Stella Dimoko Judge Tells Woman To Return N80k Bride Price After She Said She Could No Longer Be Obedient


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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Judge Tells Woman To Return N80k Bride Price After She Said She Could No Longer Be Obedient

This life!
She said she was no longer Interested but the the man is begining for time to settle with her....

A Sharia Court in Kaduna, yesterday ordered a woman, Fatima Muhammad, to return the N80,000 received as dowry in exchange for divorce.
The Judge, Malam Muhammad Adamu-Shehu, gave the ruling after the complainant told the court that she wanted to redeem herself from the marriage and was ready to return the dowry.

He advised her to file another suit to claim custody of their three-year-old child.
The complainant had earlier told the court that she was no longer interested in the marriage, hence not ready to entertain any avenue for settlement.

“I am tired of the union and I cannot be an obedient wife to him; I pray court to grant me custody of our three year old daughter,”she said.

The defendant, through his counsel, Mr L. R. Ibrahim, told the court that he still loved his wife and wanted to keep the relationship.
He prayed court to give him more time to try settling out of court.

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  1. This life no just balance. I pray they settle their differences amicably.

  2. Some cases can give headache, damn

    I feel for some judges though

  3. Man nor dey beat you,he's not emotionally abusing you so why leave him? He's even begging you not to leave but you want to leave cause you don't want to be obedient to him.
    This our generation eh,na God go help us cause the devil is greatly after marriages.

    1. Maybe her eyes don dey chook outside...

    2. E get one guy for corner wey dey give am hope .

    3. That may not be the only reason. Obviously shes not haPpy with the marriage. So cos a man begs you to stay means hes treating you right?hmnn

    4. And is it not better for both of them? @Kidjo than for the husband to discover what will give him HBP or even killing the wife 'mistakenly'.

    5. Dem don use mediocrity baff some pipu. So it's only beating that can kill a marriage.

      He may have said she be a fulltimehousewife . Meanwhile he can't meet up and she and her kids are starving. She doesn't want to disobey him by finding work or business to feed their kids.

      He could be a cheat, not just cheating but forbidden cheating like have boys as gay partners. She can't mention that in sharia court but can't continue the facade.

      We know that southerners like to die in awful marriages amd are so happy when their men demonstrate basic spousal or parenting duties however its different with northerners, particularly couples under sharia.
      She should return bride price and bounce..

    6. Or maybe she married when she was underage, now she's grown.

    7. 12:53, thank you. Most people are not mad. For someone to choose to leave a marriage that appears near perfect, it is the best option for everyone including the man begging her as he deserves better . This article has left a lot unsaid about what really obtains in the home and what conditions the lady is unwilling to obey.

    8. Nobody knows why she wants to leave, na she only know wetin she see

  4. No court should be ordering return of bride price or dowry
    We’ve seen what that causes in binding women to bad husbands

    1. In Islam, if a wife wants out of a marriage or initiated divorce, she returns the dowry as in this case, but when a man initiates divorce there is no returning of dowry or bride price, this is the money for dowry only and not the other gifts like cloths and Co that is left in hausa.

  5. Na only she know wetin her eyes don see.

    Does he take her feelings, opinions and wishes into consideration when demanding obedience? Is he attuned to her needs and does he genuinely put her first, as his wife and mother of his kid when making a decision?

    Because one party is crying and begging not to divorce does nto make them blameless.

    Philippians 2:3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. 4Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.

    Eph 5:21 Submit yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

    The devil is not attacking marriages, people are marrying who ought to work on themselves first, and are marrying for all the wrong reasons. People, especially women, are finding their self-worth and choosing to walk out of toxic situations and I love that for them.

    1. Love, love … love you Mystique

    2. Why do u pple like to counter attack the opinion of other bvs.I saw what U did in ur last paragraph.state ur opinion and respect others.lets make this place a conducive place to read and learn.


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