Stella Dimoko EX NBA President Olisa Agbakoba Calls Out 'Arm Chair' Lawyers For Meddling Into Politics


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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

EX NBA President Olisa Agbakoba Calls Out 'Arm Chair' Lawyers For Meddling Into Politics

Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) Former NBA President, Human Rights activist, a democracy and Rule of Law scholar and Space Law Expert has called out his colleagues whom he tagged 'arm chair Lawyers' to stop heating up the Nigerian polity by appearing on National TV to ''utter nonsense'


The cacophony of discordant voices on Tinubu/Atiku over the certificate matter is completely out of hand. This utter nonsense from armchair lawyers is heating up Nigeria dangerously. Please can we keep our opinions and views to ourselves awaiting a decision of the Supreme Court.
 I am so ashamed to see Lawyers on Television arguing one way or the other on the merits or demerits of the Chicago State University matter. This is most unhelpful!
 I call out all media that tolerate this nonsense of adjudicating the CSU matter on TV and Newspapers. I urge the President of the Nigerian Bar Association to call out lawyers that breach rules of ethics by turning the media into a Court of Law.

 Can we please stop heating up our country!!! Let us allow the Supreme Court of Nigeria to make a judicial pronouncement which is binding on us all!!!!
 This public nonsense must stop. - OA.''


  1. And no word for the person that submitted a forged certificate but Nigerians wanted to crucify Mmesoma?

  2. Flip flopping in high places. These men make law and lawyers appear dis honourable. I guess he's targeting an appointment. The ruling of the PEPT says more about the SC ruling and he's behaving as if he does not know.

    Moreover, we don't need the SC to tell us the CSU certificate was forged.

  3. The truth is bitter πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Corn sef don reach this one hand..

    Person wet tief mandate no heat up polity na the ones wey no join in the tiefin violence come dey heat am up..

    What Corn cannot do does not exist

  5. Do you see that there is no gain in doing the bidding of an ignorant mob of cultists? Enjoy the vitriol the same way you revelled in their cheap praise, sir.

    This is the same Agbakogba that was going from channel to channel spreading the falsehood of 25 percent in Abuja for his candidate to be brought to Aso rock from 3rd position.

    Now that he has realised his error and probably read the judgement eruditely given by the justices addressing the anemic case brought by the two major losers, he doesn't want his colleagues to have their turn to make embarrassing memories.

    These same people will still say Obi has eaten corn or been flogged with Bulaba the moment he stops to deceive them.

    They were hailing the case of someone forging something the person already has and how someone with the same social security number on the certificate, rented a female to fake his appearance and take his exams for years since he knew at the time that he would become president decades later.

    After receiving another serving of hot breakfast at the SC, they will cry wolf and when the scales are removed from the eyes of followers who choose to look at evidence reasonably, they will say corn and balablu.

    This case was roundly treated in the Lagos state hous of assembly before Tinubu had the kind of loyalty and political base he has now. All this evidence was roundly dissected by the house led by Mamora which is why Atiku only served the school and not the third party that issues certificates for schools linked to them. The certificate of the man is exactly as those issued in that year by the 3rd party issuer and carries the same signatures the issuer has the authority from the school to reproduce. How do you depose someone and not ask if the certificate in question is fake or forged? When the deposed said he is unable to speak on the 3rd party certificate why didn't Atiku's lawyer follow up? Why wasn't the certificate issuer also deposed? DRAMA for simple minds with no sense of sportsmanship. Continue like this till 2027. Investigate his DNA sample next.

    Even Gani no longer pushed his case after the court made clear these issues. If Atiku thought there was a modicum of sense in this wild goose chase, he would brought it up earlier but he chose to deceive himself to it was too late.

    You didn't investigate Fulani-Fulani handover, not even the disobedience to your party investigation or it's splintering due to your selfish ambition but now, you are dragging with that lady in Ibadan for the most investigative journalist.

    1. Be playing..

      Gani won the case, but immunity as a governor then covered Chicago boy


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