Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gists - Relationship Between Wives And Sisters In Law...


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Sunday, June 04, 2023

Sunday In House Gists - Relationship Between Wives And Sisters In Law...

Every Lady is either a sister in law if her Brother is married or a sister in law if she is married....Confusi9ng right? Let me arrive!
Why is it that most sisters in law put their noses in their brothers marriages but do not want their husband sisters to pokenose in his Marriage....

Some of the sisters put their brothers wives through hell and when they get married and meet a sister in law who is like them they begin to plot and create enmity between their husband and his sister(s)..
Some sisters in law have crashed their brothers marriages because they do not get along with the wives and some wives have crashed relationship between brother and sister because the sister in law is not giving them breathing space...

Are you sister in law like is mentioned above or a wife that does not want to give her sisters in law peace? Its both ways, which one are you... Good or bad?
Lets gist! 


  1. I am not married yet but I have sister in laws cos my two brothers are married. I don't have time to stress my follow gender co

  2. Our sister in law is the sweetest soul ever, she loves us more than her siblings. We are like blood, for 15years of her marrying my brother has been peace, love, progress. The way she respects and adore my parents is second to non. We too, loves her so much. We call her first lady. We cherish her kids and keeps thanking her for birthing us those adorable munchies.
    God bless you aunty D mama. At times i wonder if my parents loves her more than us their daughter. My mother calls her baby and my dad calls her queen.

    1. I enjoy reading stories like this.

      May the good Lord continue to bless and favour your sister Inlaw, your parents, and the entire family.

  3. My elder brother had found a gal to marry.
    We are catholics from Anambra, wife are Anglicans from Imo.

    One lovely evening my brown brought back suya and drinks. Chopping, drinking and commenced.
    In between my brother dropped the news, W said she will like us to wed in her church. She is a member of the choir and would love to use that as a send forth and blah blah blah.
    My mom stopped eating and asked my brother what was his response.
    Bros said, I told her it was OK. She even cried.
    My mother goes, why you sef no cry for her too. She declared that if it wasn't holding in the catholic church she wouldn't attend. My brother got upset and left.
    A few days later, he approaches me and ask, what is wrong in getting married in outside the catholic church, I said nothing. Absolutely nothing.
    I continued, this is wia you put your foot on the ground. If you let her decide the church today, 2moro she will decide what you eat, when you sleep with your wife or how children you will have etc.
    My brother became resolved that he will wed our wife in her church.
    A few week or so later, my mom goes, but there's nothing wrong in wedding outside the catholic church na.
    Wedding happened in wife's church, beautiful celebration. They have blessed us with 4 beautiful children.

    I go to their house, every body respects themselves. Peace dey, I know my boundaries. We all do.
    I will continue further.

  4. Lol..

    This won na real women wahala..
    Sister in-law and wife
    Mother in-law and wife..

    It's rare for brother in-law and father in-law to be causing problems.. no time, unless when maybe the husband na werey so they had to put him in check or they are S!MPs, and the wife is manipulating them to come and disrespect and taunt her husband.

    A real brother would tell his sister to submit and respect her husband when she comes around with yeye complain wey no jell.. and if they deem it worthy, they'll visit the husband low-key, go out and have a drink and discuss the issue without the sister's knowledge.. men are big on respect.. you even see how we respect eachother here.. even when we no agree with eachother.. na the boys wey dey run mouth up and down like woman we no dey send..
    We're focused on making money and Finding Love

    1. U respect each other here and go anonymous to attack each other.guy dey play

    2. Finding love? Interesting!

    3. Lol.

      Look at the guys here, please point out one that you think has time to go anonymous to post comments, except milkshake (no disrespect).. is it Ali, Me, Martinez, Chike??

      But you can continue arguing rubbish..

      Ire oh

    4. Always thought milkshake is a female bv.

    5. Find love? Do you have love to give?

  5. I pray for my 3 brothers to marry well, because my sister inlaws are good to me dont want my brothers to marry troublemakers because my family members no dey like trouble

  6. With what I have seen and heard I have made up my mind to be a good sister in-law to my brothers wife. Infact I will join my sister in-law to fight my brother if he does anyhow.

  7. In continuation.
    Wifey is a PD.
    So she runs shift & all. Busy.
    So my brother comes to pick me and we go to the market together.
    Wifey makes list, and I show my brother around and how to bargain.

