Stella Dimoko Cyber Security Expert Calls On LP Supporters To Protect Treasurer Oparah Over N3.5Billion Missing Money


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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Cyber Security Expert Calls On LP Supporters To Protect Treasurer Oparah Over N3.5Billion Missing Money

Amid the ongoing crisis in the Labour Party, LP, a Nigerian cyber security expert based in South Africa, Charles Awuzie, on Wednesday, suggested that the suspended party Treasurer, Mrs Oluchi Oparah might be speaking the truth.
Awuzie, who supported the Labour Party and its presidential candidate, Peter Obi, said he is filled with deep disappointment.

Oparah had accused the National Chairman, Julius Abure of denying her access to the party’s financial records and bank accounts.
She equally demanded that Abure should render account of party funds in excess of N3.5billion, being proceeds of sale of forms and sundry funds raised for the 2023 general.

According to her, the chairman had so far shunned all entreaties to open the party’s books for scrutiny since the sale of expression of interest and nomination forms closed.
As a response to the allegations, the National Working Committee, NWC, of the Labour Party slammed a six-month suspension on Oparah.

The National Publicity Secretary of LP, Mr Obiora Ifoh, in a media briefing, said the suspended Treasurer is a mole who was being used by dissidents to cause disaffection in the party.
However, Awuzie, in a post on his Facebook page, suggested that the suspended Treasurer might be speaking the truth.
The cyber security expert said he was deeply sad about the development.
“As one of those who helped mobilize resources for the Labour Party, I’m deeply sad to read this.

“Dear Obidients, protect the TREASURER of the Labour Party, Oluchi Oparah at all cost.
“She’s speaking the truth.
“At this point, I am filled with deep disappointment. Does it mean that we can’t ever get politics right in this country?”

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  1. Ha ha ha, of course, she is speaking the truth but obidients are so dumb they won't know the truth even if it stares them right in the face.

  2. It's such a pity
    Thieves everywhere
    This just goes to show that they would have looted Nigeria dry if given the opportunity

    1. Like the ones you supported are doing right now, yeah? As if I knew I must find you here

      Y'all keep pretending as if all these happenings are not hitting you hard the more but quick to jump on wetin no really hit you. Enu e lewa n sokoto olopa 😤

    2. Just like the APC has been doing right?
      Oh how far the 5 billion yacht for baba Tinubu.
      Or the billions release to his daughter (for supposedly market women)
      Or the billions that have been released on a constant basis for one flimsy thing or another?

    3. Saint APC fan no. 1.
      Ana akogheri

      Mao Akuh

  3. Abure is being interviewed right now on Arise News.
    Let them go to court, we are waiting.


  4. Stella you are a gaslighter. Support your evil party in peace. People are suffering and you keep mocking them with your posts. Until you destroy your blog with your own hands

  5. Mtcheew..
    Instead of these shameless people to do better,. they're always doing their best to prove that other people are corrupt like them..

    Shameless group of people...

    If any stupid idiot like, you can go anon and come and reply trash under my comment, just know you're suffering more than me due to the people your support because you lack sense..

    May our kids have the integrity of the candidates we support,. Talk Amen if e sure you..


    1. Some of the "hotties" will definitely run in here to abuse after hiding their almajiri plates under the raffia palm roofs.

      Mr Abure is saying many things, they should head to court because it's not looking good at all.
      Billions ke?

      Watched videos of some northerners weeping that they are scavenging the forests for leaves they can cook with to get blood as blood tonic is expensive.
      Na wa.

  6. LP supporters live in delusion that their party and candidate are angels without any sin, so anyone that reports anything wrong with their party is always called a mole. Dey play

    1. You know one problem with you guys? You're always far from the truth. Your conscience aren't working anymore. You'll always have a way to involve its Presidential candidate even when the news didn't mention him.

      This is a man who constantly said and begged millions of Nigerians to go and verify. For one year and all through the election period, no body was able to come up with any criminal activities against him.

      No politician has ever thrown such a challenge ever in Nigeria. I'm proud of the man whom I voted for and will always do.

      I challenge you reading this now to point out one negative record of Peter Obi and if it's being verified. I will stop following him.

      © TEEJAY

  7. The truth is that some people do not really have the integrity we seek and they really do not have the interest of the nation in their mind and they are everywhere because man will nbe man, even amongst the holy 12, there was a Judas.
    But we will continue to support the ones that have the interest of this country and have proven it.
    I am not even fazed by this.
    Let the truth be revealed and let's know how many people we have.

  8. He who alleges must prove is one of those law maxim. I believe Labour Party will handle this allegation very well and strongly too.

    Guys, can I tell you something. Even if Labour party crashes today either by sponsored enemies from the other divide or enemies within, we will float another virgin(new) party with Peter Obi as its presidential candidate. There's no two ways about that.

    The earlier APC and its co travellers understand the difference between Labour Party and the Obident family, the better for them. Obident family and movement is a child of necessity.

    Peter Obi will be the only person and last time I will ever go to the poll. If he's not on the ballot or accept the slot of a VP, then count me out.

    I'm proud to have voted for Peter Obi and I will do that over and over again if duty calls.

    © TEEJAY

  9. Wow. The labour party is so evil and kwarapt!

    Can we also talk about the hardship Nigerians are facing abi we should keep pretending all is well?

  10. obedient, we supported the man peter obi, an upright man, so if there are misappropriation it has nothing to do with him. if he leaves LP today and forms his own party, then we dumb them too. the average Nigerian politician is a crook and we found one with integrity, in PO

  11. Proper investigation should be carry out. Criminals and thieves everywhere


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