Stella Dimoko Pidgin Post - Blokos Dey Disappear For Calabar.


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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Pidgin Post - Blokos Dey Disappear For Calabar.

 Hmmm you don hear the gist wey don spread like faya? Dem say for calabar, men blokos just dey vanish anyhow and fear dey every where oh...

Now wetin the men dey do be say dem dey carry alligator pepper and bitter Kola waka so that e no go fit happen? Abeg na question wey i wan ask make me do this post..

Wetin eb the work of alligator pepper and bitter kola and how e fot stop blokos not to vanish?


  1. What I never understand all these years since people have been peddling this lie to extort innocent people is that they never show the empty space where the blokos or prick disappeared from. If it truly was stolen or has disappeared there will be an empty space/void there which means there is nothing there to see again. Why don't they show the empty space for all to see there is actually nothing there again.

  2. E be like say e dey neutralize the juju o 😀

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Was in calabar the other day and I heard the news to,even female boobs

  5. It's a very simple con. Men who are physically challenged down there or have undescended testicles accuse others of stealing length and breath they never had. Somehow, a man who claims to have lost 5 inches or a small globe or more will be satisfied with a compensation of say, 70 thousand naira. Once times are a bit hard, these men come out for their crumbs.

  6. I don't understand what it's meant by disappear. As on the thing just left the body and the place is blank? Abi what.

    Guys please explain abeg. In small English o

  7. No wonder alligator pepper just fly every where now..... Me sef follow dey buy without knowing the importance, I asked the seller the work of alligator pepper, the man look me dey laugh.... He said oh you don't know the importance oya drop am , i carry my thing waka comot.

  8. Na so the thing important reach, if person tiff man blokos e tiff better thing? most of them don't even know how to use the thing well sef

  9. Wahala for guys wey dey Calabar. Una no go relocate, what if someone misplace his bitter kola or alligator pepper 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Anon:15:57 you lied here because this thing is very real because it happened to my younger brother in the year 2014 in Lagos and I saw it with my two eyes if not for God's intervention at the end after prayers it would have been a different case today, the thing there is that it will not disappear as some people are insulating rather it will become like a born baby own, so please don't say things you don't know of for a lot is happening in this world especially africA.


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