Stella Dimoko BBNaija All Stars Housemate Venita Tells Show Host Why She Is Badmouthing 'Friend' Mercy Eke


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Monday, September 18, 2023

BBNaija All Stars Housemate Venita Tells Show Host Why She Is Badmouthing 'Friend' Mercy Eke

On Sunday Big brother evicted some housemates but just before the eviction show ended, the show host Ebuka asked Venita Akpofure, (who is one of the housemates) why she is talking behind her friend Mercy Eke (who is also one of the housemates) and badmouthing her.

A shocked Venita (who was not expecting that question)  quickly responded by saying that she found out that most of what Mercy told her were lies, and Ebuka asked her why she wasnt talking to Mercy instead and Venita said she would do that after the show......
As Ebuka asked Venita , Mercy wore the most beautiful smile and was seen sipping Majestically from a wine glass......

Venita has nominated Mercy up for possible eviction 3 times while Mercy has never nominated her.
The handlers of both Ladies unfollowed each other on the social media a week ago after Venita repeatedly put up Mercy for possible eviction, coupled with the side talks.....


  1. See the shock on her face when Mercy said she has never nominated her for possible eviction before. hehehehe. She had to quickly change it that it was in their season. Venita! na man make you dey beef your paddy. Na wa!

    1. But handlers unfollowing them selves is called?

  2. Fake accent bitch! See how she mellow down when Mercy cleared her yesterday πŸ˜‚ Na for Doyin body she fit use her Britwarri accent.
    Venita could be that calm during conversation?? Mercy you do this one 🀣

    1. Venita ,while talking to her plants yesterday ,said she’s quite confrontational but find it difficult to confront those she cares about, sighting Seyi as example & regretting not trashing out whatever with him, so I feel same goes for her feelings for Mercy & not that she’s scared of her.

  3. Someoine called Mercy, Venita's mother.

    Venita is consistent with her horrible horrible mouth, imagine being an in law to such a person, she go just cause deep generational wars with her mouth.

    Claimimg woke, yet calling a dark skinned person ugly.

    As for Mercy, I no see how she win. There was a time she shoved Alex violently bcos she was trying to console Angel. Also her reliance on a man is an ok strategy but make she commit to am. If she dey horny, ,make she smooch Pere or kuku gbensh like kjm oprah with full shest, take cool her body.

    1. My husband also called Doyin Ugly. I feel u must be unwell to call anyone that. What if u came out worse, would u have d effontery. Moreover, she aint ugly. That a modella look there oh

  4. Venita really needed to apologise to Mercy.

  5. When the season is over and Mercy sees the things Venita with Ike and others said about her, the relationship will die. The "she has everything going for her" smacks of envy and jealousy. It was an open P.hd (pull her down) and she never cared if it was captured on camera or if Mercy finally hears it.

    The look on her face on being busted by Ebuka deflated her and she trying to blab her way around it to Mercy in the name of defense showed the kind of character she is. The kind of friend that is akin to having Brutus as a friend.

    And to think her defense was all about a housemate! She did not mention it to Mercy the discussion with Ike and how she is the leader of the pack in nominating Mercy.

    Venita has sacrificed her productive relationship because of Adekunle that's counting the days to run away from suffocation.

    I will miss Neo's dressing.

  6. Venita shift ooo..
    E reach for Mercy turn sis voice con cool like freezer.. you for talk anyhow make you collect..

    Thank God Mercy Eke is not "Lamborghini Mercy" again ,she is now a grown ass woman if not she for show you werey and their are levels to werey because the shekere one must bow which is you Venita..

    Stay away from Mercy because she deserves better and Angel are evil.

  7. This here is the height of betrayal. Mercy if not for anything, thank God for bringing you both there and revealing your enemy in disguise. Who knows what she must have plotted against you all these years?

    All the best mercy. Rooting for you

  8. It is not a secret that I really like Venita. It is also clear that I have really followed this particular All stars edition because it afforded me the opportunity to watch some of the alumni that I've heard so much about. At the beginning of the show, Venita was not even among those I was looking out for but truly a goldfish has no hiding place.

    When she had a disagreement with her cousin, Neo, she did not "fight" him like a stranger; she gave him the silent treatment until the day he came to apologise to her and they reconciled with tears. We saw the nice tribute he paid her in his clos.eup task last week.

    When she had a disagreement with Pere (whom she knew and worked with outside the house) because of Adekunle, she sat him down and they trashed it out cold. She has been the one fixing his hair and offering him a shoulder ever since.

    When she quarrelled with Adekunle and called him "" in the early weeks, she went to apologise to him afterwards and they have been pretty much loved up ever since. When Deks effed up 2 weeks ago and took other HMs to apologise to her, we saw how easily they made up.

    When she felt betrayed by Angel during the PMP, she kept her distance and gave her the silent treatment because according to her, she knew Angel outside the house and would trash the matter outside. Angel became uncomfortable and started ranting in the Diary room and to all HMs about it. She did not even join issues with her even after Ebuka told her about the boy-toy comment.

