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Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Wise Saying....

 Na wetin eye dey find, na him e dey see.


  1. Yes ooo. Kinda faith works.


  2. Say NO to domestic violence.

    There is this man that stays near my shop. He is a native. We came to work last week Monday and heard that his wife beat him wotowoto.

    On that fateful day, it was said, he got home around 9pm and met his wife's absence. His children told him that their mother went to the market. At 9pm? Who is still in the market by that time, I asked.

    Becoming suspicious, he went downstairs to lock the entrace gate only to find his wife changing her clothes under the stair case. Hmmm. Right there, he demanded to know where she was coming from but she rather told him off.

    Hearing the raised voices of their parents, their adult children ran downstairs to quell the alteracation. As the children held their father to prevent him from beating their mom, this woman quickly grabbed a bottle, broke it and used it as a weapon on the man. She almost killed the man. The man quickly drew his brother's attention to the incident and then collapsed because he lost so much blood. It was also said he laid curses on his children. Oh no. His brother rushed him to the hospital to receive medical attention. Thank God he is up and running now.

    This week, his children came to his office to beg for forgiveness so he can reverse the curse. And this he has done. But he has left home for them and their mother. What a pity.
    Lawyer, please reconsider for old time sake.

    Heard the woman has been complaining of her husband's escapades with smallies. What a twist! You are accusing a man of cheating yet you are doing same. Shameless.

  3. Seek goodness and you will find it. Look forward to prosperity no matter the current situation and you will not be disappointed.

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