    Then one day, this fellow igbo woman voices out, how can you and your mother allow your brother go to market, blah blah blah.
    Aunty mind your business, I tell her.
    Couples should run their homes in the way that works for them.
    My brother going to the market for his family doesn't reduce his position as head of his family. If we are not complaining, then you shouldn't cuz ur opinion is not valid.
    A few years later, my Bros Don Sabi road wella.
    Now he & Wifey will bring the kids to my place to watch for them and they go to the market together when she is less busy and even date nights and other programs.
    And even though the last son is a handful, very mischievous handsome odogwu. I get tired but we love them like that.

    I had just sprayed my car and this mischievous boy turned my bonnet to his blackboard. I was upset at first but I look at it with pride as his signature on my car and won't spray over it even though I have been told to.

    So we no dey stress our wife. We all get mutual respect for one another.
    I do not go about acting like this is my brother's house whenever we go there.
    Help out when I can especially with my nieces and nephews

    1. Weldone and thank you!!

    2. My niece painted my face with black ink masquerade look I no send I carry an go shopping laidat everybody just dey look dem mama I no send 不不

  8. I have been married for 8 years now and have four sister-in-laws. Hubby is the first child and only son. The only thing I can say is that the husband sets the boundary the sister-in-laws will follow. My husband doesn't not give his sister's chance to do anyhow near me. Sometimes I even tell him he is too protective of me with his family and he says I should leave it like that. I have a good rapport with my SIL's and since we all don't live in the same state,whenever we see we are all good. We also don't give my borthers wives any issue. Every body is living their lives and I only put my mouth in matter they call me into. Nobody has time to intruding into other people's lives.

  9. kai, my own story is long long, i just gave her space and learnt a very serious life lesson and our r/ship never remained the same again.
    i am praying for myself for God to uplift me too.... i am the sis inlaw btw

  10. Lols.
    I nor even send them sef. I try to be there for them but I nor Dey even try to stress anybody. No visit and I always mind my business

  11. I'm not even the type that has time to pokenose. Like why? I'm I that jobless?

  12. I have 2 sisters in law ,both from my elder and younger brother,we have good rapport with each other and we respect our boundaries.

  13. Good afternoon everyone

    All sisters in-law relates as if they are from my mother's womb especially our second son sister in-law, she talks our mum the way we do. If you don't know my siblings and I very well and come to our house you hardly found out who is wife or daughter.
    We move
    Praying to marry into this kind of my family

  14. My sister inlaw are the best.(my husband sisters)
    The three of them are very nice and don’t even have time for nonsense. Although they are married.
    We don’t communicate always but I know they have my interest at heart.
    They love me and I love them too.
    Don’t know what I did that GOD bless me with great in-laws…
    I am so grateful lord.

  15. My estranged husband's sister put me through hell and back, their mother joined after. I lived with them after my wedding. I saw pro max shege banza! I have left their brother and son for them to marry. We're separated to be divorced soon, bride price is to be returned before month end. My life and that of my child are important.

  16. My own sis in laws from that particular town in imo state, hmmm. 2 times I have visited police in my life, na their matter, not only me ooo, all the wives to their brothers have nothing good to say about them. Always quarrelling.
    Why mine is a bit problem is I am not from their side and hubby is their younger brother so he respects them and can't even protect me.
    I thank GOD for always being there for me.
    My story long but I am super grateful to GOD

    1. He can protect you no matter his age, he is just a coward

  17. I am a sister inlaw on both sides and I can proudly say that I don't issues with my sisters inlaw( my 4 brothers wives and my husband's sister). We know our boundaries and respect each other

