Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gists - When Trying To Buy Or Rent A House Or Land Turns Diabolic


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Sunday, May 07, 2023

Sunday In House Gists - When Trying To Buy Or Rent A House Or Land Turns Diabolic

Lets talk about Land grabbers ,diabolic landowners, diabolic estate owners and estate agent......There are even diabolic landlords and landladies

Lets gist!

One Blog visitor says
''I once wrote how I bought a property with a reputable Estate since 2012, finished payment in 2013 .

Procrastination upon procrastination.

Then 2014/15 ,the company has a massive lost, we were called for a meeting to either relocate or still maintain same property but 'add' a little something to it.
I did a calculation and comparison to both area and payed up an extra 3.5m . From then on, I completely forgot I owned a property in Lagos.

In 2017 I took in and all my dreams were always like a vision, in one of them I saw I had a property somewhere but was weed had covered it, woke up prayed ,put a call to d company,I was invited down. To my dismay , my property was already given to someone else, I nearly went mad, high risk pregnancy and Truma of knowing I lost my property, I chose to ignore until I safely put to bed.

2019 a similar dream, called and asked the allocation lady I was ready for a follow up and recovery of my property, she told me I SHD meet up in a private place,all these was done while I was praying.

Meet up with her and she opened up on the racket going on but how devilish the pple at d top are, she told me not to pursue that sold out property but ask I shd be reallocated , ok 2020 COVID hit, I left Lagos to Delta, it was very difficult but I still tried.

This guy's managed to try to hand me over a dilapidated property, we worked it to the point of my signing the transfer of ownership papers, then my stressed baby started crying unbearably in d office and pooed so badly on himself( this was God stopping me from another bad deal)I left but never came back because he fell sick. 2020/21I forget that property till Feb this year again.

In Church a prophecy was seen on me,7days prayer and fasting was done. The following day the company called and insisted I come down to either sell off the property or finalize the handover. I just sold it and took my money!

Those Lagos people know what they do to make a property owner forget they ever have an existing properly.''


  1. I heard some mechanics do this too. They make you forget your car.

  2. Mine isn't about land grabbing but a sad tale of a large hectares of land that has claimed so many lives mysteriously. Even donating it to a church still didn't help or solve the mystery behind the death.

    I am not sure if it falls under this discussion.

    1. Wow. Did anyone dig deep into the history of the property? Some old person must know something about it.

    2. This story hits bad, my Uncle was shot dead on his land, at ibeju-lekki.
      He completely forgot he owned 2 Hectares of land,over 5yrs when he remembered and insisted on reclaiming his lands, doom struck.
      They deceived him, lured him down and claimed omonile had a clash and he was accidentally shoot.
      Lagos land na strong people they buy am

    3. Please, kindly tell us more about this ...what is the story behind it up...

    4. Teejay na d same. Some people like my village, they bury all manner of fetish stuff on lands, once someone buys it, it opens doors of mystery for them

    5. Anon 14:23,

      Yes people did and the cause was revealed. But till date nothing has been done to reverse it. The owners all ran away from it and don't want to associate with it hence the reason they gave it to the church thinking it will stop. The killing started even before I was born. So you could imagine the number of years gone by.

      Nobody goes for it anymore for now, for everyone now knows the story. A land that kills even religious and traditional medicine men.

      Na strong something happened in the family that has that land. .
      The story is too scary. I have been to the spot and see the land but them no born me well to trespass therein.

    6. @ Teejay. Ancestral curses. Blood sacrifices name them was done on that land

    7. Anon 15:O4,

      It wasn't blood sacrifice but if you say Ancestral curse, you might be right. A grave thing was done to that family especially to the women. .

      Anon 14:52,

      I will take time to write about it and share here. The story scary oo.

      My late father told me everything that happened and mom also said same thing few months ago when I asked. She didn't know Dad already told me the story some years ago.

    8. I keep telling people don't buy property outside your region and do not buy property in Lagos, if you don't have a yoruba name! I thought most Igbo people will move their businesses outside Lagos! Most of my projects, I relocated to Delta. I refused to buy any property, buy any property in Lagos and Abuja, even though I sold mortgages. After Alaba, it might be computer village next.
      It is well with Nigeria 🇳🇬. May 29th is a sensitive date ,every body should be careful , especially non indigene's in Lagos.

  3. Good afternoon everyone
    I extend the blessing I received in the service today to everyone in this SDK family in Jesus name Amen
    Happy Sunday and have a pleasant blessed Sunday

  4. I've learned that when buying a property or renting an apartment in this Lagos, you just have to go with God so you don't end up in a troubled property. You'll also need to bless the place before moving in.

