Stella Dimoko Trader Narrates How Fulani Herdsmen Allegedly Lured Him Into Kidnapping US Returnee


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Thursday, February 08, 2024

Trader Narrates How Fulani Herdsmen Allegedly Lured Him Into Kidnapping US Returnee

Njoku Michael, A trader who was paraded alongside 16 other persons in Ebonyi State, has narrated how a Fulani herdsman lured him into the kidnapping of some returnees from the United States of America for the 2023 Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The trader made the revelation when he was paraded by the spokesman of the Ebonyi State Police Command, Joshua Akandu, at the state headquarters in Abakaliki, the state capital.
He confirmed that they received N40 million ransom in both naira and dollar for the kidnap.

Michael, who is from Abia State, said: “We were four persons who carried out the kidnap but it was only two of us who were captured by the police and we don’t know where the others are. We didn’t kill anybody, the lady who died was out of fear, we didn’t shoot anybody.

“The man who involved me is a Fulani man, he is my customer. He buys things from me in my shop where I sell provisions. The man came to my shop on December 13, 2023, with his cattle. I told him: ‘Alhaji, you have many cows now o.’

“But he told me: ‘Yes, the cows are mine.’ I pleaded with him to borrow me N50,000 and promised to pay him back in February. He told me that he had no money and promised to get back to me.

“Five days later, the man came back to me. He didn’t come back with his cattle this time around. He told me that he wanted to carry me to work in Afikpo, Ebonyi State and I had never been to Afikpo before.
“I asked him the type of work he wanted to carry me and he told me it was manure work, that he wanted me to bag it and if I worked hard, I would earn N30,000 or N40,000 in four days.
“I said okay and called my brother to take care of my shop so that I would follow the Alhaji and go for that work. I followed the man to Afikpo and we got to Afikpo on that New Year in the evening.

“He bought me food and lodged me in one hotel. With the money, he stopped a bike and told me to join him on the bike and he took me to a thick forest and told me he was coming back.

“He went and brought two of his brothers and kept them with me. He didn’t tell me what he wanted me to do and it was evening period. He left us and came back with a bag. When he turned it on the ground, it was a gun and a cloth.

“I asked him what we were going to do with a gun, he asked me: ‘I think you said you were looking for money? This is the time we are going to look for the money.’

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  1. This idiot must be thinking he’s dealing with feeble minds. How can you own a shop and still be begging for 50k? Then a Fulani said he wants to take you a shop owner to go and do manure for 30-40k for 4 days? Of course all the kidnapping cases has a hand of the locals in it, and this is one of dem. God punish all of you!

  2. Cock and bull story..he should face his punishment in peace..

  3. Hmm. You had a chance to say no to the Fulani Alhaji but you didn't. Now you'll face the music.

  4. Story story!! Story!!

  5. Let's begin to put things in perspective. The reason why it appears that the fulani led kidnapping and rain of massacres nationwide won't end soon is for one reason only.

    The fulani have spent the past several years, penetrating and settling deep in Nigeria's thousands of forests and virgin lands. Yes!

    Nigeria has well over 2500 forests with exceeding thick vegetation that over a decade ago, the Nigerian army itself in a paper released by one of its colonels, warned the then civilian government on the potential of these forests to become breeding spots for terrorists and kidnappers. That's exactly what we see currently playing out.

    All over the country, fulani have inhabited these forests and use them as camps to lodge attacks and to keep hostages. Can anything be done?

    I am by no means a security expert and I know hollywood tends to fantasize some things. But I imagine that cheap drones with infra red cameras are a thing. Ukraine is currently using them with devastating effect against Russia. It is not expected that anyone should be living in a forest, so a clean drone sweep of the forest floor can spot these camps easily. You don't even need troops to advance into these camps to take them out. FPV drones should do. They are cheaper and our soldiers lives aren't put in harms way.

    Why hasn't this been adopted? Story for another day.

    1. Are you not tired of using this tired Fulani narrative to justify criminal elements among your own kith and kin this bull shit story unknown Fulani is the one who knows when your kith and kin came back from America also took you without prior discussion into a thick forest got to be joking either are naive or part of it

  6. He followed him without asking questions,into a thick forests d he didn't think it strange? I dare say he is used to dis sort of work real allegedly.

  7. Oniranu,lured indeed 🤨🤨🤨

  8. So your customer is the one taking you around and giving your orders of what to do? No matter the story if even a hundred guns is placed before a person of pure heart they will not take up one. If a million dollars is placed before someone in the deepest of destitution and they are told they have to harm someone first before they collect it, a person of pure heart will choose to remain in their sufferation before thinking to harm an innocent person. YOU chose the path, you chose to do evil because your heart is unclean and you do not value the life in others. You have blood on your hands!

  9. Lies
    The most complex B

  10. Is time the air force start to bomb bard the forests from the air the bandits will come out from thier hiding

    1. With the innocent victims with them in the same forest?


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