Stella Dimoko A Memo To Wives On How To Prevent Being Thrown Out With 'Ghana Must Go Bags''


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Tuesday, January 02, 2024

A Memo To Wives On How To Prevent Being Thrown Out With 'Ghana Must Go Bags''

This is a funny read but a must read!!!!

''E dey always pain me each time I dey watch Nigeria movie, husband and wife go get small misunderstanding, then the husband go just throw two Ghana-Must-Go bag come out, dey tell the wife "Leave my house, I say you must leave my house today"

Just two Ghana-Must-Go bag for christ sake..... E show say the wife no dey contribute anything for that house at all

I dey always advice women..... If your husband buy home theater, then make you buy 55 inch plasma........ If him buy air conditioner, make you buy double door refrigerator....... If him buy foam, make you try buy bed.... Let it look like a competition

If you dey follow your husband buy properties.... Before him go open mouth tell you say leave my house... Him go think am well well

Even if him get mind throw your things out...... By the time him throw out your 55 inch plasma, your double door fridge, your bed, your center table, your gas cooker, your raid insect killer, tooth brush wey you buy for him and the comb wey him take dey comb hair......Nothing go remain inside the house again
Your husband sef go hail when neighbors begin gather dey quarrel with am say "Haba papa Nkechi..... So as all of us play reach for this street, you no even fit tell any of us say una wan pack"

Na your husband go come dey explain "Neighbors, no be pack I dey pack o... Na my wife I dey pursue comot"
Then neighbors go begin scream "Aaaah!.... Papa Nkechi, so you mean say na pursue you dey pursue your wife and your house don already dey empty like this..... You better call her back and beg her before your life too becomes empty
But then..... Women.... Respect your husbands.... No matter wetin you dey contribute for the house

Complement Of The season ooooo!!

by Princess Funmi Raji ''


  1. Didn’t see the humor

  2. Na irresponsible man dey throw him wife stuff out, say wetin happen na? Abeggi.


    1. Cynthia i want you to judge this based on your above comment. Because sometimes people just say things as if everything is black and white is life.

      Husband and wife had misunderstanding about the man not eating the previous night’s meal because according to him the fried food got burnt and the wife served it like that even without informing him that the meal somehow got burnt.
      He was eating and realized the meal isn’t quite manageable like he thought so he asked the wife:

      Husband: please o, this food…did it get burnt because of lack of enough oil or it just got burnt just like that.

      Wife: there was enough oil.

      Husband: so what happened naw because this food is quite burnt.

      Wife (while on the bed pressing phone): eat the good ones and leave the rest.

      Husband becomes angry because of the lack of concern shown by the wife towards the first good meal he was supposed to have that day being that he had left for business earlier than usual because he needed to help the said wife go waybill somethings earlier that morning. So he had no breakfast till 11pm when he returned due to December traffic.

      He gets up and went to drop the food in the kitchen without saying anything else to the wife and went to bed.

      The next morning the wife got up angry with lot of attitude then asked the man what should happen to the food he left in the kitchen. The man replied her that since she deemed the food eatable by him that she too can eat the food or throw it away.
      The wife who already woke up with trouble brimming through her attitude got more pissed and asked the husband:

      Wife: what kind of rubbish is that thing you said?

      Husband: I’ve told you for more than two years now that you mustn’t use such words simply because of a misunderstanding. I don’t use ‘rubbish’ towards you no matter how angry i get and I’ve always told you to refrain from usually such words in this house as I don’t want it to be a norm the way you said it’s normal between you and your siblings. You can’t be in my house and always use abusive words.

      Wife: oya throw my things out naw, RUBBISH! RUBBISH!! RUUUUUUBISH!!!

      Husband walks to the wardrobe and start packing wife’s stuff to the bed.

      Wife: you think i will beg you? Nonsense… bring them out!!

      Wife picks her things and goes to her single friend’s house as if she had been waiting for an opportunity to.

      It was at that point the husband called my husband ( wife’s brother) to tell him what has happened.

