Stella Dimoko Media Personality Nedu Shows Off His Tattoo


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Sunday, February 04, 2024

Media Personality Nedu Shows Off His Tattoo

 This is how Sexy Media Personality Nedu looks like when he takes off his clothes...Jagajaga tats on subtly lightened skin looks somewhat nice....


  1. At your age Edioma. He is even bleaching too.

    1. Stella is on a savage roll lately.

      I too want to subtly lighten my skin for a change

    2. I tell you...she dey para. She says it as it is,no sugarcoating.

    3. Is it that you people don't know what photo filters are? Or you people must agree with everything Stella says just to be buttlickers?

    4. Anony 14:29
      Please that's what he posted.
      On tiktok,use the
      For your page.
      It reads " this song lives rent free in my head"
      Wetin Stella and bvs do you again?

      Learn about APPs.

  2. I don't like tattoos so I reserve my comment.

  3. Noted
    This his skin colour I don't think is follow come.

  4. I love tattoos.
    The ones I see from Nigerian tatoo artists are like scribbles from untrained bricklayer.
    Very ugly and crass looking.

    I have NEVER EVER seen a tatoo from a Nigerian tattoo artist that I can genuinely say is fine. Most of them are beyond fully and horrid.
    As if someone gave them market and they just went jaga jaga with excitement.

    Go online and see MAD work from TRAINED tatoo artists looking like the most beautiful art.
    BEAUTIFUL work.
    I used to watch a tattoo competition on YouTube, I think they've stopped it.

    My God!
    So so beautiful.

    Sometimes I'll spend over 30 minutes just viewing different tatoo pages with incredible work. Very very talented artists.
    Not this one that someone looking for work will go and rent equipment and be charging thousands for ugly monstrosities.
    And you sef put body down for that kind thing?

    1. I agree,but IK Ogbonaya tats are good. His full sleeve looks yummy. His the only 9jia celebrity i like his tat.

    2. How about Tiwa Savage's tat? I love it

    3. Exactly @Gorgeous baby
      11:18, Tiwa's full sleeve is also beautiful

    4. My own is if it looks that h'ugly when the skin is young and fresh, how will it look when the skin is old, dry and wrinkled? I can't do tats in nigeria o. The so called tattoo artists here going by their body of work should still be undergoing several years of rigourous apprenticeship.
      Especially all those ones in Lekki, doing 'by appointment only'. Buahahahaha by appointment to receive kindergarten drawing on your body.
      Even abroad, I'm still very very careful. Tattoos are too delicate and permanent to just give anybody to practice on your body.

      OBVIOUSLY Tiwa's leg and arm sleeves were NOT not done in Nigeria.

  5. Na real jagajaga tatoo🀣🀣🀣
    Nedu don follow dey rub rub,okay o

    1. No Nedu is not bleaching but the tat is tacky and not nice..He should have asked Ebuka Obi-Uchendu or Nino's plug to get a nice tattoo..

    2. He bleached. Dyed his beards.

      Ebuka too bleached. Find on Rubbing Minds @ YouTube,his interview with Tunde Ednut about 10years back.
      He bleached and piped his nose. Tunde too is bleaching.

      They all have old videos na.

  6. Sexy get different meaning for different people sha, cos this particular one,Stella definition of sexy and my own no be the same πŸ˜ƒ

  7. Bleaching at old age.😳
    God abegg oo!!😁

  8. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  9. Midlife crisis is a "baskad"

    Obi for President
    Wizkid FC
    Proudly Tiv

  10. Nedu don join organic cream users too? Odiegwu.

  11. I don't think,he's bleaching at all,when you're fresh,your skin tone will lighten up. You only live once,if tattoo makes him happy,so be it,whether tacky or not,his choice.

    1. Then you don't know the old Nedu a.k.a Alhaji Musa.

      Essence for Lekki and their likes no fit meet supplies for men on bleaching creams.
      Jua ase!

    2. Iya ibeji,alhaji musa no be black person sey 🀩🀩🀩

    3. He's not a Lagos boy o, na Kano boy.
      He wasn't a yellow boy in Sabon Gari, and he 🀫* bring your ears make I whisper something*
      Let's do amebo finish before ash Wednesday πŸ™‰
      You see wanan yaro? Ina son Kar*****.
      E reach Madonna University jam one with big nyash,he pursue everybody commot and customize am.
      She ended up showing him shege banza.
      He's a good guy anyway, didn't change him.

  12. Nedu bleached a little. It's very obvious

  13. A guy levels up and cleaned up his sun damaged skin, you guys will call it bleaching. This skin here does not look bleached and Ebuka Obi didn’t bleach anything. How can someone use a video from 10 years ago to compare for today when the camera and lighting are not same. It is not as if you know and see these people daily in real time.


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