Stella Dimoko UK Unveils New Immigration Restrictions, For Foreign Students


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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

UK Unveils New Immigration Restrictions, For Foreign Students

The United Kingdom, on Tuesday, said all foreign students, except those on postgraduate research programmes, will be barred from bringing their dependants from January 2024.

Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, announced the development 

Unveiling the new restrictions in the House of Commons, Braverman told MPs that the package “strikes the right balance between acting decisively on tackling net migration and protecting the economic benefits that students can bring to the UK.

“Now is the time for us to make these changes to ensure an impact on net migration as soon as possible. We expect this package to have a tangible impact on net migration. Taken together with the easing of temporary factors, we expect net migration to fall to pre-pandemic levels in the medium term.”

In addition, the new plans also declare that “International students will no longer be able to switch out of the student visa route into work before their studies have been completed,” adding that steps will be taken to clamp down on “unscrupulous education agents, who may be supporting inappropriate applications to sell immigration, not education.”

Currently, students who come to study in the UK from abroad can apply to bring dependents, including their partners or children with them to live in the country while they study, with some allowed to stay for two years after the course finishes.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told his Cabinet on Tuesday, that the number of visas issued to dependents joining those studying at universities in the UK had increased eight-fold from 16,000 in 2019 to 136,000 in 2022.

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  1. Why do I feel they had Nigeria in mind before coming to this conclusion. Wahala for people wey UK dey trip.

    1. Anyone who decides to overstay in the UK will advice anyone never too.
      UK is not USA.
      Life of an overstayer can we worse than hell.

  2. Even if UK is free. I will not go

  3. I don't know why people are dragging that Yoruba boy, calling him a sellout, how can they think someone so inconsequential can wield such influence to sway decision by a whole UK. They should rather focus on our government, with the way they have been working to discourage japaring I won't be surprise if they approach the UK and sell them the idea.
    Personally UK no dey sway me, make them sha no try am Wit the US

    1. This is what I think too.


    2. Please nobody said he swayed their decision, it was already in the works and discussions about it has been ongoing since last year. I was even discussing with with my mum on Monday evening that from September they will stop dependent visas for students, only for it to be announced the next day but for January.
      What he said was wrong by generalizing that most students don't go with the intention of studying but for immigration purposes only, this is someone that went on a dependent visa about 8 months ago and is already running down his country to the entire world. The statistics is there for all to see and a large majority leave the country when they are done with their studies. Some get jobs, some get married and only a few remain in the country illegally.

  4. Their target is Nigerians but honestly we Nigerians can overdo things and thereby spoiling it.

  5. Sabi that Yoruba guy that granted BBC interview is now happy that he went ahead to open his mouth like a tap and spilled everything. Hope he made money and also BBC gave him an appointment. I don't know why some people will never drink chilled water and mind their business.

    I don't know who will be affected but i feel terrible cos alot are using this route to better their life. Now that they have stopped it, all will rest.

    1. You think UK didn't know all about that? If you think cos dude said that hence this decision is coming up, then you don't know jack about UK very well and how they operate.

      They are a crafty nation, good in exploiting Africans..

      I for once will never thread foot on UK soil.

    2. So he doesn't have a name? Yoruba guy! God will deliver una

  6. I don't know but I've known this is going to happen when some Nigerians on social media especially on Twitter will be advertising that they are in need of a dependent they can travel with and share the expenses. Use social media wisely, mba, Nigerians will never hear. Mtcheewww

  7. If Nigeria was flourishing, this will not happen,and if you think other Western nations where immigration is high, would not follow suit, then the joke is on you! You go for Msc at 40, for a course in languages and you think the country you are migrating to, doesn't know the real motivation behind your migration? Whether you fancy UK or not, ain't their problem,fix your country and stay put!

  8. Yes UK knew all of these! they are not dumb hence they went for further investigation to interview on of our own.. but must he state the obvious?? Indians are doing the same thing but will never ever throw their own under the bus.. big mouth

  9. Indians & Pakistan are much but they are indirectly looking at Nigerians.
    Naija should invest that money in order countries o.

  10. Nigerians should stop going to the UK! Indians and Pakistanis are even worse! I will only review my staying in the UK, if I am head hunted and paid relocation allowances, plus housing! That’s the only way, I can even consider having a rethink! London that’s now like rural India, now I wan disturb myself Dey go? Rubbish!!!


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