    When Cross went to confront her in the bathroom after she took permission from him, she lost her cool and we saw how she went to look for him to talk things over after Biggie advised her.

    Mercy lied to her about the PMP thing and put it on Angel's head. When she and Angel reconciled, Angel gave her the 411 and still repeated it to Mercy's face yesterday. Mercy and some of the other HMs have had a lot of nasty things to say about her and Adekunle (some of them can be found online sef). Mercy said to Biggie that she wished the 2 Akpofures would stand up for possible eviction. Is Venita not an Akpofure again? My point is both of them have been in a cold war and Mercy confirmed it when she said, she saw how Venita has been carrying face and "avoiding" her. Again, the silent treatment.

    1. Amebonawork with due respect, this your update nah lie.
      Keep loving and supporting her, but siding what she did to Mercy, I lack words to say to you ooo. (Make I no go offend my future customer).
      What would you say about when she was saying she needs the money more and that mercy has all she needs in life but not her. That's a good person to you?
      Or when she voted against mercy and was celebrating with ade how Ike will be proud of them because that's what he wanted. (to prevent her from winning).
      Or all the plotting against mercy ND the tarnishing?
      It's too numerous to type jaree.

      I'm surprised with all the rap attention you paid to watching the show you missed all these.
      But I forbid kind of venita in my life ooo. But you can have her type. (Nah individual choice)
      Can't deal with a frenemy, jealous and bitter person.

    2. Amebonawork...see, as you mention Anini FC coming to catch me, I don sharpaly change DP o. I returned the pishure where I took it from.
      They should come and arrest my pink akwukwo ede. 😁🀭

      As for your Venita. Hmmmm.
      When the show is over, Mercy will definitely do her a Dey Your Dey make I dey my dey.

    3. Amebonawork. I used to like your humorous post. But you seem to enjoy toxicity. Why this exhilaration you get from the insult Venita spewed on Doyin? And to always say Doyin is yet to recover from them, haba, does Doyin look like someone that will be whittled by insults, please get a life.
      Doyin speaking her mind before eviction was not an act of cowardice, because there she had no inkling Venita wasn't going to be evicted that day too. She was evicted from BBN not the world, so even outside the house nothing stops Venita from challenging her, rather she Venita has been too embarrassed to talk about that incident since, because it hit her deep. So in all, Doyin threw the sucker punch. Take that in, and have peace.
      By the way I don't have a blog ID. Not out of cowardice, but because I don't care to.

    4. @HF: from a place of love, please never ever fight (as in real fight not cruise o) anyone and I mean anyone at all because of Big brother or any other reality TV show. Keep dropping your comments or responses as you deem fit. Not everyone will agree with you on all issues, accounts or narrative because everyone sees things from their own perspective and are entitled to their opinions but getting passionate to the point of really "fighting" strangers on the blog? Nah! Eventually, you'd realise it's not worth it. Just like many of the things some BVs keep fighting over here.

      If all of us had the same opinions on every issue, this place would become very boring. People say stuff about Venita here everyday but I have never gone under their comments to ask why. That is their opinion and they are very much entitled to it. I simply find my own space and praise my mean girl too.

      You are obviously a Mercy fan as I am Venita's. When I disagreed with the "dumb" narrative on Mercy yesterday on the quiz post and recounted how she helped her group win last week and how proud of her I was, you no talk oπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Today, wey our narratives no align, you show sharperly. You see life.

      I am responding to you because I have never known you to be a troublesome BV. You mind your business, drop your comments and move on. You are not someone I'd ever want to have a back and forth with over people who are fighting clean and dirty because of 120m that they'd not share to anyone here. Real or fake, those two have been gisting together since yesterday by the way. You lack words to say to me because you do not want to offend your future customers? Hian.🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣. Don't play darling. More sales and blessings dear♥️

    5. Hey sis. @amebonawork. Thank you for calling me to order. Respect!!!!
      My dear you are the future customer I meant ooo. I no wan talk the one wey no go make you buy my market tomorrow πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ (that was on a light note though). I appreciate your response and will adapt asap.
      Hey expecting that patronage abeg

      Btw did you see the comment I made about you considering an OAP? Pls think about it

    6. so spot on amebon work!!!
      your analysis is right, mercy is not innocent!!!!
      her and frodd said alot about venita, she was only responding to her actions towards her.
      Doyin is not innocent too, there both insulted themselves!!!

  9. ...
    When Ebuka asked her about it yesterday, she didn't deny anything but said she wanted to address that outside because they knew outside the house.

    Whatever happened between her and Seyi too, she never confronted him in the house till he left. Just the silent treatment. Let's be honest, the only person Venita fought dirty with in that house is Doyin and that was because Doyin mentioned her kids. Once you hit below the belt, all bets are off and your mental health will suffer!

    When one HM was saying how the HoH lounge was dirty in the 3rd week, Venita said she has been to Mercy's house and they all know Mercy isn't dirty. Mercy was not there when she defended her.

    She does not fight an enemy the way she would fight her friends and frenemies. That much is clear. I was glued to the screen all through from the live eviction and followed their conversation back to back like the stock exchange.

