Stella Dimoko Judge Grants Afrobeat Crooner Seun Kuti Bail But Gives Condition


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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Judge Grants Afrobeat Crooner Seun Kuti Bail But Gives Condition


  1. What's his lawyer doing about this unlawful detention?

  2. See face na

    Which yeye investigation? What do NPF know about investigation?


  3. It has finally landed here.

    They are probably applying the normal rules pertaining to this sort of case. And using it to serve as a warning to others who may want to do same/worse.

    Let me copy and paste my comment

    GBEGE O Our elders say, a man can cook to feed his community to eat but a day will come when the entire community cooks for him to eat (not exact words) If a drunk police driver run into your car, it's ok to get upset, vent anger but after that just gather evidence and report it to the authorities. SK should have been aware that people were recording this encounter and acted appropriately. Don't get me wrong, that accident could have led to loss of lives. And SK probably was responding to that (u can't predict the behavior of person/people who feel their life is under threat) but when you get to a stage where the person/passenger in your own vehicle come dey beg you to calm down and also the reputation of naija police force as bully... In the video, the police driver was quite calm under provocation. The irony of SK looking like the bully and police driver looking like a victim! The police force don see big scapegoat and will likely go by their rules

  4. Very good. Hope Seun has learnt his lesson.

  5. 48 hours is not enough to teach him a lesson, so that others will learn.
    Just watch and see how police officers will be mistreated in our country.

    1. So all of a sudden police is now your friend?

    2. How people let their bias influence their thinking is beyond me. So people should be encouraged to go about slapping police officers because police is not your friend? Can you exist in that state of anarchy when the chips are down? No one should go about slapping another, policeman or not. It's only in countries like Nigeria that people do that rubbish and get away with it.
      I recall the ex SLB guy that slapped his female boss after relocating to Canada (according to his wife). Na so them fire am and blacklist am. He is even lucky he wasn't convicted for assault but na so a brilliant dude's career end because of slap. He was a superstar in PH. It's possible he slapped others in PH and got away with it. Keep your hands to yourself unless you are defending yourself.

  6. He should go and listen to one of his dad hit song Gba mi leti ki dolowo. Slap me let me be rich. Remaining calm under provocation is one of the virtue I covet. If you don't have that virtue you could be a victim or a criminal, because in life you would come across situation that will challenge your patience, ego, demeanour and carriage. Your reaction may determine the way you are perceived by others. Now look at him looking like a cage animal in the hand of police.

  7. How can you have money and be looking this dirty

  8. I hope he learns from this lesson,no be as body itch,you go take scratch am πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  9. When real men with real beard are talking, this one too will want to open his mouth.. The person who named it bei bei obviously had Seun in mind. See his scanty facial hair like armpits hair He will be there until Monday. Let mosquito party on him small

    Obi for president
    Wizkid FC
    Proudly Tiv

  10. I pity anyone that will attempt to copy him. Go and ask people that have made that mistake in the past and what it cost them. The rich ones pay through their nose, the poor ones are probably still in kirikiri without trial. Falana na their family lawyer and he still gets to spend two nights in jail and be photographed sitting on the floor with other inmates. Imagine what someone with no connection will be subjected to.


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