  18. I was married and due to infertility my sisters inlaws showed my shege. One December when we travelled home, one of my unmarried sister in-law whom I gave a government job opening I was suppose to give my younger sister hit me with her slippers while arguing with me on an issue and I only walked away. She started raining insults at me calling me witch. I heard they planned to beat me up if I retaliated. My husband came back and wanted to beat her but I pleaded with him to leave her because their mother will support them when my husband is not around and change mouth if she sees my husband. The elder married sister called me one day and asked why I do not want to leave their brother so that he can marry someone who will give them a child唐唐. This is someone who is also TTC but adopted a child. When I asked her to kindly help me speak with his brother so that he will agree for us to adopt. She told her brother that I want to bring another blood into there family. Oh. I suffered in those ladies hands. Their mother joined them except for my father in-law who was always calling to encourage me and pleading with me not to put their actions and words to mind. These are ladies I took as my biological sisters. I was so good to them. I was working. Took care of their parents as mine. .I joined hands with my hubby to build a befitting house in the village and our state of residence
    One day after reading a chronicle here I made up my mind and left the house. Husband came back and called. Told him I am in my sisters place. He never came to look for me neither did he call me again. I decided to stay back and that was how marriage ended. Non of his family members called to ask me what happened because I know he told them I left the house and I didn't call any of them. My 6yrs in that marriage was like 100yrs because I suffered domestic and emotional violence both from hubby and his sister's. I got depressed at a time. I lost my self confidence and became a shadow of myself.
    It's been 5yrs. He has remarried with 2 Children. One day my phone rang and it's my sister in-law. Haaa. What happened aunty. She asked me to forgive her on how they treated me. That she wants me to come back. Her brothers wife is dealing with them seriously. The lady locked her husband's house and took the key to Lagos. They had no option than to stay in their fathers dilapidated old house. She created serious enemity between them and her husband. She was instigating me against the woman. Watin concern me. I have not even spoken or seen her brother since I left his house.. Even if her brother is the only man on earth. I will rather die single. Blocked her. The younger sister has not allowed my phone to rest. I will block her and she will use another number. All of them got married and came back to papas house. Story plenty. I am still single but hopeful. Heaven knows I have forgiven and forgotten them.

    1. The devil will continue to punish them for the evil roles they played in scattering your marriage, they have not seen anything, they will still see shege pro max.
      The Lord will reward and bless you a hundred folds over.

    2. I am so happy to read that they have met their match. Nothing like a one person army to take on their asses. New wife done born but they never knew she came with hot lava for their asses.

      I have always said that sometimes two ppl together, their chemistry just doesn’t work to make a child. With a different man and in a better family you shall surely make your babies. God is good to you, would you really want your children related to those ppl? Thank goodness you have not connection to them. So glad to read that chronicles helped you to value yourself and move out of a toxic environment.

    3. I love this! What a happy ending. I pray God blesses you with a good man whom you'll have kids for.

    4. That family is from the pit of hell. Thank God you left and never went back.

    5. That man never loved you
      How can you leave and he dint come begging? This is why some women do not like contributing when it comes to building properties, you had to walk away from something you invested in.
      Please do not go back to any family.

      We are mostly girls in our house but we never get involved in anybodys marriage, not even my parents
      If you seek advice, we give it and move, we can’t even tell you who to marry even if the person isn’t our choice cus we believe every marriage is different.
      My own sister inlaw used to prove strong headed cus she was the last born but she’s grown up now and we are besties
      My children love her like their second mum.

      Push up (original)

    6. The part where they all got married and are back to their fathers house dey sweet me no be lie.

      May God bless you with your own husband and plenty kids AMEN

    7. Oh Jesus! I am glad karma came early and I can only hope things are better for u now

    8. Because of their terrible attitude no man can stay under the same roof with such ladies . They have not seen anything in their life, they should continue with their evil plans. Allow your brother and his wife to enjoy their marriage but you people want to control them. Their vegetable brother cannot even fight for his wife, I don't pray to marry a man that cannot fight got me.

    9. Because of their terrible attitude no man can stay under the same roof with such ladies . They have not seen anything in their life, they should continue with their evil plans. Allow your brother and his wife to enjoy their marriage but you people want to control them. Their vegetable brother cannot even fight for his wife, I don't pray to marry a man that cannot fight got me.

    10. What will it cost anyone to be nice and kind? Absolutely nothing!

      The Lord will come through for you and make you rejoice again. Amen.

      People will always reap what they sow, good or bad.

  19. I only have a cordial relationship with my sisters-in law, 4 of them.
    They are all way older than I am with the youngest being about 8 years older than I am, so none of them are considered friends, they have all been good to me and in return I respect them, call to check up on them once in a while and all that, we move.

    1. Anon 15.46 sorry for your ordeals
      God will lift you. What about all the money you spent in helping your ex to build houses?

