Stella Dimoko NLC And TUC Begin Indefinite Nationwide Strike Over Assault On Its President Joe Ajaero


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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

NLC And TUC Begin Indefinite Nationwide Strike Over Assault On Its President Joe Ajaero

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) have declared a nationwide strike.
The strike is in response to the recent abduction and physical assault of their president, Joe Ajaero

They ordered their members to commence the indefinite strike from midnight and they gave stringent conditions for the government at all levels to stop the industrial action. 
 They didnt go on strike for the sake of the masses but now cos of assault on 'Mr President' the strike is effective...JOKERS!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. I don laugh tire. These people are not it at all. Did I not read they were planning on flying him abroad for treatment? Treatment for what please?
      Who did this to us?
      I lost respect for NLC way back when Oshiomole was president.
      May God deliver us from evil.


    2. You're right,Oshiomole was the that bastardised the union.🀨🀨🀨

  2. I condemned the manner in which he was treated in Imo state but then I won't absorb him of the blame. How many times has he called off national strikes and made it seems as if they ware toothless bulldog but wanted to show himself in Imo state.

    He made the Imo state protest seems partisan to even think it was at the build up of an election week or period.

    I pity the Imo state people, for I heard after that incidence there have been a power outage till this moment. I heard no flight coming into the state or leaving as well. When two elephants fight. It's the grass that suffers.

    You cannot successfully pull a protest when Nigerians are dyeing of starvation and economic strangulation and you want to do that now because your President was rough handled.

    The jokes writes themselves in this country.

  3. What gains have they ever achieved with the strikes? Who benefits from the strikes? The labour leaders have always used strikes to their own selfish interests. Let them look around, no one is clapping for them.

  4. Nobody is taking them serious am sure the government is laughing at them.

  5. Wahala.
    Hope transporters and logistics companies can work o, cos I have wig to send to edo state today.
    Lemme go and check something

  6. If commencing on strike because their leader was beaten is so wrong of them.
    The poor masses suffers at the end of the day

  7. Bunch of jokers. They are not even striking because of the already disturbing and half dead economy but for a useless reason of karma on how useless they've been and treated the Nigerian people. A bigger karma is coming their way sha

  8. It's very obvious the union don't have the interest of the masses at heart. Government should also impose no work no pay rule on them. Bunch of jokers.

  9. Big time jokers. So the country should be on a standstill cause they beat their staff

  10. The NLC president and his cohorts are behaving like clowns🀑


  11. I hope they don’t get paid. What a country!

  12. Since they became a political party,I lost all respect for them.This strike is just stupid and nonsensical

    1. Labour has always been a political party, even in UK, it is the main opposition party

  13. NLC should be dissolved- they are clearly. It working I. The interest of the masses.


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