Stella Dimoko BBNaija All Stars Quizz And Housemates Shocking 'Incorrect' Responses


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Sunday, September 17, 2023

BBNaija All Stars Quizz And Housemates Shocking 'Incorrect' Responses

Why will Big brother Organsie a question and answer session on Reality show  that had all the housemates giving 'incorrect' responses? OHHHH MY GOD!!!...... I dont get it that none of the housemates could even one question.....

....If they dont know anything, how did they qualify to compete in the show in the first place?

What kinds of questions did they ask them? How many rounds can you go? can you snatch someones bobo? can you knack on the live show? can you be dramatic?

The shame is on you Biggie for turning the big brother reality show into a talent show when you picked people who are experts in other fields...

I am not insulting anyones favourite , just pissed....


  1. Nepa will not even allow someone enjoy their subscription in peace.

  2. They answered some of the questions, HMs like Adekunle and Angel tried, the reasons viewers were disappointed was because most of the questions are just basic knowledge from secondary school, it's not necessarily about the HMs profession.

    1. Na even common entrance questions, not secondary school.
      Fgs, we used to sing about the longest river in the world, multi business owner Mercy does not know what CAC stands for, what about Ceecee that does not know the 3 Arms of government, Soma does not know what the green in Nigerian flag stands for, I shame for them.
      Adekunle did well.

  3. Stella they got some questions correct o.
    They were fast paced questions which Angel and Adekunle won. Angel is an intelligent lady. I hope she goes back to school.

  4. Seeing it all over the media is even more hilarious. Cross said the highest court in Nigeria is called judiciary. I weak.

    Mercy called CAC kak. I wonder how someone that has more than five corporate commission registered businesses does not know the full meaning of CAC. How!

    Lawyer Ceecee does not know the body that makes law in Nigeria, I mean like how! How dod she pass through law school! I was answering most of the questions while watching except for the tiger's tongue amd lobster's ĺegs.

    But I give it to adekunle, dude is a fountain of knowledge, soma too

    1. Thank you Miss Was. You captured the solid points.

      That validates the arguments by many that Mercy has been lying about her "so-called businesses" she registered and running right.
      Obviously her Deponent doesn't exist and she never filled out any forms. The stress of back and forth to obtain an RV is enough lightning for her brain cells anywhere she sees or hears CAC.
      Probably she doesn't know about allocating columns for her shareholders.

      Omatshola claims he imports quality South African wines innto Nigeria because he actually manages 2 solid clubs as side hustle in Johannesburg?
      He doesn't NAFDAC?

      Ceec's a Barrister who doesn't know difference between Legislature and Judiciary?
      Hope NBA is watching.😮

  5. It was definitely show of shame.

  6. It is disheartening to see that, these ones are only good at nonsense.

    It's a shame to them and they have really disgraced their entirely friends and family.

  7. The Questions were very simple, if they all attended a good primary and secondary secondary in Nigeria and paid attention then to their studies, then those questions were nothing. Most of them are millennials, so public schools were still having high standard. So no excuse to learn basic things of our dear country and the world.

    Alex who is the first president in Nigeria? She said Obasanjo lol, to think she is Igbo to have known that.
    Ilebaye: the odd number after 25 is what? She kept stirring till Venita hinted her. Lol
    Ceece: who are those who makes law in Nigeria? Lol she said Judiciary. That's our Lawyer ooo.

    White money: major source of energy in our body is gotten from where? He said skip lol, self acclaimed chef.

    Cross: what's 40% of 500? He said skip.

    Neo the longest river in the world? He said one funny answer lol

    Pere: the largest ocean in the world? He got it wrong lol

    Mercy: CAC stands for what? She said certificate something lol 😂😂😂
    I can't remember all the questions but Angel answered almost all.
    Kudos to her.

    1. Angel did NOT almost answer all.

      What is the longest river? Nobody got it.

      Who is on the 10 naira note? Nobody knew.
      The angles of 180. Nobody got it.
      Who is Nigeria's first president. Nobody got it.
      What does the green on the flag symbolise? Nobody got it.
      Where is the highest mountain in the world located.
      Gosh, the questions were so embarrassingly basic, I was ashamed. And these are mostly adults in their 30s and 40s.
      The most was the made in oven lawyer (I dont want to say half baked) that didn't know the arm of government that makes the law.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️Super super cringe. Lawyer??? 🤦‍♀️
      It is well with all of us.

    2. Cheap questions.
      Would have written some things,other bvs would do that before some will say Xhlrted P is itk😂🤷

      Whitey doesn't know that in mathematics"product" means multiplication? Like 17 * 7.

      Cross doesn't know that if you "move the decimal 2 places to the left", you get an answer?
      35% of 1200 is 0.35 x 1200
      = 420
      40% of 250 is 0.40 x 250
      = 100
      Why im no do;
      40 over 100 formula.
      Big brother should publish their primary and secondary school names, we want to check something.
      Not coloring hair and weaving cornrows like Gen Z adult-kids.
      Swaying clapping bumbums.

      They all knew Mt Everest, they don't know location?

      Pere hasn't heard the 180 of the 3 sides of a triangle?
      He said 70?
      They don't even know Equilateral triangle. 😭

      Ste...biko if you want to assist,create a special post for a day in a week for RANDOM FACTS.
      Operation tell bvs what you think you know that they don't know.
      Biko epp us😭
      This shame is too much.

