Stella Dimoko Reality TV Star Angel Frowns At Women Who Marry And Refuse Friends Calling Their Husbands By 1st Name


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Monday, January 29, 2024

Reality TV Star Angel Frowns At Women Who Marry And Refuse Friends Calling Their Husbands By 1st Name

Are you on this table?
Reality TV Star Angel Smith frowns at married women who kick against their female friends calling their husband by his name.

During a series of conversations on X platform about the appropriate titles which the wife's female friends are supposed to address their friend's husband, some suggested addressing him as "Sir" or a more respectful term while, Angel saw this practice as being ridiculous and absurd.

She insisted that spouses should be addressed with their formal names and says there is need to focus more on pressing issues like the increasing economic hardship in the country.
She maintained that after she married,she would prefer her friends to continue addressing her husband by his name...

According to the discussion, an X user wrote:"As my friend, if you call my husband by his name wallahi I'll first slap you and we'll now fight (real fight o) and unfriend each other".

Angel replied:
"Some of you women get married and become insane. "Mrs" now becomes your identity. What am I supposed to call my friend's husband? Sir?? or uncle? If I light you and him. Perhaps we will call him the conqueror, the champion, igwe 2pac".

In another post, she continued:
"Will take into consideration the cultural differences between the genzs and millennials, boomers, etc, cause I'm not calling my friend's husband anything except as a joke".


  1. Replies
    1. As for me i call them by their names,for those one's that like being over pompous, i call them mr so and so,or by their child's name that's daddy ayo or whatever. My hubby my friends call him by his name.

  2. My husband and friend’s husbands have repeatedly told all of us to call them by their names but ko jor, our home training no dey ever let us. You need to see us struggle to get attention of our friend’s husbands because we just don’t know how to address them as they won’t even let us use sir for them. One calls my husband ‘Bros’ sef.

  3. She's too sensible for her age. Brain sharp. Mouth sharp.
    What she's saying is the truth.
    Your friend is only calling your hubby by his first name, let's say "Peter which his friends, school mates and colleagues know him by
    Endearment names are strictly for the couple but first names belong to friends and colleagues

  4. Marriage is the way of life for most Nigeria women, that why they prefer to die in a miserable way than be out of the rubbish they are in. Entitlement mentality will not ruin Nigeria.

    1. Omo!!! This is beyond absurd! I don’t blame Dante and co feeling like the prize bc women have totally lost it

    2. Yet the women who really don't want to be married at all at all are in the minority.

      Those who are married and live without depending on their husbands are even fewer.

      Naija women sabi abuse marriage for mouth only.

  5. I address my friends hubby as, eg hello or goodevening Mr. (His first name). They didn't marry hediots so no one is offended.

    1. She is talking about calling the man Tunde, Sam, Okafor without any prefix or title word.

      You both are talking about different things. Which woman will grumble at her husband being called Mr. James or Dr. Okafor?

  6. On point.

    But if the husband is not in thesame age bracket with her friends then I would say her friends should add some respect to his name

    1. Well said
      Like going to that Actress country home In Niger Delta or Abuja home to call her husband by his first name and then extend a hand to shake him without him first extending his hand.

  7. Chika(hello iya boys)29 January 2024 at 14:42

    I address my friends hubby as Their kids name o
    Mayben daddy Daniel
    Daddy Esther

    Some times self I just call him Oga不不

  8. Even in Oyibo land, culture dey.
    We saw the Queen's burial.
    Decent men go home to meet the bride family for "permission"
    Royal births are announced by a town crier till date.

    We no advance reach Japan. Culture dey there for family interactions and inter family relationships

    1. For paedophilia, stealing, greedy and fetishness customs custodians are weak and silent

      Hypocritical delusional unprogressive society will have misplaced priorities


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