Stella Dimoko Comic Actor John Okafor Says He Is Surprised He Is Still Alive After Several Attempts On His Life


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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Comic Actor John Okafor Says He Is Surprised He Is Still Alive After Several Attempts On His Life

Nollywood comic actor John Okafor ( aka Mr Ibu) has recounted the illness he suffered that kept him out of limelight for about three years.

In 3019 Mr Ibu alleged that his kinsmen paid some of his domestic workers to poison him because of his successful career.

In May 2022, the comic actor alleged again that he was poisoned for the third time.
In a recent interview with Vanguard, he disclosed that he was already “seeing people on the other side” but God brought him back to life.

He said, “My illness was actually perpetrated by people that hate me. They did what they did to me. Later, I was taken to the hospital. The doctors are prophets. So, they went into my system and they told me what was wrong and what they are going to do. I said ‘Whatever you are going to do, please, do it, let me live because if I die like this the enemies will laugh’. And then the doctors said ‘Okay, there’s no problem’.

“At the time, I didn’t know what happened. I left! So, whatever I was saying they recorded it. I was saying something like somebody who is going mad. I wasn’t actually seeing anybody. But on the other side where I was at that time, I was seeing some dead people.. God brought me back.”

He said his enemies were happy about his illness and thought he wouldn’t make it but God brought him back to life.

Her said his sickness taught him a “big lesson”, adding that he is surprised that he is still alive.


  1. Thank God for your life, Mr. Ibu.

  2. Here we go again with the poison talesπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

    1. I tire ooo! Na only you dey Nigeria wey dem wan poison! Why dem never poison Dangote???? I hate people that don't reason well.

    2. Please get medical help no one is poisoning him...also pray and adopt very healthy lifestyle cut out salt and oily foods and heavy carbs

  3. Thank God for keeping you alive

  4. He never ever has anything else to talk about these days apart from how he was poisoned.

  5. 3019? Na time traveller

  6. I have this believe that non can kill you if it's not yet your time except if you kill yourself.

  7. Thank GOD for preserving his life...just lost someone I know to poison on easter day

  8. Thank God for your, but you see try live a healthy lifestyle. That your tummy eh.

    Stella, please correct the typo error 3019 to 2019.

  9. Paranoid personality disorder, Delusional disorder no be your mate. His doctors need to reconsult their books. I'm sure they are already doing this because of his claim that he was being recorded. The family need to take his mental health seriously else he will continue to suspect those around helping him and send them away. This is the story of some seniors that say they've been abandoned in their old age and living alone . .

  10. The only attempt on his life was by alcohol and high carb diet.

  11. Let's be serious in this country for once. Wetin person want use Mr Ibu's life do?

  12. He needs a health overhaul. I doubt anyone is poisoning him. His tummy is very unhealthy.


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