going for another plan avoid her please Maka why?.

  11. It might be that she was avoiding you to avoid being blamed if anything happens to the pregy but it's still an evil thought.Avoid her please.

    Oracle of God.

  12. Unless she is infertile and watching you get pregnant triggered her own insecurities about her condition then there is no legitimate reason to act in that way. You can tell her plain that there is no point for either of you to be friendly to each other because during your entire pregnancy she refused to speak to you no matter how often you greeted her. Tell her to stay in her corner and you will stay in yours and let peace live cause you are too old to be playing childish games.

    Life is too short for trying to be subtle, sometimes the direct approach is the only one.

  13. Stay away from her. I repeat stay away.

  14. Maybe she is worried that if something happens to the baby she may be blamed since u were friendly neighbours. Maybe she has bad powers and was protecting you by being away the period you were pregnant.

    Is she a mother herself? If no, then just maybe she was jealous.

    If Yes, then maybe she has powers in the spiritual realm and knows being around you could affect the pregnancy.

    In all things give thanks. Her being away did not affect the safe delivery of your baby or your life.

  15. Please give her long space. And remember you have a baby to protect. Is their type that will be looking for destiny to destroy.

  16. I know my husband will boldly tell her he doesn't want to see her in his house. Please give her a long long space.

  17. But...if she had evil plans, wouldn't she have done something to the pregnancy? Why wait till an actual baby has been born?

    I don't know the kind of person you are, @poster, but you may very well be the type that attributes everything wrong in your life to someone else. Perhaps, your neighbour knows this. Maybe, she stayed away for fear of being labelled something that she is not. If she greated or visited you, and you experienced any pregnancy issue - she would be blamed.

    1. SMH,
      Love reading your comments.

      It is elementary wickedness that needs contact. So all these stay away away is Lol.

      Maybe, she needs to really stay away from Poster who couldn't call to ask what the matter was with her. A once friendly person and a neighbour stops greeting and Poster too carry her face away. Both of them are on same level then.

      Our people say to greet new born babies. So, Poster, your neighbour may just be fulfilling tradition.

      Anoda tin dey my mind as to maybe why d carri face occur. But as you jus born, face your baby.

      Poster should bluntly tell her neighbour to not come near her and her family. Everybody will then rest. Or will they?

  18. If your hubby says he doesn’t want her anywhere close then you should respect his wishes and keep her at arms length.
    Her behavior was quite creepy byw

  19. Poster was there a time she asked you, if you were pregnant and you denied even though you were pregnant? Maybe she decided to stay on her own since you didn't want to share the good news with her.

  20. We are too regions and too superstitious in this part of the world.
    You were TTC. That woman was your friendly neighbor maybe encouraging or praying with you all these while. What was your attitude towards her when you notice you were pregnant. Did you start hiding yourself from her so that she will not notice you are pregnant for fear of the unknown which might trigger a cold enemity. She might also have so many unspoken questions of your sudden change towards her. Nothing just happen.
    You are now a mother. Congratulations. She is your neighbor Allow her visit but don't allow her touch or see your baby.if you are suspicious. Immediately you hear a knock and you notice she is the one gently take your baby inside and come out to the parlour. Form busy like cooking or washing. Politely tell her the baby is sleeping. She will drop her gift and leave. You can trash the gift or dash it.

    1. Zaram this is a very unintelligent response and strategy! The poster has the right not to disclose to her neighbour, that she is pregnant.
      I have had very good friends not tell me things about themselves, until they were ready! Do I know whether, someone used my face to attack them in the dream! Life is very deep and spiritual!
      When I was having disappointments with marriage then, none of the men was bold enough to tell me their experiences but one! That he received warning in the dream from a white haired man about 3 times, that he should, leave me alone ,that; I am a Pastor's wife. My very good friend then in jand did not tell me about her marriage and pregnancy! Evenwhile she was breathingheavilyon the phone, while we weretalking! I sensed she was pregnant, even on my way to the US! She invited me and I went to see her and her family! I left for the US! I stopped giving her info about myself. Mirror how people treat you.I told her,she will never be invited to my marriage.Poster please stay away from your neighbour! Is your life and she saw the pregnancy, you greeted her, no response! She is your neighbour,not your friend.

