Stella Dimoko NNPP Rejects PDP's Atiku’s Invitation To Join In Unearthing Truth About President Tinubu's Academic Records.


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Saturday, October 07, 2023

NNPP Rejects PDP's Atiku’s Invitation To Join In Unearthing Truth About President Tinubu's Academic Records.

The New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) has declined the invitation of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, to help reveal the truth about President Bola Tinubu’s academic records. 

The NNPP Deputy National Chairman, Nwaeze Onu, stated that the party would remain neutral in the dispute between Tinubu and Atiku over the former’s academic records and allow the court to carry out its constitutional duty on the matter .- from ripplesng


  1. First Labour Party and Obi. And now NNPP, Atiku is on his own on this voyage. Everyone knows this mission is personal vendetta and desperation. Nothing about the country

  2. Atiku has been running for president for decades. Pleas tell me, why didn't he pursue this case all these years that Tinubu was a political heavyweight so that the entire world can know that Tinubu clearly graduated from his university and like many graduates, obtained his certificate from a third party vendor as is legally allowed by his university rules?

    Has Atiku chosen to present himself to the courts in the USA to clear up his name and have his properties returned in the Halliburton scandal cases, for which every other suspect in the USA and Europe has been convicted? I'm guessing Atiku is the kind of person Obi considers to be "excellent".

    Atiku was to fulfill his marabouts' prophecy of becoming president this time around. All he needed to do was to do the work: unite the PDP, run an issues based campaign and be home and dry. Mr Atiku stayed away in Dubai till very late, choosing to focus on an embarrassing divorce he let leak. Upon arriving, he bought his candidacy as usual and refused to study the faces of those around him: those who are used to his game of scattering the gameboard when he loses, those he had abandoned to be running the party whose ticket he again came to purchase with dollars. He refused to outstretch a single finger of friendship or explain his absence, or bring any spoils from APC. He surrounded himself with praise singers and contractors posing as media experts. He started summoning meetings with exministers as if he was already in power and refusing audience with those who are in his WhatsApp group forming integrity. The CPC in the villa with Buhari's cabal gave him every assurance that the deal was sealed with the disastrous policies that they cooked up and implemented for about 2 years to rule out Tinubu, almost costing Tinubu the ticket. They forgot that he is a strategist of repute. The man banked on Peter Obi and financed his campaign indirectly through midnight friends while that one went ahead being proud of not giving shishi. He pulled Wike close and the thousands of advisors Wike recruited from his political network and they delivered clean and clear. The thing was too complicated those who may have wanted to compromise in INEC could not act except in Nasarawa where Obi was the beneficiary. The gamble paid off and Tinubu clinched the majority from behind, leaving everyone who isn't discerning shocked.

    Atiku will become another nuisance like Bode George who will abandon all that is important to repair his legacy only to chase shadows and entertain lazy youth in the deep evening of his life if he continues like this.

    Atiku has benefited immensely from Nigeria and has given little to nothing back. His response to Deborah's death and farmers being murdered by herders shows that he will have been just another president like Buhari belonging to some people and not others. With a pastor as VP, how was it for Christians under Buhari?

    Atiku, forgive yourself for goofing and either move on or concentrate on the next election. Finding Tinubu's umbilical cord buried in Iragbiji is not going to affect your legal standing as you didn't even have a prayer about forgery during your PEPC outing.


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