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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Stella thanks for all you do here, l need an advice.

My daughter's friend gave her a suicide note yesterday in school, that she wants to commit suicide.

G happened to be a brilliant girl same age 14 and same class with my child ss2, she came home one day to tell me that her friend G See's her as a therapist, l ask her how, she said that G is going through depression and anytime she talks to her she always feel happy.. .l ask again why is she depressed, she told me that G and her two sisters are orphans, the mum died 4 yrs ago and her dad died 2yrs later, and they have been living with their mums sister and hubby, and this couple have been taking care of them like their own biological kids, infact you will never know that the are not the biological parents,

Now according to what G told my daughter, tHe anty and hubby has been taking good care of them very well, paying school fees never allow them to lack take them out, buys gift them..
But must times in school, she's always moody and when my daughter obsever her she will try to advise and cheer her up

Now yesterday she came to school with a suicide note which she gave to my daughter and she brought it home, she wrote that she is tired of life, all the promises her late parents made to her and her sisters they never full filled it, they just died, that she will not continue to allow her anty and hubby continue to waste their money on her, that she came with poison to drink in school and die.. now when l read this l was very angry.

I wanted to go to their house and tell the anty, but my daughter said no... ,that G might not confide in her again, she said prayerfully she will handle it

Please I need an advice, what do l do?

You need to meet with the Aunt secretly and talk with her so that she can find a way to handle this cos this little girl might go ahead and do it and you will never forigve yourself...Your daughter is just a kid and i am wondering why you think she will handle it....Please act fast!!!


  1. Confidentiality is definitely meant to be broken in sensitive cases like this.
    Since the girl sees a therapist, the therapist also needs to be aware of her suicidal ideation and possible intensify therapy or place her OK medication. There are antidepressants suitable for young children with little to no side effects.
    Thank God your daughter told you please escalate this matter and help this child out.

    1. The girl sees her daughter as a therapist.

    2. The girl doesn't see a therapist. She sees the B.V daughter as her therapist. Please reach out to the aunt, try to get this child to see a therapist a grief counselor. Loosing both parents so young in a short interval is devastating. I know the aunt means well but she is probably feeling unworthy of the love and care given to her by her surrogate parents. Please also prepare your daughter. She's in no way responsible for her friend feelings or actions. She is supposed to be a friend not a therapist. I hope that she can be saved.

    3. Please go and speak to her aunty
      I know prayer works but speak to her aunty, she doesn’t even have to tell the girl how she found out.

      Inform them so her aunty can try and create a special bond with her so whenever she feels down she can talk to her aunty, they can even get professional help and even get her medication if need be.
      People handle different things differently, so she may need extra attention

      Oh Lord please intervene

      Push up (original)

  2. Please quickly visit her aunt and talk to her about it. G needs to see a therapist as soon as possible before she makes her threat true.

    1. Poster if that child was related to you will you fold your hands and allow a 14yrs child handle this crucial matter? Answer in all honesty.

      Fan Emmanuel

  3. The aunty needs to know. How can you allow your daughter convince you into not letting the aunt know the girl she's taking care of is suicidal? Please the earlier the better. This is an emergency

  4. Do something ASAP
    You can talk to her aunt and possibly reach an agreement with her not divulge it
    Their monitoring of her should be on a πŸ’―

    1. I’ve personally tried this before
      The mother went straight to the child with what I said and the child came back to ask me why I told her mother. You can only do this if you’re sure thr mother won’t make it worse by revealing

      If all you want to do is tell so you’re not liable, then that’s another angle

  5. I wouldn’t talk to the aunt Mum
    I would howeve ask my daughter to invite the girl over and I’ll try to learn more from her
    Your daughter is right. Once you tell, the girl will shut down and now she’ll truly feel alone in this world

  6. Please.treat this as.urgent,you can meet the aunt secretly and inform her,she needs to see a therapist too,they shouldn't leave her alone for now,it is well,this is heartbreaking,Lord pleaseπŸ™

  7. Oh God have mercy on this girl, are you sure all is really well at home? She is just a child, please mama call her and talk to her, understand the problem and come in if you can. God please protect the minds of our children, please bring update

  8. Oh my goodness!!I pray the wisdom to handle this issue immediately.And may G,regain her mental health.
    She's going through so much pain and depression at such a young ageπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯.
    Dear Lord,please heal every child going through this kind of challenge all over the world I pray.πŸ™πŸ™

  9. What G has experienced in her short time in life is enough to send anyone into depressive state, they lost their parents at early age. Her guardian need get the children a therapist and counselor, grief does not easily vanish with time as we claim and we have different threshold for pain.
    Please, reach out to her aunt and plead to be anonymous. It will do more harm if she succeed with her plan to both her siblings and her guardian.


    1. Asinn enn. . The worst thing that could happen to them did happened! Orphaned so young! Oh my heart. Bless the Aunty for taking them in but those kids need to talk to a counselor please. To loose their parents so young? My gosh...

  10. Please you need to inform the Aunty immediately.

  11. You must tell their guardians. This is not something to keep secret. Losing one parent is bad enough losing both is an extremely traumatic experience for a young person. Please notify their guardians immediately. Do not delay!!!!

  12. Please act fast Ma, don't wait for your daughter to handle it before it will be too late.

  13. Your daughter is too young to understand that this is not a joking matter, let your daughter continue praying for her while you too pray for her but with action. Visit her aunty but do not let your daughter or G find out that you visited her aunty to share this with her.

    Is even better you see her uncle cos men knows better ways to handle issue than women. Her aunty may act in a way that G will never tell your daughter anything again. Please try to see them if possible tomorrow to help this poor child before she does something stupid.

    Depression is real, thank God she opened up to your daughter. Is God that has directed her to tell your daughter, is still God that directed your daughter to share the secret with you. God want to use you to save that girl. Please do not fold your hands and watch her die. Is not easy to be without parents, hope that girl has not been abused.

    Please do give us feedback. The lord will give you wisdom to handle this issue in a perfect way.

    1. Who knows if 'uncle' is the cause of the whole bullshit.

    2. I have same thoughts while reading the chronicle but I pray it's not.
      The poster should talk to the girl first , probably she will open up more to her,she can now visit/invite the aunt afterwards.
      I feel the girl is going through stuff she can't say.

  14. Please tell your daughter to bring her to your house and both of you can help her.
    There used to be a classmate like this in my school then, I told my mum about it. My mum took permission from the Father bcos she has a step mum and she started staying with us on weekends. Sometimes during the week. And during exam periods too.
    She got better and improved in her Studies you.

  15. Plssss immediately inform the aunt and hubby and ensure they her to see psychiatrist to treat her for depression. Explain to your daughter how potentially bad the situation is and that if you don't act that way, she could lose her friend for ever (she could tell her you found the letter yourself if she likes). Monitor your child for emotional changes as well in case she's getting overwhelmed by her friend's situation and losses. I'm a psychiatrist doc btw

  16. Depression in teens is not easy. My daughter has depression. Thank God I understood it. We have been able to talk things through and she sees a counselor who helps a lot. She too has had suicidal thoughts but not for a long time. Some children are just prone to it. And in this case the surrounding circumstances make it worse. Maybe the lady should invite the child and talk to her. If she tells the aunty and they don’t handle it well that’s it. It’s a very sensitive topic. God help her.


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