Stella Dimoko Memo To Edo State Governor Obaseki ....


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Friday, September 01, 2023

Memo To Edo State Governor Obaseki ....


“I want to repair and fix your road but you have to help me beg them in Abuja to let me do it because they say it’s their own road and will not allow a state to work on their roads and fix them.” - Edo State governor Obaseki


  1. Replies
    1. In my opinion, he's not the worst governor but the best in the history of Edo State. The road leading to my village from Uromi town was in a horrible state since the inception of the village. Erosion was our companion during raining season. Not motorable, bushes everywhere. Whenever anyone from the village has any important event to do in the village, he/she must first grade the road for easy access if they are rich enough. Other governors started work on the roads and abandoned them halfway, some of the contractors even died while working on the road.
      In 2019, work commenced again. Nobody ever taught it will be completed let alone be completed within 10 months, standard, dual lanes, with deep, wide, covered gutters by the sides. It was a dream come through. The road is called Utako Road, in Uromi, Edo State.

      N.B. The Utako District in Abuja is named after my village. The first occupant of the district is from my village.

    2. Honestly. To think Edo State citizens went to bat for him. His election created a national ruckus unlike any we’d previous seen. Now he’s in power, excuses, excuses.
      He wasted the trust of his citizens. Ish

      This is why it’s so very hard for me to believe any politician no matter their pedigree: it’s just almost impossible for them to deliver on their promises.


    3. Honestly! Even Benin the capital is an eyesore! No roads anywhere. In oko where I live, it is hell! When people when to complain he said the contract was given to someone that we should go and confront that one. Can you imagine?


    4. Anonymous1 September 2023 at 09:45
      Can you listen to yourself? He's the best to you just because he fixed your village road, you re not a true son/daughter of Edo state,you re a self centred human .
      Have you seen Sapele Road, Airport road, the road that leads to Rose Garden at Giwa Amu Street, GRA is an eyesore,to think this road is very close to the government house, Ugbor area is in a sorry state
      Have you seen the front of Ekpoma University? Students can't even enter bike in peace without praying not to fall on the bad miserable road but he knows how to increase their school fees everytime.
      Your obaseki is the worse thing to ever stepped foot in Dennis Osadebe, all he's good at is fighting his deputy and indirectly challenging the Oba just like his ancestors. if you like cry river

    5. I just can't wait for him to get out of that seat@Mrs Sharon.

      My sister, all of these politicians re the same, they behave like saints when they are not in power but anything that makes them enter the seat they re vying for, their real colours will pop out all of a sudden.

    6. They are messed up by whatever "god's" they serve because it's obvious.

      Comrade deputy Phillip Shuaibu is warming up to take over,so desperate he can do anything, same Afemai guy that watched Oshiomole rule for 8years.
      The Anony πŸ‘†I hope Esan people don't see that your comment especially Igueben people Fielding Aleotor, Governor Obaseki hasn't done much please, the Okpa Kingdom descendants know better.

      See a whole Giwa Amu? 😭

      Love the way Chief Aziegbemi described them as wicked souls perpetually porting from one political party to another without serving their constituencies.

  2. Obaseki has disappointed Edo people. They had so much faith in him, but he trampled on their hopes and aspirations.

  3. That Obadeyi’s statement was a surprise. Very political, very insincere. Oya o baba Governor, permission has been granted. Make haste to fix the roads you’ve been begging federal government to help them fix. As if he’s finished fixing the state roads. πŸ™„


    1. Edo infrastructure is for quarrelling with deputy
      Petty foolish egotistical selfish greedy men

  4. Permission indeedπŸ™„.Federal roads in other states have been fixed by those who sincerely want to work,e reach your turn,you dey find permission.Give me torch let me help you find it.

    1. U dey mind the boiboi governor, he's a boy to that billionaire from the North that is the richest man in Africa and doesn't ve a mind of his own that's why he's clueless.


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