    2. You obviously don’t like your sister in-law (from the way you narrated the story), what has she done to you? Let’s start from there.
      Btw, if the husband had his brother in-laws phone number why didn’t he make the call before throwing his wife out? Would he have done that to his mother just because of a minor quarrel?? I ask again, what did your sister in-law do to you??

      Fan Emmanuel

    3. Fan leave the anon and talk about the two couples who mishandled that incident. Why do you women hate accountability but demand so much of it from men? Just a little show of concern from that woman when the husband made her know the food was bad would have avoided the whole thing that followed. Man go work come back for night after the whole daily business stress with customers and hold up, you dey house dey press phone allow food burn… yet you still look for a way to ignore the main matter, na sister inlaw say make food burn?? Na she say make wife lack regard and respect for her husband?? Just imagine.

    4. Lolllll, over grown tatas with snot dribbling down their chin. You dropped food waiting for who to beg you?
      Who? LMAOOOO. These little kids in adult clothes still me funny.
      Anyways tests for the full time housewife who will be rubbing husbands tummy and feet.
      When I'm outside early as 6am and come back and come back after 8pm znd you are there balancing your head waiting to be fed and critiquing and rejecting will just die of hunger.
      No time for rada rada.

  3. Father we pray for a stronger bond of unity in our marriage covenant in Jesus name πŸ™
    May we never be disgraced out of our marriages in Jesus name πŸ™

  4. In entirety, Dear Women Make your own money too but still respect your husband. I love this piece

  5. Hilarious but not a lie

    Triumphant One

  6. Honestly,I don't know such men and men. Everyone is busy.

  7. Making money is not particular to a gender, making money together strengthens relationship/marriage so it should be a priority to both gender.

  8. @vivychoco, rightly said, however both should respect the other, respect goes both ways

  9. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣. Funny but the lesson is that we need to help our spouses significantly.
    When you have value, your husband will definitely respect you.

    1. Even if you have the whole world, without respect the man will still send you away or he will leave the house for you. Not really about what you contributed.

  10. May God protect all marriages.

  11. WellI agree with the writer partially
    My mum was so industrious, she helped myy dad complete our family building, got most of the furnitures in the house, but that didn't stop my dad from treating her badly and eventually sent her packing. She cha left with everything she got in the hose.

    1. Gbam!
      If she had her name on title document, she would have gotten credit for that.
      If she had receipts for materials purchased, she would have collected all back.

      By the way, I am a man.

    2. Annon, your right πŸ‘

  12. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 I can't stop laughing. But that is the bitter truth. Wives make you naa hear word ooo

  13. Nonsense and APC.😏😏😏πŸ₯΄


    A beggar came asking for food. I told him to come around to the back door and asked him to sit on the floor while I went in to bring the left over food.

    I brought him food & said, let's pray. Now repeat after me, "Our FATHER in Heaven". He said, "Your Father in Heaven". I said."No, say OUR FATHER in Heaven". He again said, "Your Father in Heaven"!!!

    This extremely Irritated me! I asked why do you say 'Your' father when I say 'Our' FATHER?'

    He said, "Sir, it's like this. If I say Our FATHER, then we both become brothers. If we are brothers, you would invite me in through the front door and not the back; you would ask me to sit at your dining table not on the floor; you'd also not give me stale food! Sir, somehow it's not possible that we are sons of the same father!"

    He may be your Father, but he can't be OUR Father!

    Whose FATHER is He?

    It took a beggar to teach me the truth!!!

    GOD becomes our FATHER when we treat one another as brothers and sisters.

    GOD Bless us all.... AmenπŸ™.

    1. Even in Stand-alone Post, You will still copy and Paste.

      You sure say you no copy for School. Try Dey think on your own

    2. 15.06, bitterleaf. Copy n paste yours and let her be!

  15. Funny but Deep Writeup…

    I love her play with humor and Reality.

  16. No, if him buy those furniture and the house, make you support him small but still save enough money so that any day he throws you out, you'll use your money to get another apartment and get your new house well furnished, take photos and send to him to show him that you are doing well after he threw you out. E go pain am eh. It depends on the kind of husband you married though.