  20. My brothers are not married, hopefully I don't be a bother when they do.

    Been married close to a decade now, no issues with Sil, I have about 4 of them, my husband set a lot of boundaries when we were dating, "he was like babe they are my sis and I don't want them treating you the way they treat my brothers wives", I used to think it was ridiculous but I am grateful for it cuz my mates are seriously complaining. I have seen them in action, they are so hot headed.

    The most hot headed of them all is my absolute favourite, I love her die but from a distance o, cuz she dey worry die and everybody know. We talk all the time on phone but I rarely visit her cuz I dey avoid see finish. on a good day I go drop her gist, her head no correct at all, cha cha不不不

    There is one that lives in another state, she doesn't call me ever and I gladly returned the favour, whenever she is in town, she shows up at my place, she can gist eh, she can stay the whole day, no dull moment! But if she goes back to her base you will never hear from her neither will she take your calls. I call her "akpi"(her matter long) I no get strength to type

    The eldest daughter is late, she loves a good time, she was so high on life, the life of the party. She Lived life mehn, she had a terminal illness and was supposed to be mindful of what she ate and drank but no she didn't care, every 26th dec I am always emosh cuz she was so happy that day ehn, we were drinking red wine, I remember mil scolding her to take it easy, she was like what am I supposed to eat or drink? Very cool sis, she no get wahala at all.

    Then there is the fashionista extraor dinaire, over confidence dey worry her, she is so nice but she stubborn die. Her open eye too much, shior! She be like Onyi I have some things for the kids, i have some jewelry you would love come to the house and come pick them, if I hear say I reach there. I like to respect myself die! Arum na aso mkpari!
    My mate was always going to her place to take and take, till them use am give her better insult, now they don't see eye to eye.

    No issues with the dear sils yet and I hope it remains that way, the day they f up, I show them that abum ezigbote nwafor. Whenever we see, we drink, gist and have a good time.

    1. You really do have issues Gifty!

    2. Eeeya, I felt sad reading about your eldest SIL @Gifty, such sweet souls never last chei. But your SILs r characters abeg 不不 dem go good for movies or reality show characters God bless them o

    3. @20:18 I agree, now shift.
      @23:41 I married into a very dramatic family, like there no dull moment, drama left right center.

      They are fun, they can gist eh, all of them o, till you try them then you see will fire. I dey my lane, I no dey find trouble till you find me.

      I no dey go person house o, I am an introvert, when I was dating hubby and in the early years of my marriage I just dey observe, I return the same energy I am given, i dey respect myself, na once in a while you go see me for your house but I call and leave messages.

  21. My sister in-laws and I have a cordial relationship. Everybody respect themselves. And this happened cos hubby made it that way. If not, they would have used my eyes to see shege. I know them.

  22. My sister in law is a sweetie but my mum’s sister, my mum and their other 2 sisters are so mean to her. Her mother in law my mum’s older sister is the worst, she is always favouring the other wife and her children which I don’t like her as she is just a ass licker because her husband is useless his dad at 80 is still feeding him. So she gas to survive too but she is also mean to my sister in law for no reason it’s sad but I comfort and pacify my sis in law a lot and she is my gist partner we gist about my family very well because most of them are wicked. I encourage my sis in law to pray for her girls hard because I know what my own eyes are facing in the hands of my wicked family I told her she made a mistake marrying my cousin and he is the only child of her mil doing well because she prays for him and refused to allow my aunty her mil to let his life be useless and meaningless like the way she has made the other 3 boys lives.

    She gave me one hot gist last month make I gist una.

    So one of my mum’s younger sisters she has 2 of them. Her so called ‘husband’ ran away to Lagos back to his wife yes I said his wife.

    Over 20 years ago my aunty stole him from his wife with juju and had a child for him but they never married o but last year he retired left her and ran away back to his wife in Lagos we all know na juju af clear o glory to God. Me and my sis in law laff taya when she told me, she now said my aunty has moved back to the village with her 20 year old son and is now living in the house my mum built for her parents before they passed away and both parents are buried in the compound of that house.

    This my aunty is evil pure evil and I thank God that He is fighting for me and my sis in law very well to see all their esin and long shall it continue.