    When Mercy asked her why she didn't come to her, she said she didn't want to come at her with g.uns like she'd do others and Mercy replied that she'd shred her. Me ke? I almost licked the screen. I said see drama o!πŸ’ƒ. Mercy wanted to continue on that path and Venita told her that shebi Mercy knows her, that they know themselves well and that while Mercy has a bit of self-control when angry, she, Venita no dey hear come after go o. Na there dem two come kamdan and started thrashing the issue from main lounge to garden. I vex no be small😑. Is it the same Mercy that ran upstairs when Alex faced her two weeks ago abi another one? Patapata, she go say she don dash Venita money before and say she dey do runs but after that nko? Will she be able to live through the venomous purgings of Venita's mouth even after the show? Doyin hasn't healed yet either.

    Mercy asked her and she confirmed she had nominated her twice for eviction. That's owning it with your chest. Still, Mercy would not accept her fault in the PMP issue and would rather put the blame on Angel. Even Soma has said several times that Mercy lies. Doyin who is Venita's arch-enemy told Biggie the same thing about Mercy and that she would be sweet to your face but stab you in the back while Venita would be mean to your face; no pretence.

    I wish they (Mercy, Venita and Angel) would not continue this fake friendship outside the house but of the three of them, Venita remains the most honest and straightforward still. Laslas, they would continue, invite one another to their parties/celebrations, take and post pictutes on the gram, do 3some hookup with the same men for money and continue to carry one another's secrets like a wooden cross. Na fans wey bouncer no go allow near gate of their house or party venues go just dey fight yeye war with keypad online while their faves sip champagne at choice locations around the world. πŸ₯±πŸ™„

    1. No matter how you sugar quote it, venita is a very bad friend. And trying to change the narrative to favor venita didn't fly.
      Also I know why you like venita. It's cause she likes your Ike and wants to complete his mission in the house.
      Good luck to her but pls Mercy is a more real, better in all ramifications than venita. No caps.

    2. Venita is the fakest of them all. Abi you watch this show ni.

    3. Don't mind Amebonawork,keep supporting evil..supporting Venita shows the kind of person you are..

    4. @amebo, thats a very big lie, she fought dirty with Pere, Angel and Alex too. She's always fighting somebody, even Pince was not left out. Keep defending nonsense.

  10. Venita is a jealous bitter friend, there's no twisting it
    she's that friend that we should all avoid, very jealous of your wins.
    she can poison you from envy, its obvious she's very jealous of Mercy Eke, wishes she was Mercy Eke, as successful and as loved as Mercy Eke.
    she couldn't even hide it. so glaring that she has harbored this evil intention towards Mercy Eke and obviously praying for her downfall in real world.

    its friends like Venita that sell secrets to blog to pull down their friend

    everything mercy said about Venita was mostly about Adekunle, nothing mean about Venita
    and other acts against Venita had to do with just BBN games and strategies, she never expressed any jealousy or envy towards Venita.

    if someone has sent in a chronicle with venita as a friend, I'm sure even Amebo no be work would have a lot to say about such frenemy but here she is defending her.

    I wish a friend like her for you ooh abi are you such a friend already.

    Mercy is a girls girl, always regarded venita as a friend and has never been vile in her discussion about Venita to any housemate; even when she noticed that venita has been carrying face for her.

    mercy should avoid her irl before we start reading about mercy secret waka on blogs cos the envy in venita is grade one

    1. Thanks for praying that sweet prayer for me dear AnonπŸ₯°. Ha! E come be like say na you love me pass for this blog o. God bless you. No be today I don dey talk am for this blog. May I have a friend and even a daughter like Venita. AmenπŸ™. May you too have friends and daughters like Mercy Eke.

  11. Anonymous17 September 2023 at 23:05
    Venita is a bitter jealous friend. Who needs an enemy with a friend like her. Tueh

    All her bitterness towards mercy, now Ebuka has brought it up nd madam straight talker cannot even use her full chest to recount all she has been saying. See her shamefully Looking for flimsy excuse to hide under for her jealousy.

    Imagine her telling mercy that if it was others she would have used a gun to shoot
    Mercy gave her back: bitch I would shred you to pieces, I’m not the one!!
    And that’s on period

    Finally we know that Venita is just jealous of mercy progress in all angle
    She really wishes she was mercy

    Mercy should be very wary of her
    She is that girl friend that girls should avoid
    Can pour you acid over beef or even man Matter

    Sure she feels she’s finer and more intelligent than mercy and yet cannot understand why mercy is richer, more popular and get the men lusting after her in and outside the house


  12. Hmmm thanks for all the update lol na here i kuku dey watch my own except for eviction night.

  13. With a friend like Venbitter who needs an enemy😏

  14. World people sef! She, venita said some vile and unprintable things to Doyin. The Continuous onslaught on Doyin's person, and the Streets kept quiet about it. E reach Mercy turn, the same Street wake up.
    "If y'all want to Speak up, speak up for all & not for some, Y'all can't pick & choose when to Speak the Truth."
    Little wonder country dey the way E dey!"


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