Stella Dimoko AMEBO CHRONICLES - Slay Queen Versus Daughter


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Sunday, June 11, 2023

AMEBO CHRONICLES - Slay Queen Versus Daughter

From time immemorial women have been seen and heard competing for the love and affection of a man. 

Nothing new under the sun but when a child you bore from your own womb decides to snitch on you to a potential husband and even takes him away from you, then there is problem.

I was on my own minding the business that pays me when one of my social media account rang, who calls someone on the blue app without permission these days? But the name caught my attention. A friend’s lover.

Slayqueen lives a fast fake life and had her child early so the girl is mature and lives with her. There are certain things you just don’t do in front of your kids even if they are mature and understand. Also, I believe that one should not make same mistake twice in life.

Slayqueen’s lover called me and I was shocked, he said he had to find me on her friends list and that he needs my help.

Turns out Slayqueen’s daughter is pregnant and the mother does not know and she has already moved out of the house. How is that my own concern and how come you have such information and you have not gone to tell the mother?

Lover said he isn’t really into Slayqueen anymore and her lifestyle is not good and even the daughter is tired that is why she is moving out. He went on to tell me about how Slayqueen brings men into the house and how she has slept with all the married men in the beautiful estate.

How do you know all these? I asked and he said the daughter told him all her mother’s sexcapades. Is it me or there is something fishy going on here? Why are they so comfortable discussing Slayqueen? Together?

Lover went on and on about mother and daughter, each instance he paints the mother black and daughter a saint who doesn’t deserve that kind of mother. Hnmmmm

So what is my own in all these story story? Who is the father of the baby? Lover said the daughter is moving to my local government and needs a mother figure to take care of her (as the nanny that I is abi mtchewww) and that the father of the baby is a student who schools in the north and sounds very responsible yada yada yada. Werey thinks I am stupid.

I asked for the daughter’s number and sent her a message, she told me about her pregnancy and how happy she is, so I asked about the father and how they met. Wait for it...she said they went to school together in the west hahahahaha these two didn’t sit together to plan their speech.

So when are you telling your mother that you are pregnant for her lover? She was shocked and started to stutter so I just told her that I have my own to raise she should go meet her mother and sort things.
I checked Lover online and he has blocked me.
I called Slayqueen and I don’t think she knows yet.

It is not in my place to tell her and make her sad, my amebo no dey too like deliver bad news like that LOL

Haaaaaa wahala wey wear suit!


  1. That man is a very useless man and he will not marry the slay queen's daughter. Useless people everywhere, Judas Iscariot

    1. Worthless man

    2. Yam pepper scatter scatter. People dey try sha. Sleep with mother and daughter, sleep with sisters, sleep with cousins, sleep with father and son, sleep with brothers, sleep with househelp, sleep with kids, sleep with friend's friends etc. 🤮

  2. Things like this do happen when single mother's prostitute under the noses of their children.
    The daughter learnt well from her mother.
    It is well with them.

  3. Wahaluuuuuuuuur 😂 #in bobrisky’s voice#

  4. Plus slayqueen,plus lover and her senseless daughter deserves themselves.
    Immoral lots 😡

  5. Double wahala, that lover man is no it at all. SMH.

  6. This is why people are encouraged to imbibe good habits and develop a worthy lifestyle. The daughter feels the mother doesn't deserve a good man cos she has seen her mess up many marriages, na dat kind man fit dem sha, abeg amebo, try follow up bring more update.

    1. Abeg stop making excuses of the daughter. So her mother is sooo bad that daughter decides to help the "innocent" man by sleeping with him behind her mother's back and getting pregnant for the man. Mad oh!

      Daughter is also a greedy and wicked person, and the man is evil

  7. Isn’t the man a pedophile though? How old is the daughter? Some men have a spirit in them that they must know every woman under a roof, if they messing with one. They can’t come to a house and not want to penetrate every women under the roof. Sick mofos.

    I have seen saints come out of the homes of viragos and viragos rise up out of the homes of saints. Interesting that the man heard all of this the girl told him and his spirit did not see fit to become a father figure and guide that young girl/woman through love and kindness, but instead chose to exploit her and impregnate her. He is a scum to prey on that woman’s child. Then have the nerve to block you when you out his garbage behaviour. Amebo, you can tell your friend that there is some disturbing talk you are hearing in the market and that she should sit down and speak to her daughter to get to the bottom of what is going on in her life.

  8. Amebo, this is not one of those mind your business thing. Please tell your friend what is happening. If she finds out about this and got to know that you knew and didn't tell her, it would be a really bad thing.

  9. if you love your friend and no be yeye friendship you will tell her.....this is a serious matter and she needs to know. the man is a stupid he goat...he knows better than to sleep with slay queens daughter


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