    All these seem like one is doing too much but it's very necessary .

  5. there is one land opposite my house, the case is in court, people were dragging it. omg sometimes if you pass by that land, cuz it leads to the next street, you will strange fetish things on the ground.

    My hubby said someone have finally won, one land grabber that is notorious for grabbing lands here and there, very very diabolic man.

    Landed properties have sent people to their early graves.

    God abeg

  6. I know of someone who rented an apartment in a house and she was beaten and attacked by an otherworldly entity in the house. I think she was raped too, but not 100% sure on that. The day she was moving the neighbours spoke to her and wondered how she lasted so long there. According to what she was told there was some family dispute about who owns the property. The thing became so contentious that spiritual blows were thrown and one party said the property would never sell. They released something in there that drives away anyone who rents it and although the property has been on the market for decades, no sale has been successful. Property wahala is real.

  7. one house in Lagos this woman and her family stayed for years the husband had no job she'll make sells put d money in her bag by the time she gets home the money will disappear money to rent another house she didn't get until they went into prayers and were able to rent another room and moved out the very month dey moved out the husband got a job

  8. This reminds me of a house my husband and I rented as newlyweds, I came into the house pregnant and for good seven years after giving birth to my beautiful son I couldn't get pregnant again, amidst all negative medical reports I held unto God with prayers and service to God until a MOG visited and told us to leave the house immediately even when my husband too had been having similar revelations. God showed up and got us another apartment stress free and the same month we parked I got preggers, it was revealed that our landlord had buried a live cow and other fetish things on the ground, I really would not have believed until I realize all the tenants there had various degrees of challenges ranging from barrenness, unsettled marriage, death, and injuries that wouldn't close in years and so forth. To cut the story, years after the house is still standing there dilapidated with no occupants and our ex landlord lives in penury now. May God continue to help us with the spirit of discernment.

  9. In Nigeria, you must seek the face of God when buying or renting property or else life fit carry you go where you no know

  10. If u want to rent any apartment,there are logos this pipu put in front of the house,which they use block to mould,some in shape of 🦂 scorpion ...always check the sign up at the front of the house.

  11. The house I rented in Lagos was a mini burial ground, very small and tight place, yet with tombs around it. The owner was very diabolic and greedy. At the entrance of the compound, the owner's mother was buried there, at the centre of the compound, the grandmother was buried their, behind our windows, the two brothers were buried there. All the tenant were struggling, living from hand to mouth. Things were so hard for me that I ran to my village. It was when my mother came for 'amugwo', at my sibling place that she was shown where I was living, according to her, it looks like a burial ground. She brought back some of my properties and sold the rest. A lot of new houses in Lagos have fetish things buried underneath them.

    1. It was when I entered that three of the four persons started dying O. All those people were alive and well when I rented the apartment, they all died in my presence.

  12. There are also wicked co-landlords. People who are not satisfied with their parcel of land. A landlord bought a land at the end of a close in an Estate. He fenced off the close to himself and built up the whole space. But he wants the landlord on the street to give him part of his land as road or Car park.

  13. Hmmmmmmm, Things dey happen o
    As I type , there's this house in my area, a Twin storey building in the same compound. The family occupies one of the house and the one facing the main road eeehn, since my secondary school days till date, no business, I Mean no business has ever thrived there. The last time it was rented out to one of the commercial banks , my people after all the renovation and everything the bank did to the building eeehnthe bank did not last up to a year!!! As in people for area know that the house building has "k" leg cos the man that owns it according to "talks" That the man was an occultic Man, but fear no dey let people talk. All his children, especially the Males, no one "useful" . Tory plenty abeég.

  14. North is better especially Hausa state they don't all these nonsense but east and west are problem areas

  15. I have rented an apartment in 2019, in the process of going to install fittings in the place my phone fell and went blank. I moved into the apartment in 2020. I lost my job after three months. All my finances were dried up. All the businesses I tried starting up but I lost all the money and became prone to scammers. I told the agent who encouraged me to pray. Former Neighbor who left one of the apartments said they used to see headless lizards tied with red cloth to their necks. When I started the prayer, The Landlord came and said he could no longer hold his body again and that he wanted to kiss and hug. The Landlord said if I agree to his request he will give me six months rent free, he made another request of free rent in the apartment if i consider his request. Well my response was that if i can longer pay the rent i will move to my place. When the sexual harassment was becoming too much that he is younger than my partner and the better man for me. I have to move from the apartment.

  16. Hmmmm, nawa oooo, things dey occur


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