Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. When I'm broke, I usually don't let it all out. I pretend as if all is fine on a low key.

    Some of us hardly ask when we're not chest not cos we don't have any problem(s). Na just see finish and insult we dey avoid for this life.

  2. Food,after eating,I will say,I am hungry 😐 😐

  3. Tribe.

    Except you see me speaking Igbo you will keep guessing because I look all sorts and speak all sorts.

    From Achimota to Porto Novo, Azare to Numan.
    From Abazu Ikeduru to Ngo Nnobi.
    From Umunze to Eziowelle.
    From Milan to Bordeaux to DC.
    From Fiditi to Akinyele to Ibadan.
    From Zaki Ibiam to Eke Udi to Oghe.
    Mehnnn, there's power in a language.
    And then, being friends with many is sorting my person.

    Na Efik I wan learn now. Kikiki.
    These people are everywhere. Damn!

    1. Wow! this is Awesome. Multilingual

    2. This is a special talent.

    3. @Xlirted P respect!!!

    4. It's no talent,just erase tribalism and make friends,learn along the way.
      I was the only one left at home so my parents took me everywhere they go. Like a sticker, I was picking.

      BTW...Started this journey from a Hampstead hospital, may end it in a nearby location the way things they go.

    5. Proud Nigerian...our security man's mum is from Ukum local government area, after the invasion from Katsina-Ala bandits about 5 years ago, she lost her 2 brothers and their wives at that yam market.
      Few years after they were in his own hometown slaughtering people night by night,his wife barely escaped by the whiskers so we relocated the whole family to Lagos then to Ikorodu town, the building was given free by a Yoruba Otunba from the same Courts we lived in.
      They're still there raising the animals they came over with but now planting somewhere in Ogun State to sustain their family.

      Na dem teach us, our kids speak more because they had enough time with them after school when they first came over.
      They too, they speak Igala and Igbo well now, spend Xmas sometimes in the East.

      As at last week, invasion still go on,wonder why you Benue bvs don't even raise any awareness.
      No agitations,no hashtags. Hmmm.

      Are you a new Bv?
      I've been posting these gists for years na.
      Use Google.

    6. XP God really blessed you with a lot. You are extremely versatile both mentally and physically. OMG, how do you walk your brain through these things😳? Let me tap from this your blessings please.

  4. My age
    I just ask u,how old do I look πŸ₯Ή?

  5. Time..Only thing so far.
    Particularly when I'm late for appointments πŸ™‚

  6. That I'm fine even when I'm not.

    1. Men do this a lot. I think it's an ego something.

    2. Change your mindset.
      Invest in a beautification process to renew your self esteem.

    3. @X P.... Una waΓ± start? Beautification process naim dey lead some people to become slaves to Surgeons!! Mtchwwww Abeg... You are beautiful. Dear Olomo.

    4. Are they talking about physical looks? Itk.

  7. what I do.
    Because I dont have anything I am doing for now and I am not proud of it so I normally lie.

  8. That I'm fine even when everywhere dry😒

    1. Only your eyeballs is a knockout. You don't even know the half of it.☺️πŸ˜ƒ

    2. XP, I don't think Teacher NK and Solomo up there meant physical appearance. It's a welfare kinda thing.

    3. Exactly what I meant XP Momma, Thanks Castle.πŸ˜”


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