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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Soso Sayings...



  1. I totally agree with you sir. Most people do this whenever they needed a favour from you someone. Very rude behaviour.

  2. see bress man!

  3. I agree with you Oga Soso..some people it's when they need your urgent help they will remember to reach out

  4. That's when they will start sending "happy new month, happy sunday" and prayer points.

  5. Soso add 'copied', or tag the original owner..
    No dey kolobi quotes wey no be your own..
    Na 'steelin' be that..

    Make I no go see "virginity is to men what money is to women" or my other quotes for your post oh make you no add the owner.. I go find you come give you nodding 🙄🙄

    To dey drop nuggets no be by force.. if you no get sayings again, beg us make we load you or do the right thing by tagging the original owner or adding 'copied' if you don't know it's root.

    No dey do like dat🙄

    1. Ohooo.

      I read his quote twice and burst out laughing.
      See eh, all these emergency bloggers, they steal a lot from Ste and we the blog visitors.
      I can list 5 of them.
      Tune into Lagos radio stations, they use our comments as content.

  6. The most irritating is billing people you just met, guys avoid babes that do this but it's shocking that guys now do it as well. They will be toasting you and taxing you, asking what you will bring/buy for them constantly, I gave one the shunning of his life, I believe he won't try it with another babe. Make we try dey respect ourselves abeg.

    1. You did the right thing by giving him the shunning of his life..

      But you know the difference, when men come here to talk about the irritating attitude, instead of your colleagues to condemn it, they'll come and be saying it's you that always attract such type of girls so you should check yourself..

      Ok, imagine me coming now to say you should check yourself for attracting that stupid guy instead of hailing you for shunning him.. that's the issue I'm having here with them. The hypocrisy..

      It points only to one thing, that they're the same with these ladies that do such.. you know, it's hard to condemn the same thing you do

    2. Dante, if I had something to say about these type of guys every single day on this blog then the advise to check myself will DEFINITELY apply to me. I'm Anon but this is a one-off situation and I commented on it to correct people that may think it's cute or as a defence mechanism before the girl will tax them.

      In that vein, if good women are in your life, elaborate on them every now and then, let the talk of attracting your type not follow you. I'm actually impressed with this blog's comments, ladies don't encourage nonsense because it's a lady doing it.

    3. You won't have to say this everyday cos only few guys do this compared the many girls that are guilty of it.

      Instead of telling the guys to check themselves, you should be more concerned of why so many guys are complaining and instead speak to your colleagues.. but well, I'm not surprised by your response..
      It's what you do.. support eachother in nonsense..

      When the ripple effects comes to fruition, we would see who would be crying then..


  7. So so is true o, when they need your favor that is when they will know you exist.

  8. It's rude but there's nothing some can do about it.

    In my homezone,many call to scream Anty, Nne Ozobialu nokwali razor blade, ono na NAUTH, Doctor sino N300 thousand bu ego surgery.
    (Aunty, Ozobialu's mum swallowed razor blade, she's been admitted at the Nnewi Teaching Hospital,the doctor said her surgery will cost 3hundred thousand naira).
    At 7am in the morning o, someone you've not spoken to for months, she should bring N300k?.
    Will you disown your relatives?

    Soso, cool down,were Nigerians.

    1. Lol XP this your comment is funny.

    2. Your name is entered in their phone under

      Emergency Purposes Only 😆


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