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Friday, February 09, 2024

FRIDAY In House News

 #tgif hailings!

I was thinking that since that i have been announcing free advert and as Valentine is coming, you would send in your adverts and link it to your Instagram pages where your handle is your Online store....Especially those selling perfumes. I am quite shocked that none sent in and yet business is not moving for them...Or did you forget? What do you do with your Internet time aside from taking part in gists and gossip...
Send in your adverts before Wednesday and lets see if you will still sell......And if not you will still make sales moving on..

Hmmmm the story of King Jalal and Joda just got me all messed up.....And i know that it is just starting...Mahamanga has put on curse on the pregnancy Joda is carrying...So is it possible that someone will wrong you and put a curse on you and it will still be effective?Hmm something to think about....
BV Simple i dont think The King of hearts' Roshni and Siddart died, there is a part two of the series...i goggled something and though the explanation is scattered, I think he rose again in part 2...
For my comment today concerning gaslighting on the spontaneous post, I apologise to those who did no understand me totally............I no mean to make una vexs as everybody ''hi's'' dey chook so...Make wuna forgive and forget....LOL

BV Marie that counts the days, please send me a mail.
The BV who said a lady came to cry to her for food...can you please go to the Ladys house and call her with your phone so that i can speak with her and you?
BV Iya kosi can you please call me´? Or send me a mail, there is something down that needs to go up....
I need to explain something cos it may look like I am wicked, If you come to me to tell long stories and you tell me you are married with kids and begging me money, the first thing i ask for is your husband, especially if i see your kids are really little and you are still birthing more in that state of lack? Is it that Nigerian women dont know what family planning is? Kids are a gift from God but why birth them to suffer? Ah!!!!!
My mindset is different oh, make una no vexs.

Have an amazing day.... This fasting diet is making me wanna gbensh 21 times a day (side eyes at dokinta)
In house news will be back on Monday............
Tight hugs and see you in the Breakfast post on Saturday



Hey its time to show love to your loved ones eeeeeh...Valentine is not only for lovers but also a time to send love across the globe to all the important people in our lives....
The first 4 people to order for a little cake that costs not more than 10k, I will pay for 50 percent of the cake cost.......
Please dont call my number, call the number on the meme advert or send her a whatsapp message.


R E F L E C T I O N S*
When you live your life without anyone betraying, hurting, disappointing, disgracing or offending you, then it means you never did anything worthy.

The beauty of life, is that it comes with disappointments and betrayals, from people you least expect.

Unfortunately, some of us spend so much time crying over these betrayals and disappointments, and end up becoming victims of all circumstances.

Remember One Thing: Holding unto anger is like knocking your head on the wall and expecting the other person to feel the pain. You are only hurting yourself.

The fact is that the world is full of annoying, naughty, stupid and ungrateful people, and you will always come across them at one point or another in life. But the best thing to do, is to deal with them with wisdom and maturity.

You can’t get everyone to love you, think like you or behave like you... never.

We must learn to tolerate and overlook certain things, we must try to bury the faults of others and move on with life.

Anger, Hatred and Intolerance have caused most of the world's problems and solved none.

Life is short, you don't know how much time you have left.
I beseech you to take the pain and forgive that special person you hold grudges against, and iron out your grievances.

Muster the courage and apologise to that person you have offended.

Life is not measured by the amount of money, houses or companies you have, but by the positive impact you have made in the lives of others.




  1. Replies
    1. Good afternoon beautiful people 😍
      I didn't know free advert is on ooo
      I am sending right away
      Thank you Stella for all you do
      God bless you ma

  2. You fit dey do good to pesin make the pesin dey see you as Mumu

  3. Back to base!!!!

    I give God all the glory for a successful stay and journey back home. I came back to meet constant power supply, water and all that I missed for the past two weeks.

    I rushed to a shop to pick up noodles and make a quick meal. I was told Belleful is now N800. I don't know if the girl was playing with me. She insisted it's the price. Something I bought at N500 the last time I did.

    I was so shocked hearing that.

    Please guys, is the price the same in your area or this shop here are trying to hike their own goods?

    Secondly, coming from Spontaneous post few minutes ago, I will like to say this. I think the hardship in Nigeria is ravaging the whole populace. No one is exempted.

    Things have gotten so severe and I wonder how parents with children survive.

