Stella Dimoko PDP And LP Tell APC Led Govt That Petrol Price Hike Is Insensitive


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Thursday, July 20, 2023

PDP And LP Tell APC Led Govt That Petrol Price Hike Is Insensitive

Following the increment in the pump price of petrol from N488 to between N568 and N617 per litre, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the Labour Party, LP, yesterday, rejected the hike, describing it as an act of provocation by the All Progressives Congress, APC-led administration against Nigerians.

While the PDP accused the APC of extreme insensitivity and callousness towards Nigerians, the LP, on its part, said it was just the beginning of hard times Nigerians will be facing under the current administration.

from Vanguard


  1. When hardship like this started, we saw supposed 'educated' persons even here on the blog justifying it saying, ''you don't just expect things to get better overnight.'' Another set spewed trash, ''things must get bad before they get better.''

    This is the foolishness in their reasoning and understanding. Didn't they say same on Buhari? Did anything change or get better?

    The EU election observers made a strong worded comment in their report saying, '' We have made our report known to Nigerians. It's left for them whether for them to take action(s) or not.''

    It's up to Nigerians to take back their country or watch it being destroyed.

  2. The hardship is something else.
    May God help us.

  3. The LP said this is just the beginning??? So that are happy the country is facing hardship because they are not the ruling party. Isn't that selfishness? What makes them sure it could not happen during their time??? Well, I'm not surprised, the leader watch his people been killed and never take any action against it.
    A country failure is also the citizens failure. Why would anyone be happy that the country is currently facing hardship? These are the people that claim to want the betterment of the country and anyone that doesn't share in their happiness is the enemy of the country.

    Well, this Administration had better do something. Something doesn't mean palliative, it won't curtail the present hardship. We need longlasting solutions.

    1. You think there's something good they know they can do and they won't do it. My dear, the truth is that, just like Buhari, they are clueless about the Nigerian problems and on how best to fix it.

      If you don't know the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable. Who in his right senses will proffer N8,000 monthly in a span of six months as a measure for longsuffering? At the end what have you achieve? Did it create employment? Did it lift people out of poverty? Did it improve standard of living? So these are the questions that begs for an answer.

    2. Even though I support the fuel subsidy removal. This decision about palliative makes me kinda angry. Not because the said amount is not feasible but for how long are we going to survive or wait on government hand outs? While the struggles with high rate of unemployment, poor power supply, bad road and insecurities. Its frustrating.

      Tinubu should know better than disturbute handouts.

    3. Are you trying to blackmail the opposition party for the failure of the present one? They did worse during Jonathan's regime, I even expect more backlash from PDP.
      Governance is not based on emotion nor is it run on permutation and combination.
      We need to stop running on sentiment if we want a good Nigeria

    4. Felicity, you're the sentimental one here. Where's the blackmail??? Is it right to rejoice over the country hardship just because they are not the ruling party? Are we not one anymore? Proclaiming that the country's doom had just started is not a critic. It's a gloat spun out of selfishness. And it goes to show how insensitive they are too. Because we are all facing the hardship together including the Obidients.

    5. They have the right to criticise the government. Let them do just that. Not proclaim doom. Just because you loose out where your friend won doesn't give the right to wish them evil or gloat when something bad happens to them

    6. Omotola Brian na where Is the rejoicing in the statement,they are purely stating facts,from the time of our grandparents they have been saying things will get better,Nigeria will get better yet it keeps getting worse.Leave Peter Obi alone,saying he watched his people get killed without doing anything is he the police,army,governor of Anambara or President of Nigeria,mtchewww

  4. Brainless and opportunistic Peter Obi and Atiku!!! Didn't both of you boast during your campaigns that you will remove fuel subsidy immediately you were sworn into office? Why are you doing double speak now? Two and ten pence, whether na Peter Obi o, Atiku o, or Tinubu! Selfish politicians, all of you. I pity Nigerians and Africans that believe that democracy as sold by the white man, is the best form of government for Africa, especially at this stage of our development. They use it to deceive and divide us, for their own gains - they install yes-men as our leaders and exploit our resources.

  5. Those who promised to end subsidy on day 1 are now saying fuel hike as if the price of crude is not universal.

    Everyone mouth sweet till they are faced with the reality of numbers. This is not importing fuel, importing containers or oil company auditing. No matter who is on that seat, the price of crude is not changed by the national government of any country. We were already using 80% of earnings to service loans. It was either remove subsidy or sink like Sri Lanka.

    The next move now should not be palliatives when we can only forecast the price of crude. Local solutions like CNG and privatization of refineries are the answer. LGA by LGA direct to farmers agric input disbursed and monitored digitally.


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