Stella Dimoko Director General WTO Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Recounts Nasty Experience With Fuel Subsidy Cabal


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Monday, June 05, 2023

Director General WTO Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Recounts Nasty Experience With Fuel Subsidy Cabal

This isn’t the first time the idea of petrol subsidy removal would be mooted. The Jonathan administration under which the incumbent Director General of the World Trade Organization, WTO, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, served as Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy also had its fair share of mention in the saga. 

In fact, former President Jonathan said at that time severally that fuel subsidy was unsustainable and tried unsuccessfully to remove it.

In a video that went viral last week, Okonjo-Iweala is seen narrating how she spearheaded efforts to scrap payment of questionable subsidies and how beneficiaries viciously fought back, culminating in her mother’s kidnapping and demand for her resignation.

“My second example has to do with a very specific one in my country, the clean-up of the fuel scarcity regime in 2012 during my second stay as Finance Minister”, she narrates in the video.
“Nigeria has a physically challenging force of fuel regime, the country exports crude oil and imports fuel because their refineries are in a very bad shape and provides a subsidy for the refined oil as support.

“At the end of 2011, a total of N1.73tr, US $11b equivalent, was submitted as claims for subsidy by 143 marketers, who were importing the product.
“These numbers seemed horrendously large compared to what I had last when I was in government in 2006, which was close to $2b in subsidy.

“So, we decided to study these claims. We audited about $8.4b worth of claims and we found out $2.5b worth of fraud. That is, many of these marketers were trying to claim $2.5b fraudulently.

“With the full backing of the President and the Economic Team, we decided that we were not going to entertain these claims or to pay.

“The pressure from affected marketers was tremendous…not only to say we would not pay but also to say we would clean up the whole mechanism for the subsidy claims and put in place something more transparent, something clearer.

“This did not go down well with them. “When we insisted on our position of non-payment and implementation of the new verification regime, these, and well-connected interests, were angered, and came to blame me personally for this. “There were personal consequences. My 83-year-old mother, a retired professor of sociology, was kidnapped by four young men and held for five days.

“She was totally terrified. She asked them why she had been kidnapped and they told her ‘Because your daughter, the Finance Minister, refused to pay oil marketers their dues’.
“The kidnappers, negotiating with my brother, demanded my resignation, publicly; that I should go on television, publicly and announce my resignation and depart from the country as a condition for my mother’s release.
“Needless to say these were some of the worst days of my life. Imagine when you are in a position, you want your parents, all of whom are here with you today, and your relatives to be proud of you. You want to be a source of good for your family.
“You can imagine how I felt, sitting there and thinking, just because of trying to do something right. To implement a policy that was good for the country, to lead to the taking of my mother’s life. These were some of the worst days of my life.

“With my father’s support and the firm resolve of the President, we all decided I should not give in to the blackmailers and I refused to resign.

“Following a manhunt for my mother by security agencies, she was able to make a dramatic escape after five days in captivity, where she was only given water and half of a sausage roll.
“So, here with the well-justified clean up and reform of a policy, but implemented in a dangerous reform environment where the losers in the reform, where the entrenched vested interests decided to fight back to derail implementation.

“The decision not to resign was a very difficult and risky one but, as it turned out, it worked.
“But on my down days, I ask myself, what if it hadn’t? What if they had gone ahead and murdered my mother, as she overheard them planning to do with one of the handlers on the phone? Could I have justified trading firmness on policy and standing up to blackmailers, implementing a good policy for my mother’s life? What decision would you have made?

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  1. That country is a huge crime scene.

    I regret ever participating in occupynaija online. May God forgive me for allowing this miscreants to use me perpetrate their evil agenda

    1. I like your honesty! Just like I regret voting Buhari in 2015.

    2. Real Huge Crime Scene!

      Even with subsidy removal, they are probably trying to recover their campaign money somehow somewhere.

      If they cared about citizens, b4 removing it; NNPC for example would have stocked up properly

      After the subsidy announcement; the NNPC will maintain 230 per litre. The queues will be long; but people will have a relief somehow.

      If you cannot stand queue; go to marketers and buy 600 naira.

      NNPC staff will be under serious monitoring!

      This people know what is right; but they make huge profit in chaos!

    3. This woman should do her biography if she hasn't already.

  2. There was a country- CA

  3. WINNER, YES I AM5 June 2023 at 11:31

    TEEJAY, come and read ooo. The cabals are the ones holding Nigeria and Nigerians hostage. No wonder Dora Akinyuli was killed by the cabals. TJ, do you think Peter Obi has the 'POWER' to govern this country with his softness? I know Peter Obi has a good mind but would he have survived?
    God, na your hand these cabals dey. Anyone that doesn't want Nigeria and Nigerians to end well, na God hand such people day abi na satan's hand self?
    Stella, Post ooo.

    1. I guess you don't know Peter Obi very well. He might be soft spoken with a tiny voice but trust me, he will not fight corruption physically, for that's what many people will expect him to do. What he will do is blocking the loopholes where this corruption is been perpetrated. By so doing, it will be gain over for the criminals.

      When he said he will stop the importation of Generators, he actually meant it cos he wants to improve the power sector.

      Those of us on the know understand what he did in Anambra state. He wrestled cabals of the Ubas and Ngige. He even wrestled the OBJ cabals and INEC.

