Stella Dimoko RHOL Season 2 Drama- Chioma Ikokwu Calls Out Toyin Lawani And Rebukes All Her Curses


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Friday, October 20, 2023

RHOL Season 2 Drama- Chioma Ikokwu Calls Out Toyin Lawani And Rebukes All Her Curses

The Real housewife of Lagos star, Toyin Lawani recently called out co star Chioma Ikokwu, for allegedly spreading rumour about her and Chioma replied unearthing an alleged can of lies , deceit and gossip...

Toyin was recently called out on X for allegedly belittling her co-star, Laura Ikeji’s son at a runway show...It is alleged that Toyin who was seated next to Chioma had shown her something on the phone and Chioma claimed that Toyin was comparing her son, Tenor to Laura’s son.

Toyin took to Instagram and called out both Chioma Ikokwu and the reality show organisers for painting her in the wrong light.
She accused Chioma and others she did not mention, of judging her blindly and making others have misconceptions about her.
Chioma responded on Thursday October 19, 2023 to the call out


''For my #RHOLagos watchers,I am commenting due to the sensitive nature of this topic…
Tiannah you told myself and Iyabo about your plan to say that you were pregnant on the show because you didn’t want your friend Laura to announce what we thought was her own pregnancy at your bonfire event in Season 1 and steal the shine.
So how can you expect me to know / believe you were truly pregnant when it appeared to be just a plan at the time?
I don’t follow nor know anything about your life since you tried to physically attack me at the reunion.

Your masked husband also beat up my PA that night on his birthday because you asked him too and thus I avoid you both due to your constant acts of violence.
I was not aware if you were truly pregnant as you never disclosed such to me beyond your plan and I never would have commented my disbelief if I knew this to be a fact.

In no way whatsoever does that justify you heaping curses on me and my unborn child. I REBUKE all your curses and I pray for the fruit of the womb for all women who desire children.
Let’s be guided”


  1. If what Chioma said is to go by, then I see no fault in she saying what she said about Tianah not being pregnant. You see this fake life, it will put a lot of people into gbagharia. Just cos you want to forcefully get all attention to yourself, you went ahead to announce a fake pregnancy and backed it up with a fake miscarriage.

    To me Chioma is a very s#!tty person but she did nothing wrong here. Any other person in a fake friendship like theirs would do same after they fall out. Anyways, I'm enjoying the drama.

    The gbas gbos I subscribed for keep entertaining us.

  2. wow!!! see gbege ooo... una go dey alright las las


    CHIOMA did Caroline dirty!!!

    Anything wey she see make she take am like that.

    You can’t make friends with the Vultures and expect them not to eat your corpse


  4. Na wa o. Faking pregnancy and faking miscarriage to cover up, una dey try o ndi celebrities.

  5. I will avoid someone like toyin

  6. Chika(hello iya boys)20 October 2023 at 10:41

    Mask husband 🤣🤣🤣
    This one has eaten belleful ooo...

    1. Nah only that word catch my attention. Masked husband hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

    2. 🤣@ Masked husband. Am guessing this is d reason they introduced Faith? Cos it looks like they brought her onboard to deflate Chioma a bit.
      I maybe wrong

  7. 🤔🤔🤔👣👣👣🍕🍕🍷🍷😎

  8. Like women get wahala i swear which one be fake pregnancy ater how many children that are grown hmmmm

  9. The Queens of highlight of that show, Toyin is their number one. If she had refused to come for season two, they would pay her extra to bring her in

  10. Than God I don't have the time to sit down and watch all these reality shows. Never watched bbn for a second until they wrapped it up.. I only read about them here. Don't even know what this particular one is about.

    Obi for President
    Wizkid FC
    Proudly Tiv

    1. Akiko ifo 😏

    2. @ 14:09... Whatever that means.,, Back at you

      Obi for President
      Wizkid Fc
      Proudly Tiv


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