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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



Stella pls help me to post. I was the lady that posted the chronicles on wedding brouhaha on how my friend Bimpe is gave me two weeks notice to attend her wedding

The latest development is that Bimpe eventually invited our third 3rd friend to attend her wedding because Tinuke was celebrating her birthday on her WhatsApp and Bimpe wished her happy bday. Tinuke used to opportunity to vent her anger on why Bimpe didn't invite her. 

Bimpe begged and sent her wedding invite a week to the wedding. Tinuke called her former branch office where she knew bimpe. Her colleagues said bimpe didn't invite them. Tinuke later told me she won't be attending bcus there is no one she will roll with at the wedding.

 Prior to the wedding, I called bimpe as regards her wedding preparation. She responded coldly to me on phone. She was giving me monosyllabic responses. I was unable to ask how far with her wedding preparation because I didn't like how she answered me. I ended the call by telling her I wanted to check on her. She never insulted me, but she was giving me monosyllabic responses which was very unusual of her. 

I asked if there is a problem and she said there was no issue. I ended the call, I felt deeply embarrassed feeling I was doing too much. Truth be told bimpe got to know her fiance through me, her fiance asked me out but I felt the guy was not my spec and I introduced her to Bimpe.And as God will have it they wedded. 

The reason for writing the chronicles is should I apologize to Bimpe for not attending her wedding or I should just move on. My sister advised me never to reach out to Bimpe nor congratulate her that I should move on and end the friendship. 

My sister said may be Bimpe is trying to avoid me because i am still single and she might be feeling threatened that her man asked me out lst before meeting her. while my colleague in office said despite the cold response Bimpe gave me on phone, I should apologize for not attending the wedding so that I won't be seen as enemy of progress. What should I do?

WOW......what kind of friend is this? Apologising wont change anything and might make you look even stupid..She might not even take your call.
It all depends on you, do you feel guilty.? Do you feel the need to aologise?IF not, just move on.........If it was me , i will not apologise!


  1. There’s no friendship here. Pls move on

  2. I feel you are the one carrying this friendship on your head. The energy you give me is what I'll give you. You see Bimpe as a friend, it's obvious she doesn't. Listen to your sister, MOVE ON.

  3. Abeg u and bimpe should end this friendship already. Two of you get problem

    1. No, actually Bimpe doesn't want the friendship again and she needs to move on.

  4. Can't you see this lady does not give a dam about you anymore. She no longer need you in her space.
    Please keep it moving.

  5. MOVE ON AND LEAVE THIS GIRL ALONE PLS. Somehow I think you did not expect this guy to marry this babe cause all this up and down chronicles is really funny. Abeg let the babe enjoy her marriage. Only you decided not to go only you again want to reach out to apologise for what. Why do you peeps think you are so important. That's how one silly one made my friend enemy cause she introduced a useless prick to her and they married and just like you the guy asked her out first. Long and short marriage don scatter. Babe is in Canada now with her kids. Dead beat man. The other lady still miserable. Bimpe will be fine. If the marriage scatters let it scatter. If it works thank God. But please let her breath. At least she invited you. You on your own found offence in it cause she gave you a whole 2 weeks notice but you wanted to have a year advance notice. She might be going through a moment. Please just dey your lane.

    1. Even me sef don tire..Poster you are dragging this thing too much..Its not that serious...Just move on with your life...Some people behave somehow as soon as they marry and don't want to have anything to do with single ladies....You will be fine..No too think am abeg..

  6. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars12 July 2023 at 15:12

    Must you be friends with her? Pls move on and don't look back. She doesn't want you around her. You introduced her to her husband and he had asked you out. She won't want you around her at all truth be told.
    Forget about her, if you see somewhere say hello and keep it moving.
    She is insecure about you.
    Your relationship with her is over. At least at that level.
    You can remain acquaintances. But don't go looking for her.

    May God bring your own. Cheers.

  7. If I'm not mistaken in your previous post, you said two weeks was not enough for you to prepare, so whatever happens in between shouldn't bother you, why this chronicle now? I guess somewhere inside of you, you felt you could have attended the wedding. Anyways, the deed had been done, apologizing won't change anything, so you can as well let it slide, keep it moving sis.

