Stella Dimoko LP Presidential Candidate Peter Obi Denies Sponsoring Or Preaching Any Action Against Nigerian State


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Wednesday, April 05, 2023

LP Presidential Candidate Peter Obi Denies Sponsoring Or Preaching Any Action Against Nigerian State

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has reacted to the treason allegation levelled against him by the Federal Government.

Obi reacted in a series of tweets via his verified Twitter handle on Tuesday.
His words,”In the past few days, I have observed various campaigns of calumny directed at my person, with the latest being allegations attributed to the information Minister, Lai Mohammed from Washington DC.

“It is most unfortunate that these consistent efforts to portray me quite contrary to what I am, and my core values, is coming from such high quarters. Minister Lai accusing me of stoking insurrection is totally malicious and fictitious.”

“I am on record as always, advocating for peace and issue-based campaign and never campaigned based on ethnicity or religion. I am committed to due process, and presently seeking redress in the Court.
“I urge those engaged in this demarketing process to stop presenting Nigeria in such bad light. Our future generations deserve a new Nigeria, where they can live a secure and decent life like their counterparts in other climes. It is possible. -PO”

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  1. The evil APC can only try.

    Peter Obi has decided to seek redress at the court which is his fundamental Right.

    Buhari was in court 3 times after he lost elections.

    The people that rigged election are not being arrested for treason. The persons fanning the ember of ethnic genocide are patted on the back and looked away.

    They should allow this democracy work like in other nations. APC should stop this Approach of oppression and harassment. Peter Obi is the People president.

    Let the court decide with unbiased judgment.

    1. Since he is in court, he and his vice should stop making inciting and unconstitutional statements. APC is not doing anything. Stop being sentimental and blind. Be honest. Obi has made statements that shouldn’t be made despite going to court. His vice went on air to make unconstitutional and inciting statements and even beat his chest to it. So what are you saying? Your candidates lost. They also rigged and failed. They also made inciting and ethnically bigoted statements.

    2. Election is over yet APC is still doing campaign. All of us go dey alright.

    3. If you still doubt whether Peter Obi has a case or not, then you don’t understand what’s going on.

      If Peter Obi doesn’t stand any chance in court, the APC won’t be heating up everywhere like this.

      Look at the PDP, they’ve ignored them because they have no chance but they’re constantly attacking Peter Obi and OBIdients because they know Peter Obi stands a chance to win them in court.

      In all there shenanigans, let’s remain FOCUSED, all eyes on the judiciary!!!

    4. 😂 😂 😂

      Do you understand what is an inciting statement? 🤷‍♀️

      That your advice is for your myopic mind. Slave that loves it's chain.

      Apc said go to court, Peter and Atiku are in court but it's only Peter obi that Apc is attacking.

    5. Peter Obi is their nightmare , they all wear their hearts on their sleeves till after the elections

    6. As expected!
      APC? Na their way.
      They must label you.

      The good thing is that, the whole world is watching 😹.

      I can only be surprise if you're surprised by this their nonsense.

      Fa amara ka anyi si kwado!🥱🥱🥱

    7. Yes, daddy is still better than seize it, grab it, run with it , election is not served ala carta by Tiniubu

    8. Peter Obi has already said he is following due process. APC are afraid the wailers and opposition party is now APC. PO you do these people something hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣. Atiku dey shill for Dubai see as he evaporate like a mist

    9. "Slave that loves it's chain."
      This aptly describes apc stooges and what they stand for

    10. Anon 9:31 What exactly is the inciting remark? What exactly has he said that is treasonable? You people are never able to pinpoint that. You just say he is making inciting remarks without ever saying exactly what he said. So I am asking, what exactly did he say?

      Just give me 2 comments he made, I’ll give you 5 from the opposition camp and you be the judge.

    11. 09:31, leave them to continue to wallow in their persecutory delusions. Prime why no sense of history forget that the day cashed interim government they are calling for will only bring in the next abacha. Even this blog will not be available for them to beg for money on.

      Imagine a generation with full access to the Oputa panel tapes since they are so terrible at reading history, begging for a military comeback with jokers like Datti who are allies of Babangida, publicly pinning for his godfathers to further delay the progress which was so hard to come by.

      The man they are pretending to fight for days he is challenging the PROCESS, BUT THE OUTCOME. Even he has done the math and refuses to indirectly work for the CPC cabal in the villa to bring Atiku in through the window.

    12. Awon set "yes Daddy" will never see Peter Obi as a jihadist fighting a religious war. They will never see Datti's comments as inciting. Their problem no be here.

  2. What better way to kill a dog, than giving it a bad name in order to hang it.?
    Whoever says that Nigeria will not know peace. May that peace be far from them too. Amen 🙏
    PO, if your hands clean then no cause for alarm. Allow God fight the battle for you.

  3. A man that has a good head on his shoulder 🙌
    I so much love and respect you Sir

  4. Who leaked the conversation.

    There are just looking for ways to tarnish obi's personality.

    1. Yes daddy, ask your violent supporters.

    2. They will all fail in Jesus name

    3. Yes daddy t-shirt is out. Kindly order yours. Una go rest one day.

    4. Read it was leaked by his network service Provider

    5. The people who hired fake bishops to support their candidate are trying to shame the man who asked a real bishop for support.....smh

  5. They want to de-market this man but I support him because I have verified.

    They will do more,APC and divide and rule are 5&6.

    From using thugs to disrupt the Chibok girls,Endsars,elections to using Ethnicity and religion to try to divide the Obidients.

    APC is an evil party,and this next selected administration will do the worst.They've not been sworn in but they are already dividing and gagging the press


  6. Nigerian Govt is so terrible. Can they also release the private conversations other presidential candidates had ? You want to silence Peter Obi by false allegations! There was a country (Chinua Achebe) indeed!!!

  7. May God protect this man oh. Hmmmm

  8. Lol, any attempt to run Peter Obi out of the country is dead on arrival. A man with clean hands does not run. He will stay in this country until the election petitions tribunal rules on his case up to the supreme court!

    You people will learn what opposition means!

  9. It is a show of shame. Those that rigged elections, intimidated, maimed and killed people during the elections are scot free, a man who was cheated went to court to seek redress, yet some errand boys who are bent on getting political appointments are busy heating up the polity. Anyone or people making sure that Nigeria will not work, May him, them, their families never know peace in their life. Let me also remind them that Almighty God is waiting for all of us. In his judgement. you cannot arrest, bribe, or intimidate anyone. So, let's be very careful of our actions.

  10. Peter Obi is their NIGHTMARE.! Unu ga ejecha ije n'ogbooo a eeee, ofo unu bu ndi APC una. No sleep for the wicked

  11. The wicked runneth when no one pursueth it.
    Evil will not prevail over good forever. Freedom is coming soon.
    Peter Obi you are in my prayers

    1. Yes Daddy and Datti will continue to run their mouths and run about.


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