    You see my mum’s family hate me because my mum is rich and I’m the only child, they want all she has and want to inherit her and me I don’t care I walked away many years ago but I dey get regularly gist update from my sis in law the baddest haha

    My mother dey under their spell but not me I serve a living God

  23. I am a sister in-law. I dey maintain my lane.

  24. I get plenty to write but na the energy & grammar remain

    1. Me too, I have a lot, but no strength to type

      I married into a dramatic family, like there is no dull moment with them, drama left right center.不不不不不不不

      God abeg

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I’m married and my brother is married — I love my sister in law that’s married to my brother I even take her side more than my brothers when they quarrel — my sister in law from my husband treats me like a rare gem too. My paternal grandma treated my mum so terribly over many years including my dads sisters that I vowed to never trouble anyone’s marriage like that

  26. My brother’s wife is more or less like a sister to us. Moved in with us when she got pregnant for my brother and we lived together in our home even after their marriage. She’s more or less like a sister to us. We treat us just like we’d treat a sister and she’s totally free with me. I’m a very easy person so she’s more free with me than my other reserved sisters.

    My husband has just one sister, she basically has very little relationship with her brother so we barely have any relationship too. She gives me maximum respect tho and I return the same respect to her. No drama whatsoever

  27. I was married to a boy man who had no mind of his own. I took his sisters and parents like mine until I realised too late that being the first son,he had no say in his marriage to the point of moving in with his parents and he saw nothing wrong with that. For peace to reign I let them talk me into moving to their family house and I became a glorified house maid. Their parents will make sure they suppress me but when I react,they call their daughters,my hubby's aunties that I want to kill them. When I complain of their brother's lifestyle,they tell me I am the cause. So many things, I left. They have not called me till date nor called to ask of their niece and nephew.

  28. Sister inlaw from hell 不不
    Me I'm a sister inlaw, my two brothers have wives.
    But I don't even care if they paint eye or not.
    All I do is call them to check on my nieces and nephew.
    One of them be oyibo. She even create whatsapp group for all the ladies in my family to join, we sha join, (na she senior all ladies born by mom, so she dey form aunty)come dey form sisters in love.
    I sabi say na she dey control my brother and even my mama dey complain, but I go just tell mom abeg leave dem, make dem dey there dey zuzu. Anytime my other sister and her family visit bros with em oyibo wife and kids for their city in the abroad( dem dey live for same country)she dey download just give us, we go laugh close mouth.
    Cos what God has joined together make nobody put asunder.
    I go say mummy thank God say majority of your children be women so na dem go dey control their own husband's too. Lol
    Honestly I really don't care about my sister inlaws, no hate at all.
    I just appreciate them and that's all.
    Lass lass me I no wan make anybody come dey disturb me for my husband house, I no want evil sister inlaw so I dey respect my own.
    Na so e be.

  29. I am going to be a sister in law soon, Na me introduce the ship that is about to sail.
    I love the lady...but I will mind my own business very well. I am going to stay strictly on my lane and maintain my gist with my brother.

    I love all my 3 sister in laws, they love me too. Even hubby dey jealous us.

  30. It's hello and hi with one of my brothers' wife any time we see and it's mind your business afterward. She built a wall that made it obvious that she doesn't want us near her husband. More like my husband and I kind of thing, we his siblings had to respect ourselves and mind our business, including our mum.

    My husband has only one sister and we are so cool. Mutual love and respect are what we share. I love his family, abeg.

  31. In life people tend to forget that they will reap whatever they sow.Treat your SIL the same way you want to be treated.Even if they do you evil,leave them to God.The most important thing is that husband's should set boundaries or else no respect for your wife.The worst are those set of husband that usually discuss their wife's flaw with their family members.
    When men set boundaries,they are saving themselves from heartaches and future diaster.

  32. My sister in law has 2 kids one older than my son and one born recently,. At a recent family event, we were assigned to sleep in the same room and she said my son should go and sleep in her younger brothers room cos her son won't calm down n sleep with my kid around.i put my foot n said no. Complained to my husband later on but he saw nothing wrong with what his sister said or say I'm shocked is an understatement.thy still pulled another stunt and in conclusion Shai have completely weaned myself out of any contact with peaceof mind comes firat.dem go meet their match