    I saw the back and forth between SDK and some bvs. I think I will drop my take on this.

    Few weeks ago, we saw protest from the northern part of Nigeria over hunger and hardship. While I won't fault the people who protested for their right, I won't fail to condemn their hypocrisy. Did they ever protest a day during Buhari's eight years administration?

    Why now?

    I hate selective truth. I won't support this government failure, but if truth must be told, Buhari left a dead economy and huge debt on his successor. I doubt this current administration can fix anything quickly. You can't solve problems with the same level of awareness that created them in the first place.

    A different government other than APC would have done better. How do you explain a successor that was handed a dead and collapsed economy approving the purchase of SUV worth over 160million per legislators?

    I understand the grouse of those coming for SDK and I wish to appeal if she can allow people to vent and express themselves freely how it's hitting them without always coming on the defence for this administration. I think that's where people are seeing it that she's part of the system.

    SDK, you've always being a great giver and helper to people you haven't met. You've also championed the course of good governance over time in the past. So I understand when people start picking offence on your always holding brief for this administration. It's a sharp contrast of what you had stand for in the past and your kind act to people.

    © TEEJAY

    1. Prices of Foodstuff as at today..

      Bag of rice- 78k
      Yellow Garri Bag- 30k
      Brown beans- 125k
      Ijebu Garri- 45k
      Basket of Tomato- 37k
      Rodo Big bag- 52k
      Tatashe- 28k
      Onions Bag- 55k

      Ordinary carrot ooo;between 28/30k bag..

      Bro;God bless Nigeria😏


    2. Cement is heading towards N8,000. It's N7,500 now.

      The rate landlords are increasing their rent as if they are building or they just built the house. Everybody is taking advantage of the system at the moment.

      I noticed something. If you get to the market, just buy what brought you to the market and go home. Don't say when you come tomorrow you will get it. The price you will get the next day will shock you.

      Very soon 100 won't have value in Nigeria.

      © TEEJAY.

    3. Only God knows where this country is heading to

    4. Teejay you right about that.i went to price gas they told me 1200 for 1kg I was tired and decided to go back the next day to meet 1300 for one kg..

    5. Chika(hello iya boys)10 February 2024 at 06:56

      Nah 1,500 naira now ooo
      I got it yesterday

      Me that am looking for money to do belle buttonl test cos my belle button has been paining me seriously and is making me stool..

      I dnt have
      Nah pepper I dey take relief the pain..πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  4. Replies
    1. yes oooo good afternoon and happy weekend my people.

      happy VALs in advance.

    2. Indomitable is ₦ 250 now.
      That's how Bad the economy has become

  5. Good afternoon bvs
    Tgif πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
    I πŸ’• How Nigerians Complain About The Economy from Monday to Thursday. Then boom🀯 on Friday, No Parking Space in all the Bars and LoungesπŸ€”πŸ€”

  6. Hi IHN πŸ₯°
    Good afternoon all ❤️πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’ž

  7. Who has seen this movie 'The book of Clarence'? I have tried my best to understand what they were trying to portray and to think Jay-z was one of the producers. Please someone should watch and explain. I just don't get it.

  8. Reflection
    "We must learn to tolerate and overlook certain things, we must try to bury the faults of others and move on with life" πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ

  9. Some people will choose to remember and recognize only the version of you that they had the most control & power over, no matter how long it's been or how much you've changed.

    1. So true!!!!

      Sometimes they will hear a bad story about you and fail to understand that those who spread those stories, at one point in time you were so good to them but they will never reveal that part of you.

      © TEEJAY

  10. lol @ Dokinta 🀣
    Good afternoon Sweethearts

  11. That last meme? Hell no! Person wey price must collect.

  12. It’s easy to be satisfied. We’re happy. God’s been good to us; we have no complaints. But can I tell you: there’s so much more. God has oceans of favor, oceans of good breaks, oceans of new opportunities. How are you going to step into it? Stay thirsty. Be grateful for where you are and, at the same time, release your faith for the new things that are in your future.

    Joel Osteen

  13. Good afternoon blogfam. How una dey? .
    I feel so annoyed right now. A friend is in this situation and I feel for her. How can a doctor forget mopping pad in a woman after CS surgery. Poor lady still in the hospital for the past three months. The lady's Family tried to arrest him, now he is using his connection to slip off the net gradually, say he can't compensate them not more than 300k. And they have spent close to a million to stabilize her. This is just wicked. Such an incompetent doctor. I pray the lady gets justice.

