Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. 627km, Lagos to PortHarcourt.
    It worth it cos we're married with two kids.

  2. Abuja to Lagos, and yeeeaa, it was so worth it.πŸ˜‰

  3. Uyo, Akwaibom state.

    It was worth it.

    This was during my second year in school. She invited me to her place. I traveled all the way from Enugu to see her. A mutual friend connected us.

    I Spent the night with her and left after two days. She hosted me very well.

    Yes, sex those nights was great. I no know say na machine she be but I didn't disappoint either. After some weeks I stopped taking her calls. She just wanted a man to be satisfying her and not a relationship. Distance was a problem though, for she wanted me to always come around weekend or twice in a month

    She's single with all the great curves but not pretty. Very kind and nice. She gave me my transportation back when I was going. I didn't believe that.

  4. Lagos to Abuja
    Married to d same man

  5. Hian. Years back. Trip to Onitsha to visit a suitor on the orders of my cousin. Guy man is a very short banker. Wanted to sleep with me that night and I made so much nice that he didn't succeed. I relayed all that happened to the sister in the morning.Lol I ran for my dear life.

  6. From Abuja to Kebbi State. The annoying thing is I don't eat when on a long journey and its almost a whole day journey with bad roads. Few months before I went to visit him in Kebbi for the first time, we gisted and gisted, him telling me how he will scatter my ass with his rod. Getting there, it was really really boring and guy did not even bother to make it interesting. I decided to manage with him until guy man showed me his true colour. He fought me.over my phone. He insisted on going through it and I said no. We fought oo and the guy went to bed with malice. This was something he never did when he didn't have a job. As he got a job, his true behaviour came out. He is a lecturer and must have seen a lot of ladies to spice him up. It wasn't worth it. I left.

  7. Lagos island to Lagos mainland, not worth it at all.

  8. Over 5,000km and no it was not worth it.

  9. Kano to Abuja.
    Yes, it was worth it cos he's mine now and I'm his. 😊πŸ₯°

  10. 2014, Lagos to Abuja by road,
    I will never forget.

    I got to Abuja few mins to 5am.

    I confessed my sins and even the ones I didn't do and promised God a whole lot if HE spared me this one chance to live.

    Dude gave me money for flight, but i Iooked back and saw that the home i was leaving to go see my boyfriend was not homing.

    I told my friend that I would get to her place that night so i can rest, and she would drive me down to Garki where he lived the next morning. I have already planned my moves and told my guy i would come so so day so it would align with my getting to my friend's at gwarinpa, resting and getting to his place the next day. He would be st work then send told me where he kept the house key.

    We left Lagos 7am but my village people came to play. Nothing I didn't see on the road. We alighted and ran for our lives twice in the journey. I lost my phone and small box i was travelling with. Luckily, i told my friend the name of the transport company and I called her when the second attack happened so she knew the place. She drove to the park around 1am, slept inside her car till we arrived 4:52am. By the time she saw me I was a mess, blood patches on my neck and hands due to running and struggling from the bus and all. She gave me a box and few of her clothes as we are same body size, new panties and toiletries. So dude didn't suspect. I didn't check my box in so it had no tag(I would have told him if he had asked).

    The guy saw me and asked what happened, I told him I was sick from home, he said why didn't i tell him, i said i didn't want to come off like i played him. 48hrs with him I developed serious fever and spent 6days at the hospital. A three days weekend rendezvous became a two weeks stay.

    Though my plan worked for the flight thing, that was the last time I did a road trip that is Abuja, South and East. Even Benin I fly. Anambra here I can't go by road. If ibadan or Ogun state have airport God knows I would be going by air.

    I am yet to heal from the anxiety that journey gave me. I will never forget seh.

  11. Ilorin to Ogbomoso, not worth it. I don't even know his whereabout months after we met

  12. 8 hours 49mins, Lagos to Qatar.
    The individual didn't worth it but the city Doha worth it.

  13. During my service year, Imo state to Delta state, thou we're not together due to distance (I am base in Lagos while he's base in Delta)but we're still friend.

  14. From phc to Lagos in 2009. It was totally worth it. I had so much fun

  15. To another country
    We didn’t end up together but that trip sealed our fate so it was worth it to know one way or the other

  16. Lagos to asaba.we agreed i would come on Wednesday i will leave on friday for port harcourt only for me to get there,he picked me up from the park on the way home he received a call and the next thing he asked was when am i leaving told him friday as agreed and he bluntly told me i cant stay at his place till friday.had to call an uncle left the next morning for his place and to port harcourt on friday'.He didn't even bother giving me transport


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