Stella Dimoko President Tinubu Asks US Court To Release Only Certificate To Atiku


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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

President Tinubu Asks US Court To Release Only Certificate To Atiku

President Tinubu has agreed that US Court should release his Chicago State University Certificate to Atiku, and says any other document apart from his time as Student in Chicago state University shouldn't be released, because the University has already established that he graduated from the school

When will Atiku get it that he is being busied with this hunt?Na wa!!


  1. I don't know why APC youths leader and some other stalwarts are begging Atiku to forgive Baba and withdraw the case in Chicago if something isn't wrong somewhere.

    Why spend so much money on something you said belongs to you?

    We should be truthful for once in this country. Something is not right about this all and we know that. I can't fight against my educational results from being released if I'm a public office holder. He owes that to Nigerians as a public servant.

    Asking the court to only permit the certificate without the transcript, registration numbers, bio data etc looks so suspicious and gives credence to the assertion that there could be more to the real owner of that result than meet the eyes.

    One who has receipts don't struggle with an issue I swear.

    Atiku knows what he wants and he's not giving up. I feel Atiku grouse all started when APC guys played dirty on him with the SPV disclosure. He decided to bring down the whole building implying no one has the monopoly of 'madness'

    1. I don't know why the man is afraid of his result being released online. Is he not a public figure?

      Btw these politicians won't let the poor breet...

      Officials have distributed three cups of rice with N1000 in Kogi State.

      "Distribution of palliative currently ongoing in Kogi State, 3 cups of rice with N1000.

      Renewed Shege."

      Na wa

      Mao Akuh

  2. Certificate or not ,my prayer is for a better Nigeria. Let everyone come together, brainstorm on how to move the country forward instead of all these back and front fight. Atiku should just go n find several seats sitdown jare.

    1. really?when do we fight for what is right? We should always do right

    2. how then will Nigeria be better when we can't do things right?

  3. Replies
    1. Dante, talk finish. Na man you be. ๐Ÿ˜

    2. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  4. Bombastic side eyes @Stella

  5. I’m sorry but I won’t release my transcript to anyone
    Did you pay for my education?
    Plus next thing they’ll be judging my grades good or bad
    No. Confirmation that I graduated and got the degree is enough
    I only send transcripts upon request as part of job applications and if I want to. If it’s not required, I don’t send

    1. But they said Baba graduate with First class nah..
      How can such grade be mocked?๐Ÿ™„

    2. Dan, As you said, “they” said
      He didn’t say it

    3. Exactly Anon! The idea that someone feels they are owed that information boggles my mind. I have excellent grades, but I would never succumb to showing them to anyone. Folks feel too entitled to to other ppl's experiences. Whether you believe or not is of little use to me.

    4. 16.53

      Will you also hide your gender? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
      Make Una dey whine unaselves

    5. How many spouses have seen each other’s transcript? Some haven’t even seen each other birth certificate or immunization record. Yet they are married๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Who still dey put mind for leadership matter for this kind country??? I don forget who dey lead self na better Nigeria I want.

  7. I remember when Donald Trump trolled Obama wanting to see Obama’s transcript from Harvard. It was so disgusting to witness. He couldn’t dispute that he had worked as a lawyer, and could not dispute that he had been called to the bar so he wanted transcript to prove he was a good or bad student. Mtsscchhwww

    The certificate will not satisfy anything. Because the hunger for power will not be satiated until the hungry gets the meal they are seeking to devour.

    1. The case here is beyond certificate or grades. The applicant, the respondent and the school knows what'a gwan.

      Who lights a candle in a room at night and covers it with a mortar?

    2. School records include the very first form with picture, gender, date of birth, residency particulars - who the applicant is. That is what at is sought by this case.

    3. 14:05 my transcript doesn’t include this
      BAT was an international student
      The court only needs to match his passport number to his school entrance records and that’s it

    4. Your gender is on your biodata page unless you decide you are neither male not female. Considering that this was in the late 70s, only male or female will appear on the record. Even ordinary filing of tax, the school is mandated by government to complete a form that outlines the amount the student paid with the student's details at the top of the form. Why is it such an issue in this case?

      His lawyer is claiming that releasing the data will cause him irreparable damage. What irreparable damage will his biodata cause him? He said he graduated with a first class, was the best graduating, and was always on the Dean's list. Whether he graduated with "let me people go" isn't even the issue. Na the sex on that biodata be the main Koko. He should have them release it and end all the speculations once and for all.


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