    1. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”,God's speed on her

    2. This is a sad situation. I pray that she gets justice.

    3. Chaii. This is a sad one

      Wishing her speedy recovery

    4. Kai... I pray she gets completely healed

    5. But is she getting better? That's even my concern. God abeg o

  14. Good afternoon Stella and BVs πŸ’•πŸ’•

  15. Good afternoon SDK and BVs. Morayo babe,missing you. 😘😘😘

  16. All I see is that help is coming to that lady in that SP's story. God bless you Stella

  17. Good afternoon una day hope the day is going smoothly as planned..

  18. Good afternoon lovelies πŸ’•πŸ˜
    How una dey?
    Stella, Maham anga's curse came to pass even though she's evil, Jodha lost her children. Ruquaya asked Jalal and Jodha to give her one of the twins, Jalal refused but Jodha agreed so when the twins died, Ruquaya was inconsolable and blamed Jodha for being careless And Jalal blamed Jodha for the loss and became brutal again, killing people. But Jalal repented and Jodha became pregnant again. Ruquaya asked Jalal to give her Jodha's baby as Jodha killed her son. But Jalal refused and then Ruquaya plotted with Jodha's son making him hate Jodha and Jalal.

    As for Roshni and Sidharth, they both died in season one and Sidharth played the role of their son in season two.

    Stay blessed πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  19. Check your blood pressure today. Call your parents and check in on them to check if they're having health issues.

    This year prioritise your health and that of your loved ones.

    In other news, meeting someone different today. My heart is doing pin pon pin pon..Guy is fineeee, clean, can cook come romantic join. finish me ooo.

    1. Chai ooo see henjoyment. Comman gist us ooo. E be like sey your val go sweet well well.

  20. Good Afternoon Beautiful People ♥️

  21. Good Afternoon Neighbour's ✌🏻 πŸ‘


  22. Good afternoon BVs
    Paris Savannah special good afternoon to you and Stella De Queen πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

    1. I greet you specially and responsibly Boo πŸ’•❤️πŸ’• how's your day going?

    2. My day is going pretty good darling πŸ’œ

  23. Some people have already kept the money,for flexing this weekend.
    Make una enjoy.

    Brb ✌🏻 ✌🏻

    My battle is 3%,no light here since yesterday morning.

    1. No light here too. My neighbor that bought solar is now happily oppressing us, but he's magnanimous enough to be helping us to charge our phone despite how we used him to catch cruise when he bought the solar πŸ˜‚ atleast he will enjoy his money now wey NEPA dey do anyhow and no light like we used to have 24//

  24. It is well.......
    Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  25. Music with mad beats naturally gets me high. I love music sha.. I can be in a room with just instrumentals playing and it will relax me.

    What a week I've had. Back to back favours. Lord I'm Grateful. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    May we all have reasons to celebrate this weekend. Amen. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  26. Instead of them to birth the number of children they can cater for, them go born full house. One naira im not giving anybody again cos ive gat my own problems. I no come life come train anybody children.

    1. It is well. I saw a post today on Facebook where a lady is complaining bitterly of how her abroad returnee sister gave her children just $20 each, I told her if she can't appreciate age should return that just 20 dollars na, if I'm not mistaken that is like 25k each for each child and I don't know how many Children, even if it's 2 that's a whole 50k o for this economy, who in this present economy can dash someone that amount?? Except very few God sent like SDK. Person give you 5k sef na she go block your number when you want use appreciation call drain the battery

    2. Hmmm... Why are you so pained. Not like she asked you for help oo

      Make una rest!

  27. Hmm. My own is abeg in this economy. How do I leave a toxic working environment without feeling the economic impact. I have a baby and parents to cater to but my mental health is being threatened here. I'm laughing and trying to be jovial. It's a struggle. Once I step into the gate, the sadness encompasses me.
    How can you be deceiving me that you'd increase my salary for the past 5 months. Transportation costs, daily feeding and other miscellaneous. God abeg let me get my miracle oh.

    1. Whatever Costs you your peace of mind;is to expensive to be kept..

      How long do we humans have on earth to live;that you are so scared to leave a toxic work place today?