      First president of Nigeria they don't know.😤

    3. Xhirted p, everything you said is true let's even leave mercy that don't know CAC that for me is forgiveable. But for lawyer ceecee not to know the difference between legislation and judiciary is unforgivable truth be truth.

    4. Xhirted p, everything you said is true let's even leave mercy that don't know CAC that for me is forgiveable. But for lawyer ceecee not to know the difference between legislation and judiciary is unforgivable truth be truth.

  8. Angel and Adekunle are those who went to primary and secondary school in that house. That's my conclusion.
    The questions they failed were more and it was embarrassing.

    1. I concur.

      Even though in their season, Adekunle as a banker failed some eye popping questions about the stock exchange and financial street marketing. Ehen!

  9. Awon olodos! reminds me of those vloggers that ask questions to random people on high streets and they give dumb answers😂😂

    The longest river is kinda tricky though.. my mind will say river Nile but they trying to give it to Amazon

  10. I had a very good laugh that day...
    Lubbish! 🤪

  11. Product if 7 and 11 is what? Oga said skip, I shouted Jesus!
    First president of Nigeria, aunty said Obasanjo...Jesu!
    A triangle with its 3 sides equal is what? Uncle said pentagon.
    Abeg big brother should just share the 120m to motherless babies

  12. Na people wey dey watch this show dey make me laugh! Even more funny are those who follow dem on instagram! Una dey follow empty vessels!!!!

  13. If na makeup, wigs, music and night clubs, dem go know all the answers.

  14. Watching that particular part was both painful and shameful at the same time😓. That is why I no dey stan rubbis#. Venita can keep being a witc# as long as she keeps giving me bragging rights with her brain and creativity. She is easily the most clever housemate in this All stars, some say even in the history of BBN. She is followed (not too closely) by Adekunle, Ike, Angel and Soma. As in, she no get rival for dat house. Her brain is powered by Solar energy🙌.

    See how she ki//ed the puzzle AGAIN last week in the Travelbe£a task, clocked the fastest time, single-handedly answered CORRECTLY all the 6 questions in the 3rd round and generally made me fall in love with her brain all over again. The way she and Ike plus Soma dey burst puzzles ehn🙌. My mean-girl no even wait make Sholzy describe anything. She just laid the pieces on the floor and gave us a picture in 123. Mheeen! Abeg, the money wey dem take send that babe to school no waste at all. Her team didn't win because Sholzy and Ilebaye could not contribute shishi in 3 rounds but she "won". Para dey body abeg✅.

    Why Soma who is also a Puzzle whiz would allow Whitemoney to take charge beats me. He would have clocked a good time just like Venita just by laying the pieces on the floor. I'm sure he regretted that decision last week. However, everyone has their strong side apart from witch Venita who is good at absolutely everything including being mean👌.

    For example, Lambo gave her fans something to brag about during the Travelbe£a task too by almost single-handedly WINNING the task for her team by answering all the questions in the 3rd round as well. Travel na form of education and Mercy put her knowledge to good use there and her team won as Pere also answered a question correctlyin the 2nd round. I am obviously not a Lambo fan but even I gave her a thumbs up that last week👍. I wouldn't call her dumb after last week; she definitely has her strengths.

    Leave dancing for Alex, Prince, Cross and Neo. Leave cooking for Whitemoney, Lucy, Uriel, Neo and Adekunle. Leave puzzle and book for Venita, Ike and Soma. When I heard Ike has a maths degree, I said no wonder. Leave general knowledge for Venita, Angel and Adekunle. Leave bad mouth for Venita, Angel, Ike, Doyin, Pere, Ceec, Lucy and Sholzy. Leave tears, fake love and light plus manipulation for Ilebaye, Alex, Doyin and Soma. Leave ojoro for Biggie. Leave gossiping for all the housemates.

    Leave arabanko for Cross, Kiddwaya, Neo, Uriel, Ilebaye, Kimoprah and Mercy. Leave gbola frustration for Uriel and Tolanibaj. Leave stealing for Genz Anini and original witc#craft for Venita. Everybody get their strength. Basic, general knowledge no concern most of dem. It is not a lie that many Nigerian graduates are unemployable🤷‍♂️. Country where person wey study agriculture be bank manager and person wey study biochemistry dey parade as building engineer. One president sef don use utility bill as academic certificate before and nothing happened. The youths are sure learning from their leaders.

    1. Na Ilebaye own dey pain me for body pass, how can an adult be behaving like a baby. Someone that is above 20 years, a graduate can not stand up for her self again. She cries at any opportunity, even when she is the problem. She always wears the baby and pity me look. Sometimes I wonder if this is the Ilebaye of her set or another.
      The most annoying part is others trying to play mother role to her, I don’t know if they are there for the game or for Ilebaye.

  15. It is well, even inside the well.🙄🤐

  16. So that means none of them can move on to shows like Who Wants to Be a!
    They'll just be disgraced out of the 1st round.
    Well I guess everyone has their strength in something, it doesn't necessarily have to be education or anything related to intelligence.

  17. The questions were too easy.

  18. This goes to show our educational system is very rotten

    I' m sure Ceec graduated from Law school cos of her Dad connection

    1. Before? Does that person look like someone who can represent anybody in court? Make she no go abuse Judge join wey dey go vex dash you extra 20 years.


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