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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Rapper CDQ On Quote



  1. Why will you reduced what you started initially, is better you don't start what you cannot finish.

  2. What's this one saying mbok? And NO, I won't read through again.

    Obi for president
    Wizkid FC
    Proudly TIV

  3. Yea..

    1. Bad advice: we see that here daily.
    2. They want the wooing stage to continue after relationship has begun. After campaigning and winning election come the WORKING STAGE. In this stage we then have to work together to making it work/ a success. You don't continue to sit back expecting him to call, chat, tell you nice things and buy you gifts while you do nothing.. and when he now complains of your docile attitude, you now start nagging that he has changed, that he's no longer doing what he does before.. if you're not ready to put in the work, don't accept to be in a relationship.
    3. Entitlement and lack of common sense..
    4. Foodie and greed..

    Blessings πŸ™

    1. On the contrary, many guys don't even put in work at all after the chasing phase. Let's say it lasted for 6 months which is even too long these days, cos una no dey dey patient. Then sex happens, Boom, the guy stops trying. The lady then starts her work, for relationship that could take up to 2 -5 yrs, tell me who won't be tired?

      We have seen the trend and understand. The moment y'all stop, we will also stop. No more tolerating this bullshit behaviour.

      It doesn't even make a difference if the lady reciprocated during talk stage, ALL guys move on, apart from the ones that have been coached to do otherwise. That's why many of these relationship and marriage seminars have more women in attendance.

      Many males need strong mentorship abeg.... till then, we will be ready ✌

    2. Lol..

      Who broke your heart πŸ€”

      I'm telling you what is and you're arguing.. most guys that leave after sex leave cos they feel it's a hook up thing, they are spending so much just for the sex and it's not worth it.

      Y'all want the wooing stage to continue when the relationship has begun, but that can never work. That's going to be an unhealthy relationship cos only one person would be putting to work.

      If you like argue and generalize all you want from today till next year, this is the true position of things. If you like don't accept what it is and try to align with it for your own good.. na you Sabi πŸ™

    3. Dante, this one no be matter of heartbreak oo.

      Once in a while, it good to rekindle the wooing, only experienced men or should I say matured men understand this.

      Women are delicate creatures, and short term wins must be incorporated otherwise doubts will begin to come in. Even with mothers oo.

      Everything no be fight, let me explain, days like Val, bday, Christmas, Easter, etc are spent with family and loved ones. I didn't say the guy shouldn't have a life but he has to create specific time for his lady, hope you now understand?

    4. @Boss Dante and @Bee Hiil you two are both correct in your own rights. I believe @Dante put what CDQ was trying to say but not saying. So I will fairly take @Dantes breakdown instead of what CDQ spotted there.
      Then @Bee Hill, I also see where you are coming from. And it is also valid. But the issue here is that it seems the modern day man is also tired and looking for what most ladies are looking for.
      Wooing after the relationship has taken off is no longer a gender thing but a collective thing, and that's where some of the women get it wrong. My cousin would often tell whoever cares to listen, that dating should not stop in your relationships even if the journey is settled. So if you can't reciprocate what you are expecting, then it is needless to condemn or criticise the other party when they reduce or check out of that phase. My own is if the relationship meant anything true to you, you must be equipped as well and it doesn't have to be equal. Just show up too.

    5. @ Dante πŸ‘
      @ Ebony Oge, well said.

  4. I will do a video on this, inconsistent behaviour will no longer be tolerated. If you could create time in the chasing phase, you can during dating.

  5. If you cannot be consistent please leave me alone

    1. That's it, they don't want to be consistent but want consistency from ladies. Who does that?

      Henceforth, only their energy will be recriprocated πŸ™Œ

  6. Don't start what you can't finish
    It's called fake life.
    Women are like flowers,you have to pour it water daily for it bloom,look beautiful and be fruitful for you.
    You feel me?

  7. there are both sides to a coin yho'...


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