Stella Dimoko Ceecon Oil And Gas CEO Chima Anyaso Gets Ambassadorial Deal For Boy Who Strutted The Runway


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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Ceecon Oil And Gas CEO Chima Anyaso Gets Ambassadorial Deal For Boy Who Strutted The Runway

A young boy who went viral after he was spotted rocking an Adidas shirt and strutting for fun on the runway of the Aba Fashion Week 2023 has been made an Adidas Ambassador.
The Aba Fashion Week(AFW 23) held on Wednesday December 6, 2023 in Aba, Abia State.
The deal was reportedly facilitated by Chima Anyanso, the CEO of Ceecon Oil and Gas......Read to the end for my two cents and then state yours!

I am sorry but i dont buy this story at all...I think this was well planned...Look at how fesh that young boy looks, they tried to make him look street but e no work...Nice try and good advert ....After that bread seller advert una no go catch me again oh....


  1. 不不不不不不. Nigeria my country. I wish them the best.

  2. Stella,
    What of:
    Some poor men/women children dey look good too (a.k.a good looking dey genes too)?
    Anybody tushed up can look good (done regularly in reality makeover shows)?

  3. When it's God's time to bless you,no stopping.

    Congratulations Runaway boy

  4. Stella trenches get levels nah, also the boy looks like someone who will be the class clown.
    back in the days when all those brand will come to do promo and they call out people to dance and get gift my friend and I use to sought them out and we won a lot of gift, if it was now in the era of social media I'm sure I would've have trended. and I be ajebo with a touch of pako

  5. The boy looked street to me when he was on the runway. The way he carried himself when he was walking made him look like someone that came to catch cruise.

    It was still cruise anyway.

  6. Congratulation to him i hope he utilize this fame well

  7. Looking at the boy on the runway, I don't think it was staged. He just dey catch cruise but God's Grace locate him. Congratulations boy!

  8. I doubt you know what ajebo children look like. The way he is even sitting in both pictures, especially the second, shows the lack of confidence of a person placed in a setting he's not used to. This is not an ajebo child at all

  9. Congratulations to him

  10. Ajebo with a touch of pako

  11. Ajebo with a touch of pako

  12. Chika(hello iya boys)13 December 2023 at 13:25


  13. I didn't see the video. But the picture of the boy I see here isn't too fresh for someone from a poor home. I looked fresher and finer than some of my classmates who were silver spoon kids growing up, even though at that point things were pretty tough financially in my home

  14. Hahahahahahaha Stella I disagree. Not staged at all even though I don't entirely believe he's gotten an ambassadorial deal with Adidas. I just pray that whatever publicity he's getting now will be to his advantage.

  15. Grace at work
    Congratulations to him

  16. Ok o.
    Me I no know ,but whatever make dem dey dia.


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