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Sunday, July 09, 2023

Sunday In House Gist - Comments Section Gists Boulevard

These are  the juicy gists and happenings on Stellas Blog that you missed during the week.....

BV Praise congratulated Teejay for his upcoming wedding on last Sunday's Gist Boulevard post. She wished him well and told him she can't wait to read about his kids. The comment was so hilarious to BV Pinky and Praise wondered what was funny.


On Monday in house news, King Xoxo Mystery was crushed on(Man crush Monday) by Dante. He said he was celebrating her because it's takes a very strong will to be born a woman but chosen to be identified a man. He gave her maximum respect and plenty Tuales. Says na man she be. He also called on BV Milkshakes to add befitting hashtags to compliment the feminist man.

On Monday in house news, BV Black Slimzy said he went to declare his love again and he collected wotoporously. Dear Sandra, na you knack our Slimzy 2by2 abi na another person? Make una clear us fast o because we're already thinking of hashtags.

On Monday in house news, BV Paris recounted that she boarded a bus with a woman that named her child "Independence" she said she was shocked when the mother called out her son to stand for her to sit. On sighting the shock on her face, the woman went ahead to tell her that her other children's names are; Banks, Fulfillment, Market and lastly Independent. She made it known to Paris that she's Warri and her husband is Bayelsa, she said they have many funny names over there. Paree was shocked at the names, hid her shock properly then paid for their tfare. Bayelsa people, what other funny names do you bear?

BV King Jerry wrote on Monday in house news about the hookup babe he carried home the night before and shet woke him up for morning devotion. He was surprised at olosho leading morning devotion and went on to say that this country fit frustrate person.


BV Morayo recounted what her husband gisted her about the woman that approached him on his way to the chemist. The woman asked her hubby for some change to chaw, Morayo's hubby told her he doesn't have. The woman now suggested to him to follow him to her house so that they'll do quickie for a few. Morayo was shocked and couldn't believe her ear which made her narrate the story to BVs. Teejay said it's unnecessary for Morayo's hubby to tell her about the incident and BV Fidel defended Mora and her hubby, she said it's called gisting and also went ahead to say that marriages made in heaven exists, where man and wife are open to each other and where trust is solid. May God continue to bless such marriages.


On Wednesday spontaneous post, BV KJV had a voice from the garden of love. The voice told him/her to tell BVs Dante and Supernova to come clear with their love. To celebrate and declare their love openly so that world people will not come in between them. The voice also instructed them not to shift each other's pant until their marriage is sealed. So, Dante and Supernova, congratulations in advance. Let's help them with hashtags. #SuperDan

BV Dante reacted to the "vision", he made it known that shifting of wallets and pants goes hand in hand. If pant no shift, wallet remains closed(he was speaking generally though). So, our woli was pleased with his honesty, advised #SuperDan to be sacred with their pant and wallet until their marriage is sealed.

My fellow BVs be like we go soon have SDKblog celebrity wedding. Make una start saving for asoebi o.

On Wednesday spontaneous post, BV Helen(love doctor) dropped some love quotes to make your he or her feel loved. You'll all agree with me that BV Helen na original lover girl. Go screenshot and send to your LOML. Make that your boo or bae feel loved.

On Wednesday in house news, Stella did a memo to her vigilantes, those that monitor emergency BVs that spring up for giveaways. She told them that like them, she's familiar with the emergency BVs' games.She told themn to leave everyone to have longa lthroat pe wetin she go do dey her mind.


BV Ekajoy on Wednesday in house news begged BVs to ginger her swagga to write details of her labour room drama. She said she really wants to write it in it's full details. But so far, she have written only the title "Labour room drama" in her notes. So, Eka, here's we(BVs) giving you every ginger you send to send us your beautiful and dramatic story.


BV Blackberry said she saw a beautiful parrot at Tombom street, she thought it'll cost around 3k but to her surprise, it costs 30k. An anon appealed to her to come buy her/him pe she sabi do cho cho cho, while another anon advised Blackberry to die the idea of owing a parrot. Else, her bed breaking moves will be exposed to her visitors.


BV Sandra on Thursday in house news decided to take it upon herself on Thursday spontaneous post to decode Dante's coded message to Supernova. She told Nova that Dante wants her to drop her details with Stella. Awwww, Sandra knows what it means to be in love and she's looking out for Supernova.

Be like we'll plan this wedding eventually. My asoebi money don dey complete, make una start saving una own o. #SuperDan #DaNova


On Friday spontaneous post, BV Pinky hailed Dante as his paddy then went on to ask him when next he's coming to Ibadan so that he'll use bottom power on him in response to Dante's very long epistle on bottom power and girls' entitlement mentality.
Just like me and other BVs, Dante wondered why Yansh dey always sweet Pinky for him side. He assured Pinky he loves bumbum, but not strong, skinny one like his. He say make e come out clear if e get wetin e dey encode for the Yansh messages. Anyways, it's just pure vibes, inshallah and #bromance from Pinky's side I guess.


