Stella Dimoko Torrential Rain Wrecks Havoc In Several States In Nigeria..


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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Torrential Rain Wrecks Havoc In Several States In Nigeria..

The traffic this new week will not be easy at all for those in states where the roads are flooded....
The torrential rainfalls has left many states in Nigeria in gruelling situations and has so far wrecked havoc in parts of Lagos, Delta and Anambra states among others......
How is your area?


  1. The rain yesterday was so heavy and lasted for hours, unfortunately the drainage system is nothing to write home about. It's raining again right now.

  2. The rain did not come to play. But I thank God for my area.

  3. The rain 🌧️☔ is like a norm in warri, it falls almost everyday.

  4. Lagos has been submerged in water some Wednesday

  5. I just watched a video of Alabama international market and it broke my heart.
    Goods worth millions in water.
    All bvs doing bizness in Lagos, I hope you are OK.

  6. Funny enough, no rain in Abuja. We have not seen rain in Jabi since Monday.

    1. Lolll, Jabi in Abuja or in Ekwulobia?
      Rain that fell on Saturday and even today.
      Dey play.

    2. Same in lokoja, we've been witnessing just showers no heavy rains. Heard some spiritual people are waging war against it as to prevent flood,but they're not informed that once chad opens their dam, rain or no rain na God's hand we dey

    3. ITK anon 13. 24 in my own part of Jabi it didn't rain till this afternoon and it is raining currently. In your attempt at showing intelligence abi humour, you just typed nonsense.

  7. Pathetic!
    Year to year it's same old story.
    Check out previous years' hashtags

    Same. Same.
    A friend has 76 fresh large and medium cat fishes in her freezers because someone's fish pond in Ejigbo has been washed off into their side.
    Imagine the millions that got wasted.
    Not fair.

    A city beside the ocean doesn't have canals linked to the ocean.

  8. Hmmmmmmm, we are praying seriously against flood in lokoja, though the rivers are already filled up but not house has been flooded yet.

    Thank God we have moved from the flood prone area, may God help his people

  9. The rain fall no bi here oo. When it rains like that ,it reminds me of farming.

  10. The rain fall no bi here oo. When it rains like that ,it reminds me of farming.

  11. The drainage system is bad, everyone knows about it but what is worst is the attitude of the masses. So people turning drainages to dump sites and soak aways!!!!! Pathetic.


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