Stella Dimoko Actor Femi Durojaiye Says He Still Loves His EX Wife And That They Are Best Friends...


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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Actor Femi Durojaiye Says He Still Loves His EX Wife And That They Are Best Friends...

Nollywood actor, Femi Durojaiye, has opened up on his love for his former wife, despite being divorced.

He said;“Love is the most powerful force on earth. Some people have given up on love, marriage and relationships. But, that is so wrong. Love is still a beautiful thing and the most important thing God created. I envy anyone who is in love.
I still love my ex-wife, because she was my friend for about 18 years before we got married. We were teenage lovers. 
She was 16 and I was 17. Our divorce was not acrimonious. It just did not work out anymore, so we went our separate ways. We have children between us and we are friends. If I don’t tell you that we are divorced, you won’t ever know when you see her around me, because we were best friends."

He also stated that he would have loved to take his ex-wife out on Valentine’s Day but for work.
"I am not sure yet, because of work. However, if I have to take anyone out on Valentine’s Day, it would be her.
Never marry anybody for any other reason than for the fact that you love the person. Don’t marry because she is a church girl, or because he is a mosque man. If you make the mistake of marrying the wrong person, eight times out of 10, that marriage will not work. Love is so important."

 Punch newspaper


  1. Does that mean that love wasn't enough to keep the marriage? Cos if you both still feel so strongly for each other, why did the divorce happen?
    I'm just curious.

  2. You people love yourselves that much yet couldn’t make your marriage work Mtchewww…. “If I don’t tell you we’re divorced you won’t ever know when you see her around me” double Mtchewww… Hope neither you nor her are in any other relationship gaslighting your current partner? Confused people

    Fan Emmanuel

  3. Chika(hello iya boys)11 February 2024 at 16:00

    I dnt know the Ex-wife ooo

    Is she An Actress Too?

  4. He messed up. He had a gem and lost her. Mcheew.

  5. Love cannot be exhausted and it's unsearchable, even when we begin to think that just maybe we have found all there is to love, love demonstrate itself through other means.

  6. Does it means living apart , giving space or separation would have been solution to their issue before the divorce?
    He was like, " If I didn't tell you that we are divorced , you won't even know when you see her around me."
    And both still love each other and best of friends .
    Whatever makes them happy and rocks their boat.........
    The marriage ended but the love feeling didn't die ...... There must be sweet memories they shared together.

  7. If you still love her and want to the her out as your val on valentine's day why don't you both out things and come back? I guess you are giving her green light so that you both can come back together.

    Such years of friendship and live should be able to forgive any kind of sin ans get back together.

  8. I'm sure he messed up along the lines but I see them coming back together if still single.

  9. I don't understand. Stella please do a recap of what transpired between the former couples that led to their divorce.
    The most complex B

  10. When you see them talk like this, they messed up. I no blame you. I blame her for still giving you audience.
    I don't go back to my vomit

  11. Goes to show that LOVE is not enough to keep a marriage. You decide to tolerate limitations from your spouse. Love has never been enough.


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