Stella Dimoko CBN Refutes Allegations Of FAKE NEWS Making The Rounds


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Saturday, February 03, 2024

CBN Refutes Allegations Of FAKE NEWS Making The Rounds

The Central Bank of Nigeria says it has no plans to convert $30bn domiciliary deposits to naira........


  1. Cos it will affect the elites that is why no plan, wonder if other country save in our currency

    1. Thank you.

      Anne K

    2. Many Nigerians like yourself need to brush up on basic economics and dump this victim mentality.

  2. This government refutes everything yet it turns out to be through. Hope this will be an exception.

  3. The law suits that would have followed eh.
    Abeg o,dom account, nobody should touch it. Aarrgghh!

  4. Thieves!! They have destroyed the public sector, now they want to face the private sector.

  5. $30bn is not enough to bail Nigeria out the mess. We need constant revenue from exports, but what are we producing again? Nothing.

  6. Searching with Torchlight up and down for what else to plunder

  7. Nigerians who are a even minimally intelligent know that this is unreasonable and untrue.

    The issue with Nigerias economy is like that of a person who wants to eat his cake and have it still. 50 years of cankerworm approach to the economy and throwing dull parties we couldn't afford has gotten us here and without a period of strain, we are not getting out.

    The giant of Africa has bored it coffers through with people of every socioeconomic class living off unsustainable subsidies and passing on wealth creation and resilience. We forgot that awuff day run belle. The prices of basic goods around west Africa alone shows you that we are not yet ready to pay for the things we want to consume and the beneficiaries of these freebies over the years are lacking in the required innovation, zeal and creative thinking to create solutions and seize opportunities.

    No matter who became president or governor, the chickens were already back home, looking to roost. The cheques had been brought back by stern looking waiters.

    Nigerians themselves are the ones hoarding and roundtripping the subsidized forex the same way they did fuel so who are we kidding?

    If we continue to kick the bucket further down the road, we have Argentina pre Melei to expect. These pains are earned and necessary. If we reverse course now, we are calling for worse with lower hope for recovery.


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