Stella Dimoko Lagos State Govt Slashes Transportfares By 50%


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Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Lagos State Govt Slashes Transportfares By 50%

 The Lagos State Government has slashed the costs of transportation of all state-owned transport systems by 50 percent in a bid to cushion the effects of the fuel subsidy removal........

 The government also pledged to distribute foodstuff to the vulnerable in the state.
Speaking at a press briefing on Monday at the Lagos House, Ikeja, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu stressed that the state government is working towards rolling out these palliatives to lessen the pain that the removal of subsidy has brought on the citizens.
According to the governor, the 50 per cent slash in transportation costs by the government will take effect from Wednesday, August 2, 2023.
He added that modalities have also been put in place by the informal transportation sector, especially the yellow buses, to slash their charges by 25 per cent
“We’ve had extensive conversations with all of the stakeholders in our transport system, both formal and informal modes of transportation, and we have come to a conclusion, which the state government will be supporting.

“Immediately from Wednesday, all public transportations that are being controlled by LAMATA, all of the high capacity buses, will be plying all the routes of Lagos at 50 per cent discount, and all commuters that will be plying these routes will start enjoying a 50 per cent rebate on the transport fares that are currently being charged on all of these routes,” the governor said.

He added, “For the informal buses, they are also going to make a pronouncement today, and I can say to you that we have agreed with them that they will be doing about 25 per cent reduction on their buses — all of the yellow buses that we have on the streets.”

Sanwo-Olu also said more staff buses had been procured for workers of the state civil service to make commuting to and from 
work easier for them.

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  1. Crowded buses

  2. hope no be audio promises be this? hmmmnn. When we start seeing, we start believing

    1. Audio promises. Nothing has changed yet

  3. Hmmmnn dey play,it won't work,he gave the orders,but trust our wicked society,they would only implement with so much pain added to to that you would rather it was left as it was,there would be so much crowd with minimal buses plying any routes,they will make it so difficult to get the said buses

  4. Crowded bus stop,people will even suffer more than before,plus the people in this department won't implement this rule,did I just read distribute foodstuffs ??? I laugh in Chinese, have we all forgotten what happened with covid relief foodstuffs, na hide dem hide am ,share am give their own families,even used as their own party souvenirs, very corrupt leaders

    1. Maybe you should read again, nothing about distributing food up their.

  5. This will not be good news to those in the transport business who have to buy everything at market rate but Nigerians don't care because of the free things they hope to get.

    The less the number of buses(due to low to no profit), the higher the price: do those who received free education yet pay little to no taxes understand this? Are they ready for government to cap their own prices or increase their taxes? Muritala Mohammed tried this joke in his time and it failed woefully.

    To me, this is the dance of politicians when the people pretending choose to whine instead of adjusting to the truth about Nigeria's economic situation and that there is no getting out of this without though choices.

    As the war wages on in Ukraine reducing supply of crude and rising economies increase demand causing prices to go higher, will it be market women who will be forced to sell at a loss next?

    Are people forgetting why subsidy was removed in the first place and the currency floated? Is the little we have saved so far to be squandered again on running costs? Why continue to pretend as if mathematics isn't a thing?

    Nigeria cannot afford any of this. The fact that over 70 percent are untaxed is a massive subsidy for a poor country. Let us face the difficulty now because it will only be worse later.

    The president has started well by showing us exactly what the account says. It's time for Nigerians to wait pretending, hoping that whining will take care of everything. All countries around us have copied Ave gotten better as a result of facing their reality. It's left for you to make it your solutions, grow your own food and make your own way.

    If your candidate can work magic ,let him pilot those policies in the states under his party's control. They all campaigned for the same subsidy removal and know that palliatives mitigate, not solve all the pain.

    1. Talking. Trash as usual, this is Yahoo Yahoo kind of government 😂😂


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