Kes ko tu Fe? J'umapell Onyin, I nor no wetin I dey write but e dey sound like french for my ear.. I dey try spake French like Helen, lol. BV Helen on Friday spontaneous post advised BVs to always ask for the name of the bush meat they're being served when eating at restaurants. Elle mademoiselle, dear Helen was wacking her delicious egusi and pounded yam, she took a bite of her bush meat and it tasted like turkey. She come ask the bukaterian woman the particular meat, she said it was Alligator. Hey God, and dem no dey chop alligator for Ondo state where she comes from. May person pikin no go chop their village deity for Epe o.


My fellow BVs, there's no place like SDKBLOG, in the midst of love and light, bottles dey always fly upadan. Make person Sha dey take cover make e no hit you were nor go good. On Friday in house news, a (mild) drama ensued between Dante and BV Castle. Epistle and girama was just flying everywhere.

Love is beautiful mehn, Ezege announced on Friday night post that he don finally propose to him babe o, and.... She said YES! Oshey.... My asoebi contribution don almost complete, Big Congratulations to you Teejay, send wedding pictures o.


Ewo, till I come your way next week, make everybody stay safe, comment and gist us. Also, make una no vex say Dante full everywhere, e dey him body.



  1. Sunday greetings to all SDK family
    Just in the resting mood

  2. Dante,

    The Boss Man! The War General and a great Ally. Maximum respect Bro πŸ’ͺ.

    I frown when I see you make comments here without the mention of anyone in particular and you will be attacked for it. A general statement from you in condemnation of any acts women carried out shouldn't be taken personal by anyone here provided you didn't call out anyone specifically. You've a right of opinion and discourse here on the blog and the best anyone can do is to drop a rejoinder for a better engagement.

    You have every right to desire a virgin like you have always pointed out here. No one should try to castigate you on that. Same way a woman won't want a broke man or fuck boy is also how a man have his own desire too if he choose to go for a virgin.

    I can never attack anyone here on a general statement I wasn't mentioned. The best I will do, is to engage if necessary, provided the person who drop the comment is a reasonable person here.

    If a comment isn't nice and offensive, I believe Stella won't enable it.

    Everyone has a right of comment and opinion here. No one should be trolled or shut down on their comments here. If you can't engage properly, why not skip the comment and drop yours else where? The blog is too big for everyone to perch on.

    Dante, having said this, it will surprise you to know that those who look out for your comments here are way more than the few who hate to see it.

    Just keep on with the gospel of truth.
    Pls don't reduce your presence here else I will join you😁😁😁.

    When I lost Skywhite's presence at the comment section, I felt it so much. Don't wanna feel that way again.

    I owe no one apology when I state my fact and truth here. Whoever don't like it, should skip and mind their business. I see provocative comments here often and I will never respond. So I expect people to act mature and same way too.

    Enough said!!!

    1. Congratulations to you brotherly. I’m so happy for you.

      The truth is that if not for the fear of my fellow feminists(God forbid) I would have declared myself as Dante’s no 1 fan on this blog. I love the guy die but a part of me still argues that the love is because I’m naturally attracted to controversial people, I don’t see what others see

      Fan Emmanuel

    2. Am telling you, anytime i see a post here, i always scroll to see Dante's view on it first,before reading other comments.

    3. Lol..
      I will consider your submission my Gee😌😌..

      But truth is, just like you show me love, it's obvious I also show you love here, even though we do it in sarcasm most times, same with pink, XP, amebo etc etc..

      Even when I don't agree with some comments or they don't agree with mine, we do with mutual respect..

      You won't see me go under slim, slutty, teacher NK, BB, super, Nkanu Nwayi etc etc comment to insult them cos they have common sense, and they also don't go about insulting people like they have mental issues..

      Then you dey one side dey hate, you no gree show love and I send you, .
      You come dey vex the more say other people dey show love, come dey find how you go take nack our heads together to cause division..

      Is that not witchcraft πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

      If I talk my own opinion and you can't engage like person wey get sense, why not go down and post your own opinion as your comment.. how hard can that be nah..

      ABI you think say all those "he fell in love with me cos of my wahala", "when you insult him he'll get attracted to you" and other amotekun mentality works here?.. NAH!!.. Here we do civilized, peaceful and matured love.. we like to enjoy our lives, we have chosen not to die before our time, infact we must enjoy life in good health till we old cos our time to go won't be in our young age..Amen

      But finally, I no care how people take my comments, you can't please everyone, I don't even look to please anyone, and if you want to attack, you are welcome, if I'm in a good mood, I go make sure say you collect majorly.. however, what I won't condone is trying to spoil me to my people here, insulting them for showing me love and trying to Knock our heads together.. not everyone must be bitter and lonely like you.. we choose to be happy and happy we must✌️

      Nice ReCap OyinGATE.. I no go comment this week make some people wey no like to see my name no go kee their sef for next week update 😁😁😌😌

    4. Anon 14:52. I always look out for his views too. He says his truth without fear.

    5. Alright Boss Man,

      Just do you bro! The diverse opinions here makes the blog unique and interesting. If the vocal guys here stop commenting, how would this place look like? Or if only women are the ones commenting here, will it be all that fun here and engaging?

