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Sunday, October 08, 2023

Sunday In House Gists - Comment Section Gists Boulevard

This is a compilation of some of the gists/happenings in the blog's comment section.

On Sunday spontaneous post, Stella wrote that she's thinking of taking the single & Mingle to a WhatsApp group where members would pay a non refundable fee of 50k. She said this way, only serious minded people would apply because anyone that can afford the fee must be a serious person. If any one f#cks up, she go fling the person out like bad habit... Some BVs agreed with Stella that it would be a good idea.... We are waiting to see if She will do or not...

Amongst those that were dancing, thanking and praising Stella for blessing their phones with credit alerts on Sunday spontaneous post was BV Apple of God's eyes. She said she's a very spiritual person say make we forget blog cruise and all, she said after she finished praying, she was told to greet and thank her brother from another mother, Teejay. She then went ahead to heap prayers on his head.


On Monday spontaneous post, An Anon asked BVs if they know how her family can create a GoFundMe to raise money for her sister who's sickle cell patient. Anon's sister has passed the traumatic stages of having crisis but now has an injury on her leg that has refused to heal. They need to perform something like skin grafting surgery on her and the family is already overwhelmed and needs to raise funds to take care of her.

On Monday spontaneous post, as more people were trooping in, thanking Stella for hitting their phones with credit alerts, Pinky decided to rant bitterly about the nice pants he got for his wife. He said the pant cost die but he no mind, anything for his wife, shebi? He told his wife to wear the pants make he feel am, naim the thing start to dey separate from the edges, all 5 of them. He then realized na "gum pants." He come dey ask BVs if e make sense make dem give obioma the thing to stitch for them make money no enter fire totally.
Obioma for kuku sew the pant from the beginning na.....

On Monday in house news, Stella posted a list showing that all the 14 people selected for 50k giveaway have gotten their monies and they in turn acknowledged on the comment section.

Angels just use this blog do abode. Stella announced that an abroadian BV blessed BV Chika with 20k after she mentioned that things were hard for her on the "Minister of Poverty alleviation gifting people foodstuffs post." Stella told her to acknowledge recipient.

More BVs showed accountability and honesty by showing goods they got from the giveaway monies they got, and some people were still raising their noses doubting them as if they were employed to doubt....

Thank you was flying upandan on Monday in house news,as some BVs were gifted 3G data through Waju the data merchant.

On Tuesday Spontaneous post, BV Dante sought BVs opinion on his friend's matter. He said guy and his babe are young (29-32yrs) 'couple', struggling and hustling to make it despite Nigeria's economy. Shockingly, the girl's ex from the abroad told her he still wants them to continue their relationship afterall, na distance and bad communication cause the breakup. This bobo is making the babe confused because she doesn't know boya to reignite the love because he has a PhD, different masters degree, living the good life and all. Her mind is telling her to remember that menascum and her current boyfriend might serve her hot, spicy breakfast in future.. She don tell abroadian that she's in a relationship Sha and it is said that he's willing to wait till she changes her mind.
Some BVs told him to advise his friend to lay it before God or simply marry the abroadian.

Poster from Saturday chronicle post wrote in on Tuesday in house news to further explain the situation she was in.

On Tuesday in house news, BV Abionah wrote about apetamin syrup which she read about on the blog and thought it was normal blood tonic and decided to try it out. Abionah said after taking the drug as prescribed, it almost sent her to ER because it scattered her entire being, heart beating faster, all sorts of bad dreams, deep, long and intense sleeping etc. Her saving grace was the junks she had in her house which she ate to strengthen her because her energy was drained.
Several BVs also came out to narrate the "bad bad" things apetamin did to them.


Dante, Ogbon sodiqi came on Tuesday in house news to confess that the advice he sought on Tuesday Spontaneous post was actually for his male friend. He thanked Slutty Chic, Words on Marble and other BVs that advised him for their 2cents and also told them to thank their "Chi" that they didn't give wrong advice in the name of "sisterhood".
Maybe the advice was even for him sef but praise God it was taken in good faith...

