Stella Dimoko Media Gal Toolz Reveals She Almost Quit Her Job Because Of Body Shaming


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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Media Gal Toolz Reveals She Almost Quit Her Job Because Of Body Shaming

 She says anytime someone disagreed with what she said on air, it would result into body shaming on the Internet.......

She wrote;
"So let me tell you about how I almostquit my whole career because of body shaming.
My job as a presenter at Beat FM was the first time I experienced life in the public eye. Initially the attention was positive, then the negative attention started – and it was bad. I mean very bad. Someone would disagree with something I said on-air and it would descend into body shaming.
My breaking point happened one morning when I woke up and found out I was trending on (then) Twitter. I trended while I was asleep! It had been a tough week, and waking up to all sorts of horrible body shaming posts made me think that perhaps this career wasn’t for me. I just wasn’t used to all the negativity and at that point quitting seemed to be a great idea. At least that way, I wouldn’t have to deal with all the horrible criticism.
A day or two later, I thought about it some more and realised that I didn’t make the move to Lagos to let some trolls bully me out of a job, and many years later, I’m so glad I didn’t quit.
Honestly, whether you’re big, small, curvy, slim, have a big booty, no booty, tall, short, someone somewhere will find something wrong with you. What truly matters is what you think of yourself. You need to remember to keep trying to be the best version of yourself.And whatever changes you make should be for you, not to keep a man like “aunty’ put it.”


  1. This is the life we are living.. Funny enough we are all guilty of this, one or the order

    1. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars22 February 2024 at 16:29

      Guilty of what???? Be specific. I never body shame anyone.
      By the way we can't all be the same. That will take away the diversity that Gof created.

  2. Aunty in this case is who???

  3. You cannot get positive feedback every time,the negative remarks,bring out the best. Only the weak at heart quits.

    1. Till they become depressed and die.

  4. Thank God for you Toolz

    Say no to Cyberbully
    Mental health se koko

  5. Nicely written, Toolz. Self-love is bae. When you love yourself, you glow from the inside😍😘😍

    Don't let others' contagious negativity dictate your journey in life. 💯

  6. No one I mean no one can body shame me. I love myself too much, if you insult me I will give it to the person back with full force.

  7. People are terrible on twitter. What they do to those celebrities...God! Like they don't know they are human. I've been scared recently for the mental health of Toyin God!

  8. Is Tools still may


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