Stella Dimoko Actress Ini Edo Talks About Her Unique Friendship With Colleague Uche Jombo


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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Actress Ini Edo Talks About Her Unique Friendship With Colleague Uche Jombo

In an interview with Chude, actress Ini Edo revealed that her friend and colleague, Uche Jumbo didn't like her initially.....

Chude asked her about her friendship with Uche and how they became close.

She said, “Uche [Jombo] and I started off as not friends. She thought I was so rude, that I was doing too much. She was like “What is she feeling like?” Like, I kept them on set for days. The first time we ever worked together, apparently she had been hearing my name, “Oh that new girl”, “oh she’s all over the place, all the producers are using her now so she’s like the it girl”, you know, that is already making her feel like “what is she feeling like, mschewww”.
And then I now came late. I kept them for many days on set. According to her, I walked into the set and I did not say hello to her. She was really upset with me. She hated me, apparently.
Eventually, I think, I don’t know how that wall got broken. I’m a sweetheart anyway, you can hate me from afar but you can’t hate me when you know me, that’s just what it is.
You know, I think eventually we got talking and I think we shared a drink. She didn’t waste time telling me “You, you no dey greet person abi? You no know say I no be your mate!” [laughs].

I think that’s how the ice was broken, and she’s been an amazing person to me. I think it’s mutual respect and real love for each other. There’s just really nothing but friendship more than just love and respect. Once you have that for each other, it’s not like you guys won’t have issues or you won’t step on each other’s toes, but once that mutual respect is there and that real love is there, we can communicate cuz I like to talk, so we can talk through everything.”


  1. Has the scales suddenly fallen off from Uche Jumbo's eyes since she and her 2 former BFFs no dey pali again

    1. Why soo slow.. uche nd omoni are still friends

      This incident ini is referencing is from way back when ini just got into the industry and was the “IT” girl

      Apparently she didn’t bond immediately with Uche

  2. I like both of them

  3. Una see am? '’s not like you guys won’t have issues or you won’t step on each other’s toes but once that mutual respect is there and that real love is there, we can communicate...'
    There's no perfect friendship, relationship, marriage, partnership etc. So everyday 'poster run, poster abort mission, poster yen, poster yen yen yen' continue to take evil advices from sadistic people onthe internet and get ready to remain lonely and sad for the rest of your lives.
    UNLESS ITS A LIFE AND DEATH SITUATION, better communicate and work through your issues with your loved ones!

    1. Sandra, you’re so right. I’ve had to hold myself back from ruining my relationship! I realized my mind had been so messed up with all the bad marriages, relationships narratives that I had developed a preconceived notion about men. Any little thing I shout narcissist and other therapy words. 😪 I have developed anxiety about relationships.

  4. She was the IT girl then
    Not now
    So no need for the fight to continue

    Who is Nollywood's IT girl?
    Asaba stars


    1. Pls I'm still stuck in old Nollywood. Ah, Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Dominic, Uche Jumbo, Stella Damassus, Omos3xy, Kate Henshaw, Ini Edo will forever be my IT girls. 😘

    2. Nancy and Sharon.
      There was a time Adesua Wellington was the it girl

    3. The IT girls of Nollywood will forever be
      Genevieve Nnaji
      Rita Dominic
      Omo Sexy
      Steph Okereke and
      Ini Edo.
      These new girls fades away with time but the big girls and the IT girls listed above are forever irreplaceable. The only new generational actors that sort of reminds you a bit about those irreplaceable thespians are actually Beverly Nanya and Bimbo Ademoye. The two girls you mentioned are more like a livestlyle fashion vlogers than actors.

    4. @anon thanks for adding Stephanie to the list. Those are our IT girls jare. Do you know what it is to buy hints magazine in 2003 just because their faces were on it? To trek to video clubs in 2004 looking for their latest movies? To know the way to Iweka Rd Onitsha or Pound rd aba for movies? To jump fence in secondary school just to go to cyber cafe and buy browsing time just to see the nrw website of Genevieve and Rita Dominic? To save all your pocket money to buy VCD for better picture quality to watch their movies? To buy a top or make a hairstyle cos of them? Abeg oh, all millenials, these are our IT babes before the internet age. We stan!😘

    5. The new IT girls are;
      Beverly Naya
      Bimbo Ademoye
      Uche Montana

      Forever IT girls are Genevieve, Omo Sexy, Eucharia Anunobi, Stephanie Okereke, Stella Damasus, Rita Dominic and Ini Edo.



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