      When I stopped commenting sometime ago, I knew people who reached out to me and pleaded I resume at the comment section. I don't take that show of love for granted. It will interest you to know that three popular female bvs here are from the same local government with me and one from the same community and we all know about that. So this is more than just a blog.

      Everyone is important here and we all makes here lively by our interactions here. If you don't agree with anyone here, just skip their comment or engage without the insult or condescending words.

      There's no price or trophy for being notorious for bad behavior(s) here or associated with rudeness here.

    6. Abeg I no dey joke with Dante comment o! I too like Dante. Lol

    7. ''Here we do civilized, peaceful and matured love...'' πŸ‘Œ As it should. There's no greater feeling than this.

      ''we like to enjoy our lives, we have chosen not to die before our time, infact we must enjoy life in good health till we old cos our time to go won't be in our young age..Amen'' Amen Dante, Amen. We will never die before our time. And you see this life, we must enjoy it to the FULLEST.

    8. Dante and Teejay stop wailing all the time. Try and control your emotions. Emotional intelligence should be a course in school.

      Didn't you attempt to crack jokes at me up there? Do you see me wailing? I think it was funny in a dry way but still funny. Everyday ten paragraphs dedicated to non existent haters. You will get 99 likes and 1 hate, instead of you to focus on the likes, you will focus on the hate.

      Both of you are acting like groupies.


    9. If Dante was my brother, I will be doing thanksgiving every Sunday. Teejay, congratulations. May God help us Beeveens to contribute to your wedding. I'm happy for you. Annon that's not your fan.
      On another note, nobody should buy any type of Google pixel phone. Trium and that Nokia with anntena better pass.

    10. Lol..
      King king..
      The Great wo-MAN..
      No even use yourself compare.. you do throw 'shades' at me in every chance you get but I don't take it seriously most times cos I see the 'love' hidden beneath those shades..

      It's different from pure hatred..

      Imagine you writing a comment that doesn't concern me in anyway and I just jump underneath and call you an empty vessel, charlatans etc.. asin no be madness be that.. unprovocatively oh..

      But as usual, you dey always try to excuse bad behaviour sha.. na your way be that for most of your comments, that's the only thing mysterious about youπŸ™„πŸ™„

      Emotional intelligence KO, jealousy intelligence nii..

  3. Really had a good time reading. Make person no eat his village deity for epe caught my attention. thanks so much OyinGate you made my day.

  4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ which one is SuperDanπŸ˜‚. Na spandex pants remain for them to wearπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. We are already riding with Danova 2024 abeg, very romantic. I think NN suggested it, very nice

    1. Yeah... I did.
      DANOVA 2024!

  5. OyinGATE πŸ‘
    You are doing well.
    But we don't have Asoebi for Teejay's wedding because we are not invited.
    As for DANOVA... I'm in charge of the Asoebi, that ship must sail 😘

    1. Well done Oyin lemme quickly go to FIHN

    2. 😁😁😁

      Nnukwu Nwanyi, I no want see finish ooo. Them evil people full this blog.

    3. Nnukwu Nwanyi, Asoebi colour will be cockroach brown and tomato red abi?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. @ TEEJAY... Evil people or not, see finish or not, your UNION is sealed and blessed πŸ™ Keep it off SM and you are good to go

      @ Supernova πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      No wahala, am at your service dear, by September, I will start distributing the Asoebi.

    5. Aso ebi colours are Amotekun green and civilian blue

  6. Nice read. More inks to your pen Oyingate.

  7. This is nice. Well done, Oyin.

  8. No dull moment on SDK blog. I salute you, Oyin & all blog visitors. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday guys.

  9. This oyingate dey try I can’t write this nor can I read it

    1. Then how did u now know she tried

  10. BV Oyin is so amazing! Laugh wan kill me for here

  11. πŸ˜„ Well done OyinπŸ‘

  12. Dante don't leave the blog for anyone. I enjoy reading your comments though I do not buy all your views. You taught me amotekun and civilian πŸ˜„

    1. Clap fpr yasef πŸ‘‹
      Civilian and Amotekun are good things. You learned well πŸ™„

  13. You are very good Oyin. Nice recap.

  14. Where is that one that was saying bher name is Onyi abi Onyin? Go and wear your glasses and read her name at the end of the post.

  15. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ What a week suffused with drama. Good job Oyingate.

  16. Good summary Oyin.

    I missed the comment from Princess Dante.
    Nice one
    If you can reduce the bitterness and continue with dry sense of humour like this, you may actually become tolerable.

    Shout out to one of my crush.
    A classy intelligent woman. A tall glass of everything beautiful, precious and kind.


    1. Castle is my babe anytime πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  17. On point πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    Weldone OyinGate
    Nice one πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ

  18. Nice one Onyin. Very nice read. Well done.

  19. I haven’t been lucky with parrots,I have bought up to 10 different parrots at different times,I am left with 1 now and I won’t buy again..some died others flew away…not all parrots talk o,only my grey /red tail parrots communicated with me

    1. We had a parrot while growing up. Why they always die tho?
      Oyin it's Tombia Street not that thing you wrote up there


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