      So to your question. Yes Peter Obi will succeed.

    2. He even wrestled the OBJ cabal yadayadayada. Now it's obvious you know nothing about politics but rely on secondary info like arm chair scholars. cause if you did know about Nigerian politics, you'd know that Peter Obi is an Obj's boy.right frm his first time as Governor.

    3. My joy, is that,it's the same people that were initially against this subsidy removal and spearheaded #Occupy Nigeria,,are now the ones in government.
      .Most of them are part of the cabal that benefitted directly or indirectly from the proceeds.
      Now it's their turn ..They must resolve and carry the burden.
      It's just unfortunate that the ignorant and poor masses will suffer this too.

    4. Anon 15:58,

      I don't have enough strength to argue with you now but one thing I will tell you is that, I don't argue or say things without understanding them. If I ever quote a thing wrong and my attention is been drawn, I always admit my error and apologize.

      You see this one so, take it from me. OBJ was never in support of Obi ambition then for governor. Don't forget, Andy Uba was OBJ's Personal assistant or adviser then and he was routing for the PDP gang then where Andy Uba loyalty was. Peter Obi was in APGA. So how was OBJ supporting him? That was even the first time of APGA on the ballot. I would have given you citation of the news but Stella won't enable it due tto the link.

      It was after Obi's tenure, OBJ became friendly and close to him due to his great performance.

    5. u know Ur fellow man and will tell you the truth.

  4. These markerters can be hunted and jailed too. I believed their names are in FG's database. FG can tell them to forfeit half the money they collected fraudulently from subsidy from 2001 - 2022
    10 years jail term with no option of trial.

    The money gotten from them can be used to revive our education/health systems if properly supervised.

    1. Mao,

      Without a court process? Are you a joker??

    2. Many of their croonies are involved,the goverment is the cabal,itself ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคจ

  5. I never believed in that occupyNaija. Me weh never chop belleful wan go stand for ojota.

    1. Miss Ess, in summary you didn't go because you were not financially comfortable at the time or because you didn't "believe"? Which is it?

  6. Replies
    1. Embarrassingly sad!

      There are so many dirty vicious vested interests in the downstream petroleum industry.
      Those figures she discovered includes claims by companies for products they never received in their tankfarms.

      This and many more is why the Department of Petroleum Resources DPR is a Deadwood establishment. Do they even monitor anymore?
      The cabal succeeded in establishing institutions and companies strictly for criminality. Reason all of them are frowning at Peter Obi's candidacy, they say he's coming TO SCATTER everything they've worked hard at building over the years.

      God save Nigeria.
      God gat you Dr NG.

  7. Fuel subsidy is an organized crime

    1. But i didn’t read anywhere that you hailed Tinubu for taking the bull by the horn to remove it, reading your stance on the subsidy removal.

    2. @Anonymous,Tinubu and your past president were part of the people,(I'm using neutral terms here)who were vehemently against the subsidy removal then. If I'm correct,the state itself,spearheaded the course.
      So,tell me exactly why he should be hailed for it.I consider it the resultant effect of his stance on the issue then.
      Good thing,he's the one bearing the burden.,not PO.๐Ÿ˜Ž

  8. Its sad that we don't still get it. The resources of our country are being controlled by a few people, yet we can't unite to fight them, we bicker while they win

    1. This is the point !!!!

    2. It is not just naija, the resources of the whole world are being controlled by less than 500 people, and you can’t fight them.

  9. Nigeria my country, a country that would had been one of the best if we had good leaders. I weep for Naija.

  10. What we saw long ago and was complaining all along. Only for people to think we were going insane.

  11. The part the oil marketers in question are your everyday politicians under different business names. If they publish the list, you may be shocked but I won’t.

    1. I quite agree with you. Some of the marketers are politicians. It's a pity!

  12. Very dangerous country. All they do with the money is fund expensive lifestyle numerous women and smelly shit between their buttcrack

  13. God please fix,this country,from top to bottom ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  14. Fuel subsidy is well intended and should ideally benefit the citizenry. But the oil cabal took advantage of Nigeria's systemic corruption to bleed the country. For example, a marketer imports 5million liters and connives with PPRA staff to declare 500 million liters. Then collects subsidy based on false quantity. The same marketer after collecting huge subsidy claims still connives with officials at the borders to move the fuel to neighbouring countries. However, things that will benefit the masses should have been put on ground before striking out fuel subsidy. E g affordable mass transit. improved wages and welfare package for workers in both public and private sector etc.
    How can you pay an adult 30,000 naira per month? That is pure evil!

    1. My salary is 20k, I'm even owed on top of it. Where you see work for Imo state kwanu

  15. Anyone listening to this woman is a fool! She is part of the WEF and evil ๐Ÿ˜ˆ nwo. Person wey now so so world bank consultants , she dey give jobs during her tenure, when home grown economist where more intelligent.
    You must review salaries and ensure refineries are working for you to remove subsidy! Tinubu will not rule Nigeria.All this una propaganda will not work, is evil you all are perpetuating on the common man .We don't care about any subsidy cabal.

  16. They should focus on the cabal not the poor citizens they refuse to offer jobs, security, good health, education and others


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