      You can't get a different result if you keep doing the same thing everyday..

      The journey to greatness begins with a step;and if this very step isn't working for you;try another step and fight that fear of "what if"..

      Wishing you all the best.


    2. You better off your emotions and collect what you’ll use to feed your family. If hunger waya you ehhn you go see stars

  28. Hello everyone 😍

    Anne K

  29. Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°

  30. Today is my baby girl's birthday. I am super excited that God brought us this far.

    My amazing NEN, I wouldn't trade you for anything in the world. May your dreams and hopes come true in Jesus name. Amen

  31. Hello ihn πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ
    Good afternoon everyone.

    Sisibrownie, your cakes are beautiful. I wish you plenty customers and sales.

    It's like these people producing chicken feed are now producing chaff now fa😩even with the exuberant price. How can 6wks chicks be looking like 2wks old after eating all the expensive bags of feed. This is frustrating walahi. End of rant.

    Stella,were you able to reach Jewelu chocolate Noir,how's she doing.

    Bvs I salute you all.
    E go surely be ✌️

    1. Just yesterday someone was telling me that there is fake feed. The birds weren't producing. By mistake they changed the feed and bam! Birds now producing.

    2. Fake feed ke,with these escalating prices? Lord have mercy.

  32. That reflection post is the truth πŸ‘
    Sisi brownie cake, so there is still cake of less than 10k with the high cost of baking materials? It must be the size of my palm. I remember last year when one of my kids was celebrating birthday, we had to die the idea of a cake after seeing the price list.

  33. In Japan, three-quarter of the men give all their money to their wives and get a monthly allowance.

    Me: Nigerian men, see your mates o.

    1. Na for your dream you go see Nigerian Man do this kind thing

    2. We never ever post:
      The things women do for their marriages abroad.
      The things men do here that men abroad will find bizarre - Educare for In-laws; Medicare for parents-in-law; building of homes and businesses for In-laws.

  34. Today make one week I lost my younger brother. I don't know if am okay, I don't feel like I lost someone, my heart is not that heavy or shock like went I lost my mom. I feel happy somehow like we are free from him.
    Because he really troubles us , he put pain in our hearts especially my dad.
    But I never wish him dead I was hoping he changed went time come . He was 26 year old.

    1. It's because one part of your mind is like oh the trouble is over, nevertheless forgive his trouble and find peace that he is still your sibling,most times people don't think of their actions how it will impact after they re long gone.
      That's why we tell people to live a life worth living forgive him ,I know it's cos of the pains he causes your dad find it in your heart to tell him to rest in peace wherever he is.
      Take heart may his soul rest in peace

    2. Oh, are you the BV that dropped comment here sometime ago about your troublesome brother? Can you kindly share the story so others could learn?

    3. My condolences

    4. May his soul rest in peace

    5. Accept my condolences
      May his soul rest in peace

  35. How can you call someone you've not been in contact with for years and you never checked on or even render any kind of assistance either with chores or anything to help you sort bills?? And after dropping the message you kept flashing the person?? Things are hard I know but do you know the state of the person you're calling out of a blue moon??

    1. Send a message for friend' sake and tell her
      /Him that you don't have simple .
      Nowadays the way people act you ll wonder if they are ok upstairs,you don't have simple

    2. Sorry about that.
      Just answer first,even if it's only prayers you can give for now,please do.

    3. We are in the same WhatsApp group, cousin wey no call you for a very long time, suddenly flashes you, before you know it text message don drop asking for money. Initially I indulged him but he became like a parasite, it became an everyday thing . Omo whenever he starts flashing me or sends text messages I don't answer him again, if I have energy I will list out the names of our other cousins that are doing well and tell him to call them. I don tire abeg,I have my immediate family to cater for.

  36. Good afternoon everyone
    Welcome IHN
    Sign out meme on point
    Stella jodah and Akbar will mess you up bur you will always stay glued to your screen

  37. Dear Bv Iya kosi, it's well with you and yours

  38. Good afternoon all!! Have a blissful day to you all.

  39. Thank you Stella for apologizing, people are angry so not the best of times to defend this government.
    You know how APC/ PDP were sharing dollars during primaries and now they are foolishly floating the Naira thereby encouraging their thief thief civil servants to collect bribes in dollars.
    To those causing pains on Nigerians, your generation unborn will meet theirs in 100 folds.
    Can you imagine one plastic chair is 4,500 from 650 naira. Those of you that push down during prayers be careful , if not they will soon start holding you to pay

  40. Secondly.
    To be frank with you,the many adverts you've been expecting from bvs won't come in,maybe few,why? Businesses got shut down. No money to renew stock then scarcity of resources is number 2 factor, it's not as if they don't want to sell.
    Some got no data to even log in to see your free adverts,it's that bad.
    Any delay in response do bear with them,is there even light to charge phones? To see your calls?

