Stella Dimoko Reality Star Dorathy Details How She Quit Her Job Out Of Frustration


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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Reality Star Dorathy Details How She Quit Her Job Out Of Frustration

She said; ''Back in 2019, I had just quit my job out of frustration of being demoted to the front desk because of the most ridiculous reason. It was one of the most difficult times in my life because I was so confused about what I wanted to do with my life.''

''Made a decision to apply to school in Canada and I honestly didn’t know where the money was going to come from but I bought the IELTS form and was preparing for the exam.
On this random day, a friend of my sister visited us. He had just gotten his passport back from the Canadian embassy, so he came to we could celebrate. I took a little piece of the nylon his passport came in and hung it by my window”.

“Wasn’t sure how it was going to happen but I woke up every day and drew strength from that piece of nylon. My sister would laugh at me and ask me why I’d be talking to a piece of nylon. I didn’t care, I just kept hanging in there.

2020 came and I was going to write my exam but Big Brother happened”.
“Fast forward to 2023 and I’m just here looking at it and smiling. Life is funny.
Sharing this because it meant a lot to me at some point in my life and I’m grateful to God.
God’s plan for your life is always greater”.


  1. Replies
    1. Please still focus on foreign education. You wont regret it.

      I don't see how you will regret that type of investment.

    2. Let her be. She is celebrating her achievements. Everyone cannot and will not be an international master’s degree holder and that is fine. This is why everyone in this generation is either feeling like their haven’t achieved anything or depressed because even when you are content and feeling great with what you’ve done with your life someone instead of celebrating you, they tell you that it’s not enough.

    3. Anon 19.44, am that first anon. ✌️ I was encouraging her bcos she said she talked to a piece of nylon (faith) and that she paid for studied and even wrote internationally recognised exams (ambition, drive effort, work)

      Faith plus works plus hope is a good thing.

      I understand your point o, but mine genuinely was wishing her reason for writing ielts exams to come true. Just like Miracle 's dream of becoming a pilot came true.

      I actually like her & wish her well.

      E go be!

  2. Happy for you girl. "God’s plan for your life is always greater”.

  3. Congratulations 💐

  4. Way to go girl,fwd ever & best wishes.

  5. Congrats Dorathy. May the land of Canada favour you

  6. That means you are now in Canada. Congrats

    1. Nope, it means she prefers her stardom from bbn than going to school in Canada.

  7. Congratulations to her. Waiting for God's plan for our life the best. Cos all things will fall in place.

  8. Why do people brag about vain things?

    1. Brag with your own"godly" thing and allow others brag with their vain things.

    2. Brag ke? Did we read the same post?

    3. Is Ang back?

  9. True, not everybody will be successful abroad, it is not automatic. To start life over, go back to school, work under high standard conditions and be heavily taxed while living far away from home in extreme cold is not for the weak. The ongoing economic turmoil is worldwide. Bloom wherever you are planted, but even more, pray for wisdom, direction and contentment. Daniel survived good governments and bad governments, good kings and bad kings. Some threw him in a den of lions, another threw his friends in a furnace of fire. But Daniel was fine in good and bad because he knew the Lord. Of course fight for justice and good government for Nigeria, but also make haste to know God. Goodluck young ones!


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