  17. Funny but packed with truths.

  18. Hahahaha, very funny but true

  19. Lagos Mainland Girl2 January 2024 at 14:23

    A marriage that wants to end will end.
    A man once told his wife in the middle of an argument that even if she buys him an aeroplane he will still cheat. Just because she has more money and doing better than him.

  20. Some female Bvs will refuse see the hilarity of the post because of the point made. For them, marriage is only for taking away by the woman and emptying of the man.

  21. When my sister moved out of her husbands house, he had no cooker, fridge , or curtains. πŸ˜ƒ
    To cut the long story short, they are back together. Stronger than ever. Making money is not gender sensitive. Love you Stella!

  22. The most important lesson here is everyone to hustle and contribute to the family unit. One person should not be left with the family burden, any little help is important to keep the family growing.

  23. Crass and tasteless write up. Do better next time. By the way, I am sorry if I sound harsh.

  24. Hilarious but so true

  25. Exactly what Kiekie said in Toke's podcast that how will she be living in a house and not paying rent. Women should strive to have their own always, it doesn't feel good being at the mercy of another human being.

  26. May I never marry a man that will throw my load away.

  27. Chika(hello iya boys)2 January 2024 at 16:30

    Abi ooo
    Absolutely Truth ooo..

  28. Growing up I had a Yoruba friend who one day asked me why I was frivolous with my money. She wondered why I wasn't buying stuff in preparation for going to my husband's house home and kitchen stuff. She then made reference to our Nollywood movies which by the way are mainly set within igbo culture where the man drives the woman and all her properties are in one bag. She concluded that it's shameful. Thereafter I began buying stuff and maybe because most my friends were Yoruba, I did acquire quite a bit. In fact on the day my things were being moved my mother in law was around and she ( being an industrious woman herself) was impressed. Over the course of the marriage ( 30 years) we have had our differences but Oga knows that he can't try me because (suffice to say) he will be the loser. My friends husband once tried to throw it in her face that she was doing nothing. Actually she was footing the house running costs. She stopped since he was trying to imply that she was not bringing anything to the table. The story is long but he had to apologize. She too began using her money for capital projects that would be visible to all. Last last, the house they are building, the land was bought by her. Apologies for my long missive. The summary is that everyone should pull their weight in the home. I don't know why men are quick to want to throw their wives out after a quarrel. It is such behavior that made one Chronicler say that, that experience has made her do a lot of things solo.

  29. Mine will need an 18 wheeler truck to fit my contributions to our home! The word Yorubas use to describe women who live completely off their man: “Alabodo” meaning the one you feed to F**K! made me decide I will not be that person nor will that describe me in life.

    Women, life is stressful no matter how rich or comfortable a man is. If you have no source of income or it’s very insignificant, your man is under pressure, scared deep inside and often nervous about the “what ifs” of life more than those who are married to successful career women. He is afraid that if anything happens you may not be able to live at the standard he set or wants for you. I notice a lot of such Nigerian men that I have seen in practice have cardiovascular diseases after a certain age. I don’t like making generalizations without statistics but all the men I have seen with serious cardio and stress related chronic ailments are married to women who are completely dependent on them. Go figure.

    Contribute, you went to school and may have been classmates so why would you put your brain on permanent vacation while he uses his own. They don’t count housework or childbirth as work so split house chores ( he will if you earn very well) and go out as well!

    It irritates me when I watch a Nollywood movie and a woman can fit all her things in 3 suitcases after many years of marriage! Why? My generation (X) gave you the impression that it’s the norm because many found no jobs after graduation in the 80s & 90s and the men went to hustle for contracts leaving them at home. It was never like that as our mothers, the mothers of gen Xers were teachers, civil servants or even college professors. We the generation X (gen before the Millennials), graduated during IBB SAP, oil price crash and all the early days of the recession after the oil boom. That is why Gen Zs and young Millennials who see many women not working think it’s the norm or is a good thing. It’s not. Even if it’s legit online hustle, do something. The founder of Merry Maids cleaning service became a multimillionaire from setting up a business cleaning homes. Broom and mop! Men need help too to live long. Life is too tough to expect one party to face the vagaries of the harsh world alone. That’s not nice. I bet such women will not like a daughter-in-law who does that to their son!


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