    Exchange rate for today is N1,380 per $1.
    In this same West Africa,
    $200 in Nigeria can only buy 2bags of rice and a 10liters keg of vegetable oil.
    Families are facing west for food.
    In Cote d'Ivoire,you'll buy;
    3 bags of rice
    A bucket of honey beans
    20 tubers of yam
    25 liters keg of vegetable oil
    A sack of plantain flour
    A sack of smoked fish(dry fishes longer than an arm,very fleshy)
    A poly bag of cocoa powder
    Free satchets of original Nescafe
    A poly of banana flour
    2 cartons of Power Up Choco drink
    A poly bag of cooking spices from Nestle and Unilever( they have main offices in Abidjan).
    And some local spices for choukouya and affloco like naija suya and chips.
    Then you pay for courier according to your location in Naija.

    Tell APC to open the borders before people turn to cannibals.
    The hunger is REAL😠


    1. God bless you and yours forever ma.

    2. @Xhirted P, you have said it all, things are hard everywhere but Naija is one of the worse of 'everywhere' , a pound is 1900 naira, hitting 2500 naira before this quarter ends, naira has been devalued and it seems the government hasn't got a clue on how to fix it...may God indeed help you all!

    3. Stella has eaten Part one of the comments πŸ˜‚πŸ™†
      But why?

  41. It's been a really hectic week in my new hustle. Out of the house as early as past 4:30am and back home at 8/9pm. Mheeen! It didn't easy. May God lift our burdens and grants us soft life. Iseee!

    Let me run to spontaneous post and see what happened there. Amebo na work😁😁😁
    Hello big Stellz and awesome bvs. It's gonna be a lovely weekend.πŸ’―πŸ’―

  42. Nnukwu Nwanyi...please, sorry to bug you a little more.
    What's Jonkoso? There's one they call Morocco crepe🀷
    I should have known that? What's it like? I took many bundles of 300 in January 2022 at N2,500 per yard. What's going on?

    I've forwarded copies of waybills of all transactions bearing Cashmere 300 for clarification.
    Another supplier,I've demanded for copies of bills of lading in times of reception for Cashmere 300.
    Both parties have not replied me. I will call you back, mgbe chi foo.
    Na so so "anam anya moto,nnalue kam kpo gi! Aarrgghh!
    I can't believe my eyes. No Cashmere 300?

    1. Yes Ma'am, jonkoso is crepe, we gave it that name because of the way the material dance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      It's soft, shiny, flashy and way lighter than Cashmere but a novice can never know the difference between both materials. It comes in many colors and stripes too just like Cashmere. While sewing it draws away from the machine too, you use your hand to draw it back. The Korean one is a better quality than the Moroccan.

      300 is not cashmere...
      7 stars is not cashmere...
      Note; Cashmere does not have pure white both 180 and 220. It's white is off white or milk white.
      Mgbe ndi ocha luputa ya na white, anyi ga afu kwa ya.

    2. Oh so there's also Korean crepe? Ewww!
      That fabric gave me shege sewing it,I finally used a hack,I affixed the magnetic seam guage to run the stitches.
      After everything DH said it looked like akwa ndi owu mmiliπŸ˜‚πŸ€­. He refused to wear that he's not a Nollywood actor, no tattoo no bleaching,πŸ€­πŸ™† our sons too refused,my brothers joined. I converted them to skirt and tank top for our girls jare(army green and deep purple). Na kuku burial cloth then.

      Haven't bought that in a long while. One oraukwu man for that una zone,I go lock am o. I dey wait for replies.πŸ€”

      See me, dem run me street. E pain me.😭

  43. Amen to all your prayers. Yes, she is getting better. Thank you all for your concern.

  44. 'be strong enough to forgive without apology'. It's not easy, but I'm learning


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