Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of A MARRIED MAN


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Friday, May 26, 2023

Chronicle Of A MARRIED MAN


Many years back when I was still a hustling young chap, I was working as a factory worker in one of the manufacturing companies around to make ends meet. Morning shift starts from 6:am, ends by 6:pm while night shift starts 6:pm and ends 6:am. 

Two of my area guys and I had just returned from work that evening around 7:pm, we sat outside the compound, legs wide spread on three stools, devouring our delicious bread and moimoi that we bought on our way back home. 

From nowhere, a car pulled up and three men came out with a boy of about 18 or 19 years in age. The boy moved closer, pointed at me and said "He is the one".

Me and my guys exchanged glances, "which one, what?" I asked. One of the men said they were police officers and I should remain silent, they asked him , "are you sure?" he said yes. They brought out handcuffs and cuffed me, said I will know what I did when I get to their station.

To cut the long story short, police said this teenage boy came to report that a guy robbed him on our street that evening and collected 20k from him, so they brought him to the street and I was the culprit. I was beaten, not given a chance to defend myself, locked up in the cell.
 My guys came to the station with two elderly men as none of my relatives were around.
 The police told them that I was a thief, I waylaid the boy and snatched 20k from him and that I will go to jail. They now said my people should pay 50k if they want me to be released.

I spent the night in the cell. That was how I met some other guys who had been accused wrongly and locked up. They told me that the policemen in that station have some boys that work for them. When they are broke, they use these boys to frame people up and extort money form them.
They told me that the boy who lied on me was with them the previous day, chatting and laughing with them. He and the others were frequent visitors.
Daybreak, my dad came down with a lawyer. I told The lawyer what I heard in the cell.

The lawyer interrogated the boy and asked where he got the 20k from, the boy said it was settlement from his master that he had served for 3years as apprentice.
The lawyer now asked him if he could take them to this master, he said his master had travelled after settling his boys. Lawyer said he should take them to the location of the shop where he served, at least neighbors will recognize him, he now said the shop is located in another state, five hours away, that he just came down to this state in order to settle here and start something. That was when the lawyer flared up and told him and the police officer in charge of the case to take it to court. That the boy will go to jail for defamation of character as it was obvious that he was telling lies.

 He told him to get a good lawyer and then left the station after telling my dad to go and relax, that they will teach the boy and his accomplices a lesson.
Sensing trouble, the officers called my dad to a corner and told him not to follow the lawyer, that he just want to make money from us as he will collect charges.

 They told my dad that it was obvious that the boy was robbed but he did not know who robbed him, that my dad should just give him 5k and the boy will write an agreement that he doesn't want to do case again, that they will release me. My dad complied and I came out. When I heard what had transpired in the absence of the lawyer, I was very angry. I wanted the case to go to court so that the boy would open up on those who sent him.

 The lawyer too was not happy that my dad gave them 5k and ruined the chances of going to court.

On getting home, an elderly man told me that my dad did the right thing. He said if he had insisted on going to court, they could have framed me up by bringing guns or matchet or any other weapon and claim they found them on me. He said if that did not happen, they may have told the boy to disappear the next day and we would not see him again and I would remain in cell or pay the 50k and left off the hook.

This incident made me so angry and sad. Everyone in the neighborhood heard about the case and some believed I stole from the boy truly. I hated the police for that incident, up till now and i pray such never happens to my kids or yours.


  1. This may be a fiction but I believe every written word as to what is happening in our society today
    Your experience no be lie
    What you said of the forces too no be lie
    Our system is highly corrupt 😩

    1. It’s no fiction lots of people have died as a result of false accusations. People have spent a lifetime in jail home and abroad for crimes they never committed .

  2. Oloooopaaaa!

    This is why I don't feel pity for them when I hear that they were attacked or killed.
    They have sent many innocent people to jail and to untimely death.

    I even heard that one of the notorious robbers of the past who was famous for always killing policemen, became a robber because of what police did to his family, they killed his brother and took his money according to what I grew up and heard.

  3. Olorun maje ka ri Ogun akoba adaba ni oruko Jesu.
    Sorry for this experience.
    I fear police no be small,some of them are capable of sending one to bondage or death.

  4. Chai this life na wa.
    Naija even makes it worse

  5. Y’all have absolutely no idea how much I hate the Nigerian police. Like I do not care whatever happens to anyone of them and I feel no atom of pity for them when anything happens to them. I have never seen an organization so wicked without remorse. I have never.

  6. May God punish any police officer that involves in putting innocent souls through this kind of tuture. May God punish all of you- be it ever so severely. If your dad of brother does this kind of wicked act you had better preach to them to retrace their steps. I hate this.

  7. police case is something i never want to get into.... very wicked poeple

  8. Just like that someone can lose their life over a lie. Yes, the beating they gave you could have killed you. This is why I despise liars to the core. They will destroy your life and think nothing of it.

  9. Wickedness in high places aaaaarh the heart of man is desperately wicked just imagine the pain , beatings inflicted on you for nothing.i fear this life

  10. Police..hmmm.. very wicked and heartless set of people.
    Poster sorry for what you went through.

  11. Nigerian Police? Very wicked set of people. I remember hubby saying he wanted to join the police force back then but his family did not support him, his dad warned all the people who wanted to help him with recommendation letter to desist from helping. I told him that I wouldn't have dated him, let alone marry.

  12. I believe be today,Niger police are devil wearing clothes...dey do force young guys on street to their station nd replace with rich people kids that comit crime..Nigeria needs cleansing

  13. When I served. I was living in one of Lagos most expensive places. Only myself and another tenant work. The other tenants are Yahoo Boys.

    The landlord came to my apartment and dropped a letter claiming I am owing about 340k (this happen around 2009). He said It is for service charge (Nepa, Water, Dustbin and Security Bill)
    I have been paying those bills so I told him I can't pay for something I already paid for.
    The man start threatening me with Police as I no answer am, the guy went to bribe SARS to come pick me up. All the Yahoo Boys paid to avoid police wahalaa while my other good neighbor was out of the country.
    Well they picked me without knowing who I am or what family I am from.
    I guess the landlord felt since I have been staying in the house no elderly person came to visit me and therefore I am a nobody.

    They picked me around 10pm to Ikeja GRA. By 4am the SO was already in the office shouting that they want him to loose his job. By 6am the Commissioner was at the station demanding for explanation.
    By the time my family started with the landlord we found out he is a fruadstar in the UK and he was hiding from Interpol in Nigeria.
    First all his houses in Lekki, Ikoyi and VI was confiscated by EFCC and then we went for him.
    The man had to run to Ghana cedis o hide.
    Me I stayed in the house for another 2yrs without paying rent. One of my friends staying f**king the landlord's wife.
    I hear say the man don die now.. also the SARS police inspector that came to pick me was sacked

    1. Omo thank God for you. In 2009, 340k was a lot of money.


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