Stella Dimoko FCT Minister Wike Sacks Heads Of FCTA Agencies And Companies


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Thursday, September 28, 2023

FCT Minister Wike Sacks Heads Of FCTA Agencies And Companies

Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, on Wednesday,September 27, 2023 approved the immediate termination of the appointments of about 21 heads of parastatals, agencies, and government companies of the FCT Administration (FCTA).

Anthony Ogunleye, the Director of Press, Office of the Minister, made the announcement.
Wike also ordered the affected appointees to hand over the affairs of their offices to the most senior officers in rank.

Those affected are...

1. DG, FCT Emergency Management Agency

2. Executive Secretary, FCT Primary Healthcare Board

3. Director General, Hospital Management Board

4. Director, Abuja Environmental Protection Board

5. Director, FCT Scholarship Board

6. Director FCT Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board

7. Director, Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board

8. Coordinator, Abuja Infrastructure Investment Centre

9. Director, FCT Health Insurance Scheme

10. Coordinator, Satellite Towns Development Department

11. Coordinator, Abuja Metropolitan Management Council

12. Group MD/CEO, Abuja Investment Company Ltd

13. CEO/MD, Abuja Markets Management Ltd

14. MD/CEO, Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company

15. CEO/MD, Abuja Property Development Company

16. CEO/MD Abuja Technology Village Free Trade Zone Company

16. CEO/MD Abuja Film Village International

17. CEO/MD Powernoth AICL Equipment Leasing Company Ltd

18. MD Abuja Broadcasting Corporation

19. MD, Abuja Enterprise Agency

20. GM, FCT Water Board

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  1. Make Boss Wike consider me for appointment,I am capable.

  2. Wike the terrorist

  3. Action Minister, "those ones go don chop money tire"

  4. Lol . Wike wike 😁😁😁


  5. Nigeria is interesting. No offense, they embezzle so much but just seem like ordinary upper middle class Americans. He was shown in his kitchen serving or pretend cooking while Gbaja looked on intently & clownish “ pretend paparazzi” took pics as if our governors here don’t drive and cook for themselves while still opening the door for their wives. So cooking is now a big deal by these thieves who are just one generation away from parental/ancestral poverty & stole their way up, while folks like Gov Pritzker the Hyatt hotel heir governor of a state the size of Switzerland’s economy often fixes his own dinner, drives and does regular things like most of western officials? Why are rulers in developing countries so full of hubris?

    That’s not even my peeve, I looked around the kitchen, unless the terrazzo looking? ? flooring is Chanel or Versace ( it’s sujimoto that thinks Chanel chairs/throw pillows makes a house worth $millions), I truly wonder what they do with their loot. My kitchen is much better and I am just an upper middle class household here! Do they not realize the money is enough to go round if they are less greedy?

    Like the billionaire upholstery wearing ex1st Lady of State & presidency whose tailor is cashing out by lying to her on the cost of her clothes, the looters of Nigeria are so wicked that a LOT of the oil ( & now mineral with Chinese help) $ used to develop UAE, cut as checks to UAE citizens, that they loot will be forgotten and forfeited to rich western governments where they kept it. Probate laws are so rigid & estate taxes will ensure the west gets a lot of the loot!

    They are so heartless that, while their people can barely feed twice daily, they further oppress them with opulent displays of their inane extravagant lack of class. Gen Jeremiah Useni forfeited £2m pounds he looted & kept in a small island nation. I think he tried to alter the name or password, they played a fast one on him & confiscated the money, he used to be fct minister or so in the past. Only God will judge the wicked looters in Nigeria as their conscience is dead. I’m not sorry for those he fired. They looted their own as well. It’s a circus of stealing. SMH.

    The reason I truly believe there is serious jazz is that only a hypnotized nation of muscular able bodied youths watches dazed as the nonsense looting goes on while lynching folks for stealing $200 & calling for dna before raising Mo ey for a crime victim as if if he wasn’t the guy’s kid he isn’t entitled to a decent life! Classism at its peak!

    The docility is bizzare as they all know the way to their 36 state houses, 774 county leader’s house, congressional offices plus their own “White House”. Serious jazz has turned an entire nation into mumus fearful of dying even while living like semi dead with no food, housing, dirty self provided water in even “nice neighborhoods” and roads built since the 60s! Add the governor whose home town hospital bomb blast victims slept on stew beds with cardboard while he used $ enough to renovate it to take care of himself abroad!

    1. Your anger and dismay is quite understandable and a lot of people share in that.
      The politicians are emboldened by the dismay docility of the citizens.
      They know that the citizens will do absolutely nothing. NOTHING!


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