Stella Dimoko Rapper El Dee Says The Cost Of Wedding Ring Affects The Length Of The Marriage


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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Rapper El Dee Says The Cost Of Wedding Ring Affects The Length Of The Marriage


  1. this is what you have in your coconut head and who told you that people who buy ring from local sellers cannot divorce.

    1. 不不不 Chill oh BVs. The key word there is when you prioritize or lay sole emphasis on the rock or engagement/wedding ring instead the quality of the person is a recipe for disaster. It shows you have poor financial management if the couple focus on things that can fade away (rings, material stuff e.t.c) instead of things of substance or sustainability of the couple (marriage)....不不不 Una dey para oh

    2. "Expensive" is subjective. A $20,000 ring is expensive for some and not so much for others.

      Spending more than what you have on a ring at the expense of better investment options that will bring financial peace will lead to a wedding and honeymoon to match the ring. It also sends a signal that your black tax needs to be increased. This financial misbehaving will further lead to crisis in the marriage as a result of poor financial choices: a house and car payments you can't afford, holidays and electronics bought with plastic at an exorbitant interest rate, missed payments, sinking credit score, dipping into 401k etc. Any loss of jobs or changes in circumstances would meet a family unprepared and grasping for worse options. It's not about how much you make but how much you save and spend.

      Whatever you do, single or married, live below your means. As Dave Ramsey would say, "live like no one else so you can live and give like no one else". His study revealed that a high proportion of millionaires are actually teachers despite their poor pay.

      Most marriages that crash do so due to financial stress. The man made a good point.

  2. The opinion that People who spend money on their weddings are not financially responsible is very stupid and ridiculous.I used to think this guy has sense sha.what about people that are from rich families or people that make very good money?boy yi ti mad sha

  3. So this thing you said now make sense to you?

  4. He needs to change his Sk and colorado dealer. Imagine this kind of mentality. So, a dude who is intentional about the rock or metal he gives his woman no get sense ba? Na this lamba he take dey deceive the one wey he use panda propose to不.

  5. Wetin dis oga dey yarn abeg, make somebody interpret gimme

  6. Are you serious Mr man
    For your mind you make sense

  7. There’s always a quote out there to support someone’s dumb beliefs. I have heard this before, he’s not the original author but for you to put that out there, means you agree with it. It definitely doesn’t apply to all couples. How does purchasing an expensive ring for someone you love equate being financially irresponsible and how does this also determine the longevity of the marriage? IMO, this is the excuse selfish people adopt Perhaps, this could have been worded differently, “maybe in the case where couples are financially strained and the partner still wants an expensive ring or wedding” it might be better to use the funds towards something else like a house or a different kind of investment, until you can afford a better ring, but if you can afford it, get that woman a nice and “expensive” ring period! Don’t forget your partner is a reflection of who you are..

  8. Na say money no too dey then I no do even the type wey I like. If u can afford it comfortably and desire it, Abeg, throw the most beautiful wedding u can abeg. The way I love watching videos of those types of weddings ehn


  9. Tell woman make im no spend all your money for wedding ceremony? You serious?

    Bro, we understand you fully - priorities maketh a family and marriage. The old saying is true. One man's meat is not another man's food

    A wise man economize on marriage ceremony expenses knowing very well that real obligations starts the day after. Some men also know that some women have walked out of their marriage soon after because husband finished account on wedding and things became tough due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Who like make im use all buy stone wey pawn shops owners go price like cargo if money is really needed for the family after marriage ceremony.

    Rings wey some dey wear and still use the hand and ringed finger for extra curricular activities.

  10. He trying to tell the future Mrs. something without saying it

  11. Which kind rubbish talk be this sef

  12. Once money talk enter, relationship is over. To those who marry careers, ensure to find out his or her attitude towards money. A responsible Keke driver is better than an engineer with a gambling or drug problem. A spendrifth wife is the worst plague to befall a man and such wife will always cheat.


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