    1. Exactly her conscience is judging her. Abi kini meaning gbogbo eleyi

  8. I think if she was your friend as you said, you at least ought to call her to congratulate her and may chip in an apology for not being able to attend the wedding not because you offended her.
    It is during the call that you can decide if you move forward with the relationship or not, depending on how she responds to you. As for the reasons your sister gave you for her actions towards you over the phone, remember these are assumptions. It could equal be stress of preparations.

    Whatever you decide, just satisfy your conscience

  9. You too like wahala sha. The wedding has gone, and you are still on this matter, if care is not taken you will still send a chronicle when Bimpe gives birth.
    You did not commit an offence for not attending her wedding, why are you making it seems so?
    Madam, keep it moving, you don't have to be friends or remain as one with everyone.

  10. There is more to this story. Could it be the guy you introduced to her told her stuff and she’s beefing you?
    If she couldn’t bring herself to talk to you, then let her be.
    You can apologize for not attending the wedding and cut her off for life.
    Yes, there are friends who act strange once they get married and I think it’s stupid 🀷🏿‍♀️


    1. Simple. Bimpe found out her husband first liked Poster.
      This point was hinted at in comments on her previous post.
      She commented in the comments section, but did not admit to this important fact.
      If she had done so, trust SDK people. She would have been fully well advised.
      Few women in Bimpe's shoes would want Poster around the marriage.
      On the basis of this new fact, Poster SHOULD please leave Bimpe and her husband alone.
      Ordinarily, Poster should have been in the marriage ceremonies planning committee. That she was not even in the planning of the ceremonies was enough sign for her to mind her lane - send good wishes, gifts, and focus on bettering her own life.

      Here is a man telling you straight. No need for any apologies. Do not go near the man or hang around him. Let Bimpe be. Just be polite and formal friendly in any contact initiated by her or her husband. With time, the relationship you had with her will come back or will go away.

      Poster, Best wishes. Please what we want to hear next from you is a "come and join me celebrate chronicle".


      Mr. Mann

    2. Jealousy jeloma dey worry poster pls move on

  11. Is she really your friend? That you and someone say just hi and hello a few times does not make you both friends. Let me just state this.

    If your mind is not at rest on this issue, you can give her a call to congratulate and apologize for not attending her wedding.

    Sha know that for your peace of mind, you need to move on from this relationship due to how she met her hubby. Leave matter abeg, no be do or die.

  12. All of you should rest abeg. Too much talk talk going on on who was and wasn't invited.

  13. Madam you too carry people matter. The signs abi signals are there. Bimpe is definitely not interested in your friendship because she's trying to protect her home (Husband from becoming close to you for whatever reason be it good or bad) but courtesy not to be labelled ungrateful she chose the cold treatment.
    Can you mind your business please. trying to fill yourself in on all her business with others is concerning. Apologize for not making the wedding, if you have gift; monetize it for her afterwards, please press ignore button even when her gist comes upon please avoid it like a plague

    Leave Bimpe matter alone please

  14. Shebi I said it the last time you posted, Bimpe is not your friend, move the f on!!! How else do you want her to tell you?
    Some of you just do not know how to read people's body language. She has told you in several languages without actually wording it, you and Tinuke are not her friends, kilode!

  15. I hope when you introduced them,you were not too nosey or always intruding as per you did the introduction.Some ladies don't like it so they keep their distance.

    she may also be doing all of these because you introduced her to her husband and you are still single, the man showed interest in you first and might still have interest probably from their conversations.
    she is being protective of her marriage but doing it in the wrong way.
    LET HER BE,I know its painful when people treat one somehow because of there own insecurities.
    You will be fine.dont force it,when she comes around,you both should have a talk before proceeding with friendship.

  16. Follow your sister’s advice. If Bimpe wants a friendship with you she knows where to find you. Of course, she may plant the narrative that it’s because you and Tinuke are jealous of her why you didn’t show up or support her. Keep your receipts should she dare make any accusations of the sort.

    One good thing happens in some ppl’s life and they act like everyone is beneath them and not deserving of respect. She treated you very shabby, because you had to be close to her to introduce her now husband. She didn’t want your presence at her events and she has achieved her end. Two days notice for introduction, two weeks notice for out of town wedding, monosyllabic conversation response, one week notice for good friend who had to give her a piece of her mind first. Move on from her and her energy, she lacks emotional intelligence and spiritual maturity.