    2. This one that all your 'friends'are avoiding you for knew reason jr the other, perhaps you need to check your self.

    3. @19:05, you must be very dull! Most and all! Check the grammar! I am not interested in any body’s business, because most Nigerian women go from altar to altar, taking names up and down to evil prophets and Pastors! Hence the need to stay away from all these acquaintances in disguise as friends! My real paddies are prayer warriors; who we uphold ourselves in prayers! Moreover, I don’t do more than one very close friend at a time, because I am a very busy person and I even hardly pick my calls, except is business! It’s my loyal paddy that has access to me 24 hours, and I same! So you go check yourself!!! Ekpa!!! I hardly comment on here, because of demonic people like you! I come here to relax and unwind! I don’t want to meet anyone on here! It’s my go to 🤩 fun place!!! Always mind your comments here, as I don’t have to know you , to deal with you, because of what I carry as a child of God! Please be careful replying people’s comments online, because you don’t know who you are dealing with! I am not your average Joe! I will only speak a word and you will receive the impact! So mind yourself!!!

  21. My question is why did she stop talking to you for years?

  22. Maybe she decided to feign ignorance since you kept your pregnancy under wraps which is understandable. I also avoid pregnant family friends who hid theirs. The fear of being labelled a witch by their pastors if something happens, keeps me away, even gifts I don't buy, until they say "when are you coming to see baby".... That's when I'd be free to pop in and out happily.

    Ps. I've bought something for someone and accidentally stumbled on it her bin, she trashed it.

    1. Wow! Thank goodness I don’t have the burden of such a mindset looking behind me at every corner constantly thinking ppl are up to something.

    2. My thoughts exactly. Some people react based on experience. What if she experienced something bad from a pregnant friend and decided to leave you alone until you gave birth? Do you know if she was praying for you all the while? If the trust is gone say so. I don't know why people choose to leave by assumption.

  23. I believe dis poster did not say everything.

  24. Maybe you didn't tell her that you got pregnant and found out later when she thought you could have told her earlier. That shouldn't be her cup of tea though but some people are very sensitive like that.
    When you gave birth she couldn't keep away.She has to celebrate with you and forget the past.

    My thoughts.

  25. Poster,just allow her visit but don't let her carry the baby. Not because I think she is going to do anything to your baby but because your husband has warned you not to allow her visit. When she comes,ask her why she treated you the way she dis and depending on her response,you will know how to proceed.
    I and a colleague in the same office was Ttc. I would give her advise on fertility stuff since I was more knowledgeable,would point her to good doctors and hopsitals she could go to for help and just generally encourage her when she was depressed about it. Me I am a one man squad and really don't know how to lean on people even in my weak moments but I always try to be there for others. Lo and behold,my colleague got pregnant and didn't tell me. When I noticed she was pregnant and asked her what she did and which hospital she used,she said she couldn't remember the hospital or what treatment they gave her very offhandedly. My people of God,I was shook! I decided to face my front since I know my problem but I was hurt by her whole attitude. She stopped talking to me and deliberately picked a quarrel with me over a small matter in the office. I let her be but when another of our colleague informed us that she had delivered,I sent her a mssg congratulating her and she responded. I contributed my share when office people wanted to buy her something. She didn't invite us for her dedication so we didn't attend. She resumed work after maternity and was trying to be friendly but I just faced my front. Her baby is a lovable girl and though I love children so much,I try to limit my interactions with her little one to just smiles and compliments before I will come and hear the story of my life
    I know it's only a matter of time before God will do mine for me too so it's all good.
    People can be really funny in this life.

  26. Hmmm....hubby is right oooo but my amebo antenna is suspicious and curious sha...make I no tok wetin dey my mind because e go see seed of discord...anyways, just drink water and mind your business. Your focus is your family.

  27. Is your neighbour ttc was she your prayer partner, so many unanswered questions maybe she was disappointed that you didn't tell her you were pregnant but I don't see the reason for that you have right not to tell her, but you know women sabi bear grudge, anyway you can allow her come but don't bring out your baby

  28. Flee from all appearance of evil.


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