  33. I have 3 older brothers ,all married .I'm the last born and only daughter of our Mother . I'm unproblematic,easy going and simple . I no get wahala shishi. My Mother is EXACTLY like me . Now imagine as we dey so , na Wife come dey show us shege不不. First born and his wife has been married for 9 years , no child yet. But we have NEVER made her uncomfortable for one day . Instead we carry their picture for morning prayers on NLP. I even invited ger to join, sending her links evevryday. Until one day I started feeling we might be putting her under pressure by always inviting her to join the prayers bcos of the childbirth delay so I stopped and we focused on parking for them instead . A few years ago one of my brothers stumbled on a chat between her and the second son's wife . Talking about how I should go and marry and all my brothers know is me and my Mother . Insulting my Mother! A woman who she actually begged to speak to my brother to pls marry her , lying she was pregnant. The second born lost his job some years ago so caring for him and his wife and kids fell on my Mother and I yet his wife went on RanHQ to comment on a RATE YOUR MOTHER INLAW POST.dat ah my Mother inlaw I give am zero. She no dey try at all. I saw it and responded that pls your mother inlaw asked me to apologise to you on her behalf and ask what exactly she did wrong to you and how she can do better . Trust Netizens不不. They came for me as the bad sister inlaw . . 2 of my brothers live in our state and last year we decided to visit cos I even had a health challenge I had to treat there. We usually stay at our Frist sons house even though we have other options cos my Mother's brothers are there but she says staying at their place will be an embarrassment for her Son. If na hole he dey live she go dey with am make them no look her son common. Madam wife did not greet us when we got there . She no dey talk to us . We cooked our food till we left . .my brother asked what was wrong and she said why must my Mother come around every year. Once a year to see her Children is a problem for the woman who begged you to speak to her son choose her na . Ok so what problem do you have with my Sister na, she said ehn me and her no dey talk before ne喫. I was shocked! This is someone that used to make my hair wen we travelled. We wrnt to my Mother's village together, hang out with ny bother and his friends ...Marriage came and we became her enemies...I I wasn't even aware of that oo不不. See ehn, when I hear people tall about Mother's and Sisters inlaw stressing Wives i laugh. Una no even know the one wey some Mothers inlaw and sisters inlaw they fecefor wife hand . My mama cook soup give my Brother wey dey struggle to meet up hin wife dey vex..meanwhile she dey come house come ask for food herself.. I don't even understand what their problem is bcos we dey try I swear. Anyway God dey sha . Na siddon look I dey oo what you sow you will reap. If person show you love and acceptance and pay am bad then be ready for it in future .

  34. Hmmmmm. Only God will judge my own sister-in-laws. My late MIL was a very good, easy going mother-in-law, most of my male in laws are good but my SILs are wicked, fetish, greedy people. In decades, none of them has given or spent even N5000 on me! They expect from a wife in the family, are entitled, never give. I usually joke that they won’t donate even their urine to charity. The only thing that I regret is treating them so generously for decades even after I realized they were fetish and hated me. One of my regrets is covering up financially for my man whenever they billed him for stuff to the point of covering millions of MIL’s hospital bill when they were lying they didn’t have enough and their brother did not have. They had enough! They always want to take. I covered up so much for my spouse and they knew it but kept billing us. It’s still not enough. They are bitter over things their late dad did which they spread lies around that my husband who was close to his late dad did. They lied about it to create enemies for him but God knows.

    The personal money I spent on them is enough to do something tangible for my descendants but God knows and will judge whether it’s a wife that should spend on husband’s family members or the opposite especially in a tribe where nobody took monetary bride price during traditional. That’s why I like Igbo culture of making the man & his family pay monetary bride price. Yorubas say they don’t want “to sell” their kids and give a cheap list of yams, oil and cheap stuff for them to bring for traditional. Now I wish it was like Igbo culture. My Igbo friend jokes that with my education and looks they would have coughed out a lot of money maybe they will appreciate the wives in the family more. They need to collect bride price too during traditional so stingy, entitled in-laws don’t “use” a hardworking wife eager to cover the husband’s financial weakness. I just pray God keeps them busy in their lives so they get off my case spiritually.

    I have a SIL married to my brother and I never even disturb her life though I could easily pop in to visit her where she lives anytime. She even wants me to be closer and visit more but I have seen what my nosy SILs put me through and will not do that to anyone. Every woman deserves dignity, love and her space as the woman of the house.

  35. Hmm that is why it is good to set boundaries when u are married,stay on your lane is not everything you will shook your mouth into.


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