Stella Dimoko Woman Goes On The Run After Using Pestle To Pound Life Out Of Her Husband


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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Woman Goes On The Run After Using Pestle To Pound Life Out Of Her Husband

Tayelolu Solomon, an aged mother of three children, is currently on the run after using a pestle to kill her 65-year-old husband identified as Felix Solomon.

The woman reportedly killed her husband while he was asleep at their GRA residence in Ondo town.
Their son Ibukun, who witnessed the killing, said their parents had been having issues, and that his mother used to threaten to kill their father.

The Police is presently looking to arrest her for this shocking act......
How can you go and kill someone so shockingly while they are asleep?


  1. This is one of the many domestic violence men goes through in their various homes that's underreported. Very wicked woman and I pray she's caught.

    1. No one deserves to die. No one has a right to take a life but if this woman opens her mouth to tell you what she has been going through in the hands of this man that developed to this deep hatred you will change your words.

    2. Exactly she must have had enough.

    3. Zaram, please stop! Just stop!! Unless it's for self defence, do not put a "but if" after murder. And according to the report, the victim was asleep, so the murder was clearly premeditated. I don't care if he comitted adultery and impregnated 100 girls in the process.

      Should we also say when a man kills a woman he does so because of " what he has been going through in the hands of the woman"?

      Please, stop!!

    4. Thank you! 13:59.

      So you would say most men who beat their wives must have been pushed to the wall, right? Or do you think it is only women that get pushed to the wall?

      I only like to focus on the issue on the ground and not turn matters into a gender war, but this sentiment of her having enough is warped.
      If she had enough she was supposed to go her way and not kill him. It seems you don't know there are women with anger issues who become violent when pissed.

  2. So sad 😭 horrible wife.

  3. Don't ever take any threat likely. "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks". When someone is angry or when they are 'joking' that is when you know their true intentions. Whatever they say at those moments, kindly believe it.

    If you are frustrated, pushed to the wall and drained and at that point you know you have reached the breaking point in your marriage kindly do yourself, your partner and your kids a favour and leave, because at the end of the day, if care is not taken one of you will still leave through divorce or death. Marriage is not a do-or-die affair.

    She has no excuse. It wasn't like she was triggered in the heat of anger or It was done at the spur of the moment or in self-defence. She had to wait till he was asleep and helpless before she struck.

    1. Yes, *lightly*
      Thanks, my own Vicky posh.πŸ€—

  4. Oh God of mercy😒😒😒

  5. Once the relationship becomes toxic, please leave. She has been threatening to kill him,if he had sent her away or left he would probably be alive today. May he rest in peace and I pray she's caught to face the law. Evil woman

  6. Wicked woman 🀨🀨

  7. People that have the heart to do this eeehn I just don’t understand . How can you inflict pain on another human it’s beyond me


  8. I read this….on instablog…pathetic…but Stella this your caption eh lol

  9. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

  10. Ewww this is wickedness.
    Why can't you just leave or send him out of the house if you hated him so much.
    How can one even raise a hand to kill another if its not in self defence during a fight?
    Na wa, people get mind o

  11. I wonder if she will be able to sleep know the gravity of what she has done. Nawahooo grandma what would have been your pain ehen?

  12. This is bad. Why take a life when she could've walked away. For how long will she run and hid.

  13. Wicked soul..
    Make Gid dey help and safe us ooooo..As I'm I don't take any threat lightly at all. I swing to action ni oooo

  14. Evil woman.
    How can someone at her age be this heartless

  15. Some BVs are openly supporting premeditated murder here.
    See mindset naa.
    If the woman was right why then is she on the run.
    Na wa

  16. She has been carrying hatred that has boiled and simmered in her for a long time. This is why I believe that once the sight of someone or the sound of their voice start making you angry and you do not want to be around them, you really should leave. I know it ain't easy, especially when finances are intertwined and children and grandchildren in the mix, but it is better to lose something material than to live with the torture of taking another's life. Now this senior citizen woman is one the run. Better she had just divorced and deal with the talk and stigma.

    You cannot continue to live with someone you hate and despise!

  17. This is a heartless thing to do....she would have just left him for Christsake...that's someone's son she murdered, how would she feel.if her son dies this way...justice must prevail..


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