  17. There are 2 sides to every story

  18. There is something you are looking for in the relationship it is either you regret loosing the guy to bimpe or you want to break her marriage by been a busybody who wanted to be informed what is going on in the family so as to mock or praise her or maybe her husband has suddenly become your spec to flith with ?whichever way you will soon burn your hand except you leave her and her husband alone

  19. What is wrong with you?! The first post we sympathized with you and said don’t go , you even said you can’t go and now you want to apologize for a decision you made yourself?
    My fren gerrahere, you’re carrying this friendship more than you should.
    And yes now I feel you’re jealous the guy proposed and got married to her because what’s this ? You sound like a stalker at this point, move on !
    Stella this should have been an update not a whole chronicle , we know folder is empty but this poster sound’s annoying and an irritant now . πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  20. Since you didn't attend the wedding,I would suggest you let her be.just move on.

  21. Poster, All of you should move on, Are you not tired of this situation-ship, it's seems your friendship to your friend has ended, She doesn't want your friendship anymore, Leave her alone and live your life.
    This is your story is getting annoying abeg.

  22. Bia Poster so you finally didn't attend this wedding.
    It's ok, you satisfied yourself.
    It's time to move on. You don't need to apologise. Cos there is no way you guys can be friends again.
    That Bimpe will always feel threatened by your presence cos her man first had eyes for you, and knowing who most of these men are, they cant be trusted. Even you might not be one to be trusted. So better move on and leave them alone forever.

  23. From your previous chronicle, you didn’t want to attend the wedding, so what are you apologizing for?
    Own your bitterness with your full chest and move…
    why did you go about calling everyone to know who was invited or not? I know your type o

  24. Poster you sound pained because I don't understand why you are so hung up on this issue. Planning a wedding is not easy, may God grant you the grace to plan yours soon so you'll understand why one might not invite a multitude.

  25. she is not your friend, she is not interested in this friendship. Just move on and face your front.

  26. Girl, move on...

  27. Normal ladies brouhaha. Rubbing shoulders and sizing up themselves unnecessarily. Both of you fit each other

  28. Why does one event have you so wound up?!
    Let me save you the trouble...just copy and paste this message to her. Don't forget to insert the necessary details.

    Dear Bimpe,

    I hope you are having a splendid honeymoon! *wink wink*

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to apologise for not attending you and (insert groom's name) wedding. The circumstances behind my absence were beyond my control.
    Even though I wasn't there, you guys were in my thoughts and prayers.

    I wish you a blissful and successful marriage, filled with all that you desire and more.

    I have come across pix from the event, and I must say, you made a very beautiful bride! I loved (insert something you liked- dress, decor etc).

    Congratulations once again!

    1. Gbam. This is it. Poster reword or add to it. And move on afterwards. 2 weeks is such a short notice if you’re going to another state especially in the country’s situation. Especially from a so called friend whose dey give cold shoulder. Not worth the stress.

  29. Can we blame her? The truth is that she can't keep you as a close friend because she might be uncomfortable with the fact that her husband asked you out first. She could have even invited you for the wedding for formality sake. Just let her and her husband be

  30. It’s like you’re jobless! Apologize for what???????

  31. Why so indecisive??? Move the fuq on

  32. Poster please move on, God will give you your own man and when Bimpe finds out she will form friendship again, trust me she will be secure about your friendship by the, It is just that Bimpe was threathened thats why she didnt involve you in the wedding paln from the onset, just forget Bimpe and her marriage, get yourself happy and invest in yourself, the right bobo will come.
    Please note that this thing called marriage no be by spec o or love alone it takes more than that. God will guide you. All the best.

  33. Dear Poster, mark my word Bimpe will come back to you to apologize but for now move on and forever remain happy. Oro agba ni.

  34. Your mind is not settled. Hence you brought this chronicle here again. Have it at the back of your mind that, even if you apologize, she might still give you a cold shoulder. But you’re apologizing for your own conscience sake, for not attending the wedding and not because you want to continue friendship with her. If I were in your position, I’ll apologize and deep in my heart I know that chapter is closed and you can move on with your life. Call and apologize. If she doesn’t pick up, leave her a message and move on. Follow peace with all men. You’ll find your own husband soon in Jesus name. Amen. πŸ’•


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