On Wednesday spontaneous post, an Anon was thankful to God because he spared her life from the armed robbers that came to her to steal, attempted to rape her but she fought them ruthlessly. Although, she was stabbed but she prevented herself from being raped. Her machine head and phone were stolen but her life was intact and thanks to God, her daughter wasn't home.

On Wednesday in house news, Stella announced Morayo, Mary - Baker, Pretty Patience, Ava, The lifted, Amyviv, Joan Alexis and Babyboosky as recipients of 50k business giveaway. She also said the next set of 22 people will be picked by ending of October to be announced first week of November......we thank God!!!

On Wednesday in house news, Stella posted a screenshot of a comment an Anon made. She told the Anon to contact her because she has some questions for him/her. The Anon replied that "they" won't contact her because she was rude to "them" from so many years ago and they get receipt. An abroadian sent Stella some money to send to be Anon poster but she didnt know..
Stella equally sounded a Stern warning to everyone planning to come to her inbox with anything unserious that she's very rude and mean in there and that her blog persona na facade. She said, if you wan know the real Stella, come inbox with something wey no get meaning and you'll smell yourself.


On Thursday was World teacher's day. BVs celebrated teacher NK and other BVs on the blog for their impact to humanity.

On Thursday in house news, Stella posted that she won't be posting memo anymore unless she has something important to say. She further said that she don dey too shalaye which requires plenty explanation and that has given some entitled lots the guts to think she owes them anything; money, cash, deed or kind. She also addressed the Anon that has been trolling her that she's using APC money for giveaway. She told the Anon that if she wan catch am, she go just open her eyes and close, boom!
She also said it's not in her place to start to dey shalaye how she makes her money but make people know that if Dem dey drag her, na more millions to her aza.. If she drag person, more billions to her aza, oporrrrrrrrrr....


On Friday spontaneous post, An Anon sought BVs opinion regarding her friend that dates his babe bi annually. He go date the babe break up with her after 2yrs with reasons that she no fight enough for him, she no respect him properly etc.. He has dated and broken up with the babe twice and wants to date her again now but the babe dey act cold. So, the Anon wanted to know whether to tell him to free the babe or to apply more pressure.

On Friday spontaneous post, BV Oki royalty narrated how a soldier frustrated and oppressed her where she went for work. Apparently, she wanted to pierce for a babe and a soldier came and ordered her to stop. She did and the soja man said piercing is illegal and wanted to seize her machine. He wasted Oki's time for 4hrs and made the babe lose 3k. Oki stood her ground, she didn't beg the soja man despite other people's pleading on behalf of her.

On Saturday spontaneous post, BVs that were chosen as beneficiaries of 50k giveaway cane out, full of thanks and gratitude to Stella for early momo alert.

Thank you everyone for your prayers last week, your prayers really worked because I don dey kampe. Till I come your way next week, if you love someone walk up to them and and tell them how you feel........don't dull.

Until i come your way next time, i remain the one and only Blog gist collator...

Its me


  1. Lol..

    Okay, just to correct something..
    I didn't say the couple are 29-32 years..

    I said the guy with the PhD (who later turned out to be a girl๐Ÿ˜) is around that age. I didn't want to state the exact age..

    So the age of the other people weren't mentioned or discussed..

    Blessings ๐Ÿ™

    1. BTW Oyin, how your body now.. hope you're stronger..
      I'm fasting and praying for you Lol

  2. Thanks Oyingate
    Have a beautiful Sunday

  3. Thank you OnyinGATE. Well written. ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  4. You're doing well,Onyin. Keep it up sweetie ๐Ÿ˜˜

  5. Hmmm this is good, it help one not to miss anything

  6. Nice summary
    Happy Sunday my blog family

  7. Well done Onyin๐Ÿ˜˜ you're doing well. More ink to your pen.

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  9. Keep up the good work, Oyin ๐Ÿ‘

  10. OnyinGATE, Weldon ๐Ÿ™Œ.
    Hope you're getting better. God bless you.๐Ÿ˜

  11. Keep it up dear, you're doing a nice job๐Ÿ‘

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