Stella Dimoko Nigerian Govt Says Ban Of Some Plastics Is Inevitable


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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Nigerian Govt Says Ban Of Some Plastics Is Inevitable

The Minister of State for Environment, Iziaq Salako in a statement on Tuesday, says the Federal Government of Nigeria banning some plastic materials is inevitable, and urged Nigerians to be prepared for “wholistic circular management of our waste”.

He said the decision of the Lagos State Government to ban Styrofoam and other single use plastics is “a strong signal to businesses and the general public that the menace of single use plastics needs to be comprehensively addressed, if Nigeria is to deliver on her environmental agenda of sustainability. The Lagos State Government is therefore commended for the bold decision”.

The minister said the Federal Ministry of Environment recently inaugurated “an interagency committee to continue the process of robust consultation across government, across businesses and with all stakeholders to birth a sustainable solution that is sensitive to the Nigeria context”.

He said the ministry is examining policies and initiatives that will drive the production of alternatives to plastics.

Salako said, “The current poorly regulated and indiscriminate use of plastics has to be addressed, and Nigerians must prepare for the inevitable change in this area, including banning of some products.

“In the interim, Nigerians are advised to take personal deliberate environmental actions to reduce and reuse plastics and also explore the growing market of recycling for their plastic waste.

“In the coming days, robust awareness campaign and sensitization will be rolled out to prepare Nigerians for the inevitable ban of some plastics and the wholistic circular management of our waste.”

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  1. Long time coming...Anytime I look at our waterways, it angers me so much to see it littered with these styrofoam plates and PET bottles....

    In addition to the ban, LASG should open recycling hubs or collaborate with the waste disposal vendors and place strategic waste baskets or bins around the state..Sensitize Lagosians to comply with waste disposal laws...Going hard on LGA/LCDAs to drive this Cleaner Lagos initiative .They can use the agberos to ensure those bins don't go missing or stolen...

    Work with these manufacturers or importers to halt their productive and seek other safer alternatives and work strategically with the Ministry of Environment..,

    1. To add all vehicles (public and private) should have waste baskets..This should be enforced with Min of Environment & Transportation and other road safety officials..

    2. What about users of these products.? Some of them have this habit of eating, dumping the waste plastic or whatever, anywhere and anyhow.

  2. I agree with this. The menace of indiscriminate plastic waste disposal is appalling 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.

    Even car owners will buy, drink and throw out of their windows without a care in the world.
    We can do better as a people.

  3. To be honest, these things are just littered everywhere, people should try and do better. Dispose them off properly.
    Some will even throw them out the windows of moving vehicles. Not nice.

  4. There are eco-friendly alternatives. I hope forward-thinking producers are looking into the production of such.

  5. Ver good move, even sachet water aka pure water that is not pure should be banned. Let us revert back to how we used to buy water in the past

  6. It's the dirty habits of some people and no proper waste disposal in this country. That's the root cause.🙄🙄🙄

  7. Good idea from the Government

    #Icefishseller #

  8. Anytime I pass through Agbara road at Ogun State , all the drainage is filled with this take away plastic.

  9. If thats the only thing they learned after carrying over 2000 people for a climate change conference, well we thank God.
    An empty brain is better than a daft brain.

    Soooooo, after you ban what next? Becayse the sane way Nigerians have zero Maintenance culture, they have minus zero ability to be proactive.
    What is stopping people from utilising the alternatives provided by these eateries and still block gutters.
    Truth is, a dirty set of people will be dirty no matter what.
    The way people spit, blow nose, urinate, pour dirty water,shit, throw food, food wrappers in public is beyond disgustingly. Like jungle animals.
    Regards of if you ban or not ban, these filthy people remain the same.

    1. Take 🍦🍯🍭🍬🍫🍪 to counter the bitterness.

  10. This is commendable. We need eco friendly environment

  11. Kenya has done it. Rwanda has done the same with risk of imprisonment for law breakers. Uganda is in it's way and local manufacturing is meeting supply. We gain nothing by importing these plastics to come and clog our drainage and pollute our waters.

    Those who have followed the humanitarian crisis caused by flooding and climate change in Nigeria and it's effect on safety, food security, economic stability, health care, commerce, even education will know this is long overdue.

    The next thing we should be thinking of is regulation of the mining industry due to it's deleterious effect on our land, rivers and canals in addition to the crime networks that have formed around it.

  12. I was in Thailand for one year postdoctoral research, part of my observations was they used plastics as much as we do in Nigeria. They practically wrapp everything in plastics bag and consume a lot of industrial plastics. However, you will not see a single used plastics litter the environment. They are discarded in waste bins and taken back to the processing factory. Infact, waste plastics are waste to the nation. Their recycling industry is topnotch and thrives on used plastics. The recycling industry provides employment and revenue. I don't understand why you ban the use of plastics instead of developing a functional recycling industry. Researchers are currently busy developing biodegradable plastics. We pray to have